Do I need a Dealer’s License to sell cars?

Do you need a dealer license to sell cars? Generally speaking, if you’re asking the question you probably need a dealer license. Every state allows you to sell your own vehicle without a dealer license as long as the vehicle is for personal household or family use. If you have a vehicle that is not yours, not titled in your name, and is not primarily used for personal family or household use you cannot sell it without a dealer’s license. If you do, this is considered curb stoning. Curb stoning is the unlicensed flipping of cars for profit and is illegal and all states. Titling a vehicle in your name to avoid getting a dealer license does not exempt you. Just because you are no longer title jumping anymore does not mean you are exempt from getting a dealer license. If you’re wondering if you need a dealer license it’s simple just call your DMV and ask.

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I would like to go to the auction to buy my own car. Is that possible? Is it worth it to get a dealer license just for that?

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