Dress Like Flo and Jamie | Progressive Halloween Costumes

I got you something. I got you something! Whoa. Yay! One, two, three… [Flo and Jamie screaming with surprise and joy] It’s just what i wanted! I will wear this, with pride. I’m wearing it now. Guys, you can too.
For four hundred and ninety dollars, I think it’s less. The decimal might be wrong
You can get one of these. It’s just like me, but you know, without me. Amaze everyone when you look, like me! Friends. Forever. A little pitchy. Aggressive kind is not included.
Chiseled abs not included.


Maybe you should tone the costumes down guys, the children would be too scared with those super low insurance prices! Spooky! 🎃🕷🍬🦇🕸🍫🍂

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