Doubling Ryan’s Cattle Herd

hey everybody its Ryan welcome back to our farms work Travis and I are about to head to the Bloomington livestock Exchange where I’m hoping to buy about 20 head of cattle we’ll just have to see what they’re going for whether they’re going at a decent price or not but we just finished hooking up the trailer and we’re about to head out [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] at 30th on 75 sir once everybody hi [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right we just left sales barn we got 21 head averaged about 1250 apiece and we were playing the only planning on getting it max 20 but to get up to 20 we had to bite the bull and get another one which I’m fine with because our budget was 26,000 and it cost twenty six thousand three hundred and fifty dollars to buy them all so we’re waiting in line we’re gonna start calling them out you want to be done before the Sun Goes Down so we’re kind of in a rush now well I’m pretty sure mother nature knows when we’re buying cattle because every time we hole them it rains it’s a fact [Music] well if rain wasn’t good enough for you now we’ve got sleep and now we have finally moved to snow [Music] so we’re back at the farm unfortunately we are not going to go back and get the other two loads tonight we’re going to wait until tomorrow when we were coming back the road was pretty darn slippery and I was sliding pretty good so I don’t really want to take any more risks and we have to so just gonna wait until tomorrow morning we have to have them hauled out by noon tomorrow because that’s when there will be people around to help us load them we’re back out of my place now we called it quits for the night unfortunately with the weather I didn’t really feel comfortable going and picking up the cattle which we think was the right call because we had checked the Facebook scanner page for the county and a pickup in a trailer had slid off the road it won one of the routes that we take to go to the sales barn so we think it was probably for the better that we didn’t go I can just wait till tomorrow if enough I really hope it gets better which it should this is supposed to end around 9:00 we’ve literally had everything from rain to sleet to snow and then back to rain when it’s gone back and forth like two or three times today so I don’t know let’s just have a quick recap on everything that I bought I bought 21 head of cattle and their average weight was 1234 pounds average dollars per head was 1254 average per hundredweight was 101 68 total weight was around 26,000 and the total amount was twenty six thousand three hundred fifty dollars so I bought the first group was where a group of heifers there were seven of them and I paid twelve hundred pieces and then the second group was six cows and I paid 1325 for those and then the last group was eight cows and I paid 1250 for those the heifers obviously haven’t had their first calf yet they’re gonna be calving this spring they are in their third trimester all of them are and the cows have already had at least one calf and from the looks of them they do look to be a little bit younger than it appear to be older which the green tags could have ranged anywhere between like two and seven years old I think but overall I’m pretty happy with what I ended up with I think that I made out pretty good I’m just got to make sure that I gotta keep an eye on I’m going into the spring here make sure that the heifers are taking care of their calves and make sure that I’m not having any issues there but yeah I think that’s gonna be about it for this video since we’re gonna go pick the cows up tomorrow when this video comes out we’re gonna be hauling them back home so I promise you guys that at least our snapchat followers that I would post a video on this on Sunday tomorrow and yeah I’m gonna go in edit this now so I might make a video on going and getting the rest of them maybe I don’t know probably just because we still got a feed um bales and everything and I want to have a closer look at him I haven’t really seen him other than what I did in the ring so anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you have any questions be sure to ask I’ll try to respond to as many as I can with that thanks for watching this video guys be sure to check out all of our other ones should a like comment and subscribe and be sure to check us out on Facebook Instagram Twitter and snapchat all how farms work and with that I’ll see you next time [Music]


You ever worry that asshats will bid you up because of the misconceptions of your YouTube income? I ran into this issue (still do a bit) being an immigrant and some locals (non competitive) either thought we were rich or just wanted us to "pay up sucker". I got good at dropping hi bids on them. I am married to a redhead but i like my cows black. (in truth i like the ones that dont try to kill me best) Ya got some good "Beasts" bud.

I hope a new beef buy hits the market hard with demand and bumps all ag products in 2019. We finally dont have a sellout in the white house. The trade war will heal like a skinned knee once China and our trading partners are forced to buy American or trade elsewhere. Darn smart purchase. Good luck on 16 heifers. 5 bulls. Your due…

Nice job Ryan. Where they straight black Angus or cross?? How many head do you yourself have now and how many between you, Travis and your dad. Great vids I’m from Australia so I love watching the way you Americans do things so differently to us.

I had no idea that cows cost so much. So where do you make your money back/profit also did not know Rocket was such a dog that likes to cuddle.

If you don't mind me asking how many cows do you have because if you have over 40 cows it's more handy to have a loader

I would pay extra to go to an auction where they just talked like normal human beings speaking English. This is coming from a guy who is no stranger to auctions

Good video as always.I've been thinking about raising livestock after high school. Any ways good luck and be safe.

Wow beef is a lot higher there than it is up here in the northeast. Feeders (3-600lbs) went the highest they have been in a long time at the auction the other night n they went for 1.05 a pound. We have seen the prices for about the last year going for 40-70 cents a pound. It’s bad up here most of us have been holding out on sending anything for a while now hoping the price goes up. Looks like a nice bunch you got Ryan good luck with them.

Congratulations on your new cattle. Good luck with them. You have a happy dog who really seems to enjoy your company!

Great video, Ryan. Have you ever done a video on what you are looking for in terms of posture, build, physique, etc. when you go to the cattle exchange to buy breeding stock, bottle calves, or feeder cattle? Your perspective would be interesting and educational.

Butterball fat girls you bought there. Looking good. I’d say you did good. It sucks making that investment but you’ll be happy in the end.

Well so far none blew out of the trailer looks like calm cattle. Not to sure about the seven year olds being age. Let's hope the first-time heifers are breed to low birth weight bulls. Otherwise could some long nights pulling ahead.

Nice looking cattle Ryan! I’m a senior this year and I have plans with a rancher about a mile away to purchase his 50 black angus cattle through the fsa and lease 150 acres along with!

I drove past your place tonight, hauling a devon/red angus cross bull to a guy in Dickeyville. On my way home, I stopped by Yoders and had a pizza.

hey ryan  have you heard of q fever over there if so how bad is it thanks ? im from Australia and its fairly wide spread over here ..

Nice looking cows! I wish I could pay that in Canada for bread heifers and cows. For what you bought today would’ve cost me almost 42grand and only part of that is our terrible exchange rate! Good work!!

I Tell you what from farmer to another I ought to try your with someone Brangus cattle I think you would satisfied

Some pretty good-looking cows ! They appear to be gentle and accusted to be handled . If the Lord provides you'll have a good crop of calves some spring !

Sounds like the extra Skid Steer is needed now. Also, looks like you made some good buys there. Is Travis going to expand? Always a pleasure to watch your life as a farmer/rancher. Shows me what an alternate life could have been. Quite different from my own as a police sergeant in the Houston area.

Looks like you're driving the 4-seasons there Ryan 😛

Ps. I'm curious, Ryan, how do you (personally) calculate your profit & selling price considering the interim costs of feeding, watering, vet bills and fuel spent on the latter; per head when you sell them?

Also wondering why buy heffers already in-calf as apposed to AI or mating with a bull of your own selection to give you the genetics you want as apposed to the random luck of someone else's bull selection?

How did you know what to look for in the cows? Seems like a lot of the time most cows at the sale barn are just culls, but those you purchased look great

Ever notice at the sale barn that the sale price only moves up 2 or 3 cents per pound from the starting price.

Good looking pen you bought. Cant believe how calm they were for just going through the sale barn and being in a trailer. Good luck with them.

Hi Ryan, know that your channel is watched in Russia, Omsk region Siberia. Take more about the breeding of cattle. And add a little more description, at the hearing I don't really understand. Thanks.

Does Travis or your dad have heifers as well or have you guys primarily just raised feeder cattle in the past?

Nice increase, they all looked good, are you changing your planting this year for silage corn, or are you just planning on hay?

I like that kind of auctions in usa we dont have that in our country. You shure have a lot of subscribers and I'm one of them nice videos

I really enjoyed this video this is the first time I have seen the cattle auction process from inside the building I have always wondered how the process actually worked.
I will say it was smart on holding off on getting the other two loads until the next day when roads were getting bad putting safety first is always a smart choice

Hey Ryan we never get to see the bull you run with your cows would like to see him. Nice group of cattle tho

I use to work in a meat processing plant in the livestock department. I am curious if farmers need the same humane handling certificates that i had to get? For those wondering its a lot of common sense, and no im not questioning ryans handling of his cattle. He does a damn good job. Just curious.

Ryan I like videos like this cause it shows me more then plant grow harvest but that is also part of farming. Yes I think you made a good choice on waiting to get the other cows the next day safety is best

Hay Ryan ben watching off and on. love to see young guys like you and Travis farming and doing well in these tough times. Love the videos shows people what it takes to be a good livestock manager and how to care for the land, not to a lot of people your age no what its about. Hats off to you and Travis, good job. P.S. cant be leave the way you guys unload cattle. If I did it that way they would have gotten away and been spread from here to hell and back. LOL

glad to see the denali treating you well im ford man but to each his own love you videos aching for farm life at 57

Way to go, making shure those girls made it sagely to their new home concidering the conditions.

All video is perfect and very intresting.More success for the farm and all wehicle. 🚜 🚜 András from Hungary 🇭🇺

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