DRAKE – IN MY FEELINGS (Kiki) Dance | Matt Steffanina & Megan Batoon

Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding? Say you never ever leave from beside me, cause I want you And I need you And I’m down for you always Look the new me is really still the Real me I swear you gotta feel me before they try and kill me gotta make some choices they runnin outta options, cause i’ve going off and they don’t know when to stop it and when you get to topping and they see that you’ve been learning and when i take you shopping you spend it like you earned it and when you popped off on your ex, he deserve it i thought you were the one from the jump, that confirmed it trap money benny i buy you some champagne but you love some henny from the block like you jenny i know you special girl but i have too many Resha, do you love me are you riding? say you never ever leave from beside me cause i want you and i need you and i’m down for you always


TUTORIAL!! –> https://youtu.be/M1lXW9g9y2Y

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Man, the isolation in baileys movement has me shooooketh. I would sell my degree to dance like that

sorry, wait. the girl in the space bun in the back at 2:05 literally looks like millie bobby brown. tell me I'm wrong.

Matt's really good at stopping dancers without making them feel embaressed or just bad. 😃👍🏻


Why does Bailey game the beat all the time? While I’m struggling to keep up with it. 💆🏻‍♀️

In dance I dance to this song and I don’t dance anymore but I wish I did and it’s making me cry because I love dance so much

I’m smiling at my phone because of the video now my family thinks I’m a crackhead so that’s great
Bailey murdered the dance floor

i want to learn that moves on "and i am down for you always" in original videos…that drake move i downt know that move name…plz help

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