Driving the future of mobility | Microsoft at IAA New Mobility World 2019

[MUSIC]>>The automotive industry is going through a generational shift run by connected and autonomous vehicles along with shared mobility and electrification. These disruptive trends are really shaping the future of mobility.>>We are really trying to shape a joint mobility future with our electric cars, tons of data points, 10 million cars sold per year out of the Volkswagen Group. [MUSIC] The connected world needs to rely on what we call Automotive Cloud to have those capabilities on a standardized software stack which will help us to grow and develop more and more services for our customers. This is so important. We had to partner with somebody who’s a professional, and being a professional, there’s no better than Microsoft. [MUSIC]>>We cannot offer mobility without connectivity. We cannot offer autonomous without connectivity. So connectivity is in the heart of everything, and we need a partner to work with. There is nobody else today that can offer this kind of partnership like Microsoft. And we started working together to build that cloud infrastructure. This will come in all our cars. All our future cars that are coming with connectivity will be built on top of the Alliance Intelligent Cloud that we built together with Microsoft. [MUSIC]>>We have three key principles that shape the strategy for automotive at Microsoft. We are very clear that we are not in the business of manufacturing cars, so there is no direct conflict with the automotive industry and Microsoft. We’re also very clear that data is always owned by our customers and Microsoft is not in it to monetize our customers’ data. and finally, our role here is to really help the automakers differentiate the brand experiences by leveraging advanced AI capabilities and advanced technology from Microsoft. Working with our ecosystem partners and customers, we are helping automakers to accelerate, transform, enable, and reimagine the future of transportation. [MUSIC]

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