Do you like BARGAINING?

hi do you like bargaining
this is Susan Brodar from SPEAK Languages & TRAVEL the World here to
help you improve your English with minimum effort a maximum benefit so what
is bargaining bargaining is when you are well you see a price in a shop and you
ask how much it costs and they’ll tell you it costs for example 100 after which
you’ll decide it’s too much and you’ll lower the price and the cutter the
shopkeeper may or may not accept your lower price or may make it a little bit
higher so bargaining is when you haggle on the price and choose a price that is
convenient to you and also the shopkeeper an episode which happened to
me today is I walked into a shop but wanting to buy a Chinese fan and they
gave me a horrendous price after which I said no that’s absolutely out of the
question and wanted to leave so they lowered the price without me asking
without me bargaining until they came to an acceptable price where I said ok for
that price I’ll buy it but otherwise I was going to leave them so when you see
a good price in a shop we can say that’s a real bargain be a our ji a I n I liked
buy when it’s a bargain what about you how about your experiences with
bargaining and bargains write them down in the comments box below and don’t
forget to subscribe and that’s all for today bye

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