eBay Deals. Retron 2, Bargain Or Bust?

Hay guys, thanks for hitting that play button. So last week I was poking around on ebay looking for some deals on video games when I happened to come across a Retron 2 someone was selling for $25.00 CA & free shipping. So after reading the description witch basically said “new retron with damaged box”. I thought well, since these things usually sell for around 60 to 65 bucks on amazon, this could be a good deal, if it’s only the box that’s damaged. So I thought what the hell & pulled the trigger. So today it just arrived & I thought id’e do a little unboxing video with you guys & find out if this was a bargain or a bust. OK lets open this thing up. OK the box is damaged. It almost looks as if someone may have sat on it. But i’m not really too concerned about condition of the box since ill probably be just throwing it away anyway. alright lets check the condition of the system itself. OK everything looks to be in good shape. Lets start with a controller. Now i’ve heard from other people reviewing these systems. They say that the controllers are really cheap and yeah, actually its not too bad. OK, lets try the second controller. witch is more of the NES style. Actually this one feels more flimsy than the first. But ill have to try it out & see how it works. And what else do we have hear? An AC adapter. We have some AV cables. & an SV cable. & the system itself. It looks to be in good shape. I don’t see any damage to the system what so ever. It’s looking like this could be a good deal. Well I guess the only thing left to do is set it up & try it out. Ok guys i’m back. I’ve got the system all set up & ready to go, loaded with 2 great classic games. So I thought id’e start out first by trying Super Mario Bros 2 & it fires up perfect. Lets try the controls. Controls work. There is a slight flicker to the pitcher, but nothing major. Yeah I think this ah , this is looking good. The controls aren’t too bad OK so yeah the NES side works preppy good. So let’s just power off the system, switch it to SNES, power back on, & try Super Metroid. She loads up perfect. First try. Controls work. So yeah. I think this was a bargain. So guys that’s pretty much it for this video. If you liked it please give it a thumbs up. & If you want to see more of my videos, why not hit that subscribe button. So guys until next time, thanks for watching.

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