El Diablo Run – EDR – A Mexican Motorcycle Adventure – Full Length Film

(rock music) (guitar music) ♪ I’ll break your fucking shit ♪ ♪ Wake the fuck up ♪ ♪ It’s time to burn this bitch down ♪ (upbeat heavy metal) ♪ Why am I my own worst
enemy ♪ (heavy metal) ♪ (motorcycle revving) (slow guitar music) – The history of the
name is pretty simple. We just wanted to do
something that was different from regular parking lot events and we thought of terms
like hell ride and hell run and then we thought well, we
gotta make it sort of Spanish if it’s gonna be in Mexico. And then it kind of grew
into the El Diablo Run which then got condensed into
the EDR and it is what it is. – I think they call it the El Diablo Run because at any moment the devil can jump out of the Mexican ground
and knock you off your bike and kill you. Stick its forked tail in
places you don’t want it stuck. – We’re here at the new Biltwell
headquarters and new shop. They’re the founders
guys who put the run on and make it happen, bring
all these people together. They do the ride in to Mexico. Just some tacos and beer, hanging out, bro-ing it down before the ride tomorrow. – The essence of the El Diablo Run is trying to take your junky
old piece of crap motorcycle and ride into the heartland of Mexico with 200 of your closest friends and just cause general
mayhem and get wasted. – If the EDR had a single
thing to define it, I would say it’s just being open-minded and having fun on your motorcycle rather than judging other
people or participating in the chopper fashion show or any of that and kind of putting your
money where your mouth is. Like you know there’s a
lot of people that pretend like they’re uber master builder guy or that they’re super badass
outlawed dude or whatever. Nobody cares on this and it’s just about riding
your motorcycle and having fun. – For me, the El Diablo
Run is exciting because it’s pretty much, riding in
Mexico is as far as you get from riding in North East Ohio as it gets. And being in Mexico, there’s
an element of the unknown and you don’t have cell phones,
you don’t have Triple A. It’s just really you and
your bike and making sure you’re equipped to deal
with everything by yourself, being self-sufficient and maybe
getting into an adventure. – For me, just getting
somewhere different, somewhere where the sky’s blue. Just riding bikes, meeting new
people, meeting old friends. Just funness, nothing too serious. – Nick Marion and I’m from Austin, Texas. I decided about two weeks
ago just to kind of go. I took off work and just kind of came. – My name is Cassandra,
I’m from San Francisco, originally from the Mojave
Desert, not too far from here. This is my first time. I’m sure I’ll make some friends. – My name’s Burt. I’m from Santa Cruz, California. Been on the ’08 El Diablo Run. It’s like no other ride I’ve ever been on. – It’s like dating hookers,
that’s a good story. One of the organizers,
McGoo set his hair on fire at the campsite the second year I went. That was a rich moment. A quick thinking chopper guy put him out before he could get too stupid. He walked around all day the
next day with his new haircut, probably burned to a
crisp, that’s a good story. – It’s seven AM and
we’re headed to Mexico. – [Off Camera] You ready to go? – Oh yeah! – We’re in Temecula. The jump off spot and we’re gonna head up to the mountains
this morning and drop down into the lowlands and head for Mexico. (motorcycles revving) (heavy metal) (heavy metal) (heavy metal) (heavy metal) (heavy metal) (heavy metal) (heavy metal) (heavy metal) (rock music) (heavy rock music) (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) (motorcycles) (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) (upbeat music) ♪ With a little luck ♪ ♪ Just watch me go ♪ ♪ I got doorknob knees and
calloused finger tips ♪ ♪ Broken vocal cords and a busted lip ♪ (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – Yeah, the spring broke off. It’s dangling so one of the guys saw. Actually, this has happened quite a bit. We had a hoodie sleeve
nearly in the spokes, we had a flat tire a while back. That was badass, the way that worked out. We took the tire off and
hitchhiked, Nick hitchhiked to a tire shop and they
fixed the tire for us and he hitchhiked back. Construction workers. – He had a huge fucking
dump truck and he err err. – Yeah, it was great, it was great. And hung out at the store. Some family had a little
store where they lived set up there, it was great. Well it’s obvious the dirt roads are there while they repair the main road. I lost the gas can, it
went flying off the back. I road that standing up, most of it. It’s a lot easier on
your ass if you stand up. (rock music) – My name is Walter
Dumine-Hart, I’m from New Jersey and this is my second El Diablo Run, I went to the last one and this one. The day’s been going awesome. Right now we’re here. (laughs) In Baja. I like Mexico ’cause it’s a little out law and you can get away with,
seems like you can get away with more than you can in Jersey. (guitar music) (motorcycles) (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) (Mexican music) (guitar music) (guitar music) (guitar music) – Racing sport bike dudes. Thank you, John. Racing sport bike guys and winning and still didn’t run out of gas. Again, the best motorcycle
made by a human being. – Fucking motorcycles. – Fuck you too buddy! (laughter) Lot of love here at San Felipe. Ruben’s camp ground, falafel hut central. Right on the Sea of Cortez. You have your falafel
hut which is the best accommodations they have, it
never rains, it’s always warm. We’re gonna eat some fish
tacos, drink some beer, socialize, meet people, and
hang out with like-minded motorcycle enthusiasts. – Fish tacos, it’s where
you need to be right now. Gracias! Good shit. – It’s my first time on the El Diablo Run. My name is Erik, I’m from
North Eastern Jersey, 20 minutes from Manhattan
and currently unemployed. I’ve been looking forward
to this for months. It’s the first time I’ve been
to Mexico without a doubt. So far, I like what I see. I just needed to get away. The environment at home was just crazy, I just moved out of my girlfriend’s place. Just broke up with the girl and shit and I’ve been on my own
for a long, long time, since high school and
it’s my first time back at the parents’ place so things are down, I was down and out and I
just needed to get out. I’ve never been really
out of the tri-state area. The last time I was in Florida I was five. The last time I went anywhere I was 18. Now I’m almost 40 so
it’s the place to be now. ♪ Just two six packs a day ♪ ♪ Will take my pain away ♪ ♪ Old habits seem to stay ♪ ♪ One bottle at a time my memories fade ♪ ♪ Just two six packs a day ♪ ♪ Will drown my bitter tears ♪ ♪ Just one doesn’t hear ♪ ♪ All I need is two six packs a day ♪ ♪ I’ll be right here ♪ ♪ Just drinking til you fall ♪ ♪ With my two good friends,
tears and alcohol ♪ ♪ Just two six packs a day ♪ ♪ Will help me help myself ♪ ♪ Because you put me on a shelf ♪ ♪ All I need is two six packs a day ♪ ♪ Way down deep ♪ ♪ Inside the glass ♪ ♪ Is where I go ♪ ♪ To forget the past ♪ ♪ Further down I journey in ♪ ♪ Until my mind is gone with the wind ♪ ♪ Two six packs a day ♪ ♪ Will take my pain away ♪ ♪ Old habits seem to stay ♪ ♪ One bottle at a time my memories fade ♪ ♪ Just two six packs a day ♪ (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (trumpets) (trumpets) – So I’m not the authority
on tazing but I will say, you need a little juice in
Mexico, it’s a great way to go. It doesn’t take you down
but what it does do, it just grabs onto you like a pinch and then you’re just kind of backing away as your muscles lock up. I just got my second boost. I needed a drink of water
but the taze brought me back into it, I’m reconnected with the evening, breathing the night
air, sensing the magic. – [Off Camera] You didn’t even flinch. – Dude did you see? His hand was shaking. (laughter) – [Off Camera] What’s that? – [Blue Shirt] Insulin, I’m a diabetic! – [Off Camera] I could have killed you, why didn’t you tell me? – It’s not like that. The arm bone’s connected to the leg bone. There are people that have
been tazed four or five times and the thing that I’m
really concerned about is I mean everybody’s
been a real gentleman about tazing where there’s
a support system for tazing but once the surprise
tazing start happening somewhere in the near future
and I imagine they will, that’s when shit’s
really gonna hit the fan but hopefully you get it
on the low battery side but it’s not bad at all,
it’s not bad at all. (Hispanic music) (Spanish singing) – I don’t have a big dick
but I got small balls to go with it. (laughter) (rock music) – I’m Louis Caprielli from Columbus, Ohio. I ride a 1974 Yahama XS650. Rigid, full hardtail to rake. It’s reliable. It’s built by a guy, Chico
Motor Troy, up in Seattle who, it’s a friend of a friend and he was looking to get rid of it and my buddy Cam just said,
“Hey, anything this guy builds, it’s really good. It’s
reliable. If you’re gonna buy from somebody, this is definitely the guy to get it from.” so that’s the reason I picked it. The bike is pretty much, the
motor is completely stocked. The motor and trans are stocked ’74 XS650. It has the stock neck on it
so that way the bike has a VIN so it doesn’t have to
be special construction. Everything other than that is full custom. The frame, he custom built,
pipes are custom built, it’s got 43 degree
rake, so just real long, makes it hard to ride in
slow speeds but it’s fun. The bike is pretty minimal. It’s about two and a half feet tall to the top of the tank,
maybe three feet now. The bars are 25 inches
wide and it’s just right at eight feet from tip of the
front tire to tip of the back so it’s long and low and it’s narrow so it’s great for cutting traffic. It’s a really fun ride, actually, this trip is the longest I’ve
ever ridden it at one time. Being from the Midwest, we
don’t have all the mountains and stuff that we experienced yesterday to kind of get up in the
hills and the twisties was really fun, kind of long
turns and leaning into it. It was a great experience. It’s definitely made me
enjoy it that much more. (rock music) (rock music) – [Off Camera] Pineapple! (rock music) (rock music) – We’re at the Circle of
Death, Circulo del Muerte. The course is an old construction site. A few years ago, when we were down here, someone gave a dude with
a bull dozer twenty bucks or something and they
just dozed a quick path. There used to be rubble
and rebar all in the middle but was cleaned up at some
point in the last couple years but there’s still rocks and freaking nails and stuff all over the course
so it’ll be interesting and they just, four laps,
the first one across gets a nice totem trophy,
something funny McGoo picked up. Just whoever crosses the line first wins. (motorcycles revving) (heavy metal music) (heavy metal music) (inaudible) – [Off Camera] You need to
run it again without trying. (exclamations) (heavy metal music) (heavy metal music) (heavy metal music) (inaudible) (applause) – My name’s Jake Callum, I’m
from San Diego, California. I won this sweet ass trophy and $100 cash. – [Off Camera] What was
the trick of winning the Circle of Death? – Fuck, don’t fall down. I’ve been riding motorcycles
for a couple days now so it helps a little. I used to ride a little bit, yeah. Yeah, a while back, I used
to ride a couple dirt bikes here and there but I’m just
happy to be out of a wheel chair riding a motorcycle. – [Off Camera] Oh yeah? – Yep, having a good time. I fell down. Oh I just jumped off my motorcycle, I was really high in the air. Fell down, broke a lot of bones. But it’s all right now,
everything’s going a lot better so I’m fucking stoked. (rock music) – I’m Kit Hale, Escondido, California. 70 Triumph, hardtail. This is the first bike I’ve built. It was a bucket of parts
that I thought I knew were all there and they weren’t so it just kind of started from scratch and learned along the way. You know, stock motor that
I used Wes’s DVD to build so this is the first
Triumph motor I’ve built. It probably took me probably
about a year and a half on that one but I did it pretty
much on the cheap, you know? You sit there and you
think oh I’m gonna build a custom bike, I can do whatever I want and it’ll be easier and in the long run it seems like it’s a lot harder ’cause nothing seems to fit right. – My name is Cassandra Jean. I’m from San Francisco. I’m from the Mojave Desert but
I live in San Francisco now. It’s a 2001 Sportster. It’s an 883 but it’s bored out. My grandfather built
choppers for a long time in souther California and
started a couple clubs. I think one of them was called the Defiance of Orange County. I have this patch on my
jacket from the club. So he always had a ton of bikes around and he got too old to kick it over and so he got rid of most of them, I think they had to
sell them, it’s too bad, but this is kind of his easy bike. This was an easy one for him to ride and he passed away last year
and he left the bike to me. It was a surprise. (motorcycle revving) (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) – Well I was pushing it
pretty hard and it just wanted to just kind of stop. (engine cranks) – [Off Camera] Do it again. – Yeah, nothing at all. Where’s your ground wire? Is there any chance that maybe it’s hit? – [Off Camera] It’s stock set up. We can undo that and check. – [Off Camera] Yeah that’s
what I was just gonna. – I bump started it again
and it kinda kicked back on but it wasn’t running on
both cylinders, I could tell and just wanted to die back down again. – Shoes. – [Off Camera] Did you lose your shoes? – No, I was comfortable. – He didn’t bring any,
he was riding like that. – [No Shoes Man] Bunch of pussies. – Nice. Not gonna be able to get it
back up on the road right now, the mag’s not producing any
spark so maybe in Ensenada we can pull it all apart and
grab some parts off of Wes’s and get it going again. (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) – We’re on leg two of the El Diablo Run, from San Felipe to Ensenada. It’s fast, twisty, and full of pot holes so you gotta keep on your
toes but this is the fun bit. – Just reflecting on the ride out here the 3,000 plus miles, it
was just very spiritual, you know a lot of stuff
going on through your head with all that time riding. But all positive, trying
to flip things around, it’s all good. And there’s more to come. – Hey, my name is John
Ponce and I live in Alaska. I’m a pilot and I fly in rural
villages out in the bush. Bush Alaska. It’s kind of a work in progress. I got it in 2004, just ride
it until something breaks and then fix it and redo shit. In my opinion, man, this
is how all motorcycle runs should be. I don’t even want to go to
anymore in the United States it’s just fucking boring compared to this. (motorcycles) – It’s good but there’s
no Starbucks in here. That sucks, dude. I need a biker-chino or an outlaw-te. (motorcycles revving) – Yeah I got this hat in
Sturgis and that place sucks. Fuck that place. Everybody’s trailoring their bikes in, you know, shiny, they
pull ’em off the trailer, they’re riding around in shorts. That place is broke dick. You come on this deal
and everybody’s riding fucking rat bikes, breaking
down, fixing their shit on the side of the road, crashing, nobody’s caring man, it’s fucking awesome. All these guys coming from Jersey, people from Canada coming down
for this, man it’s killer. No bad attitudes, everybody’s
got each other’s back so you know, it’s perfect
man, it’s a killer run. – Ensenada’s like Newark with a beach. (laughs) It’s kind of shitty but we’re
taking over the whole hotel and it should be fun. (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) (motorcycles) (rock music) (rock music) – From San Felipe to Ensenada,
it was beautiful coming through the mountains. It cooled down as we got to the top. We got stuck behind a water
truck for a while, though so that sucked. But it was nice. Gorgeous ride. – [Off Camera] How was the weather there? – Oh man it was so hot out there. And it’s really, really
fresh clean air here. Ocean breeze, it’s good. – Yeah man, everyone
just said, “Wash the bike and ten dollars, ten dollars,” I was like, “No, I ain’t got it.” and they’re like, “Five dollars.” Yeah, I got five dollars so it was cool. Getting her all detailed up. – Ensenada is differently way different, we’re not in the inside
anymore, it’s a big city. Lot of junk yards out there. I was surprised by that. I’ve only been to the central part before, never the outskirts. It’s a little different, little different. Not hard to find though,
there’s a huge flag. The biggest flag I’ve ever seen I think. – Gravel man, just like
thick freshly laid gravel and I just put it sideways
and it started coasting out but I slowed to a stop and
got back on the black top area and it was cool. – Yeah I like the town, it’s a little more crazier than San Felipe. San Felipe seems like it
was a little more mellower, a little more private, a
little more isolated I guess from the rest of the country. But this is a small city, you know? I didn’t know what I
was gonna expect here, I didn’t know what it was like. – Rob Delan, Corpus
Christi, Texas, Corpitos. Two years, 2008 and 2011. ’99 M2 Power Plant Sportster,
Bule and a rigid frame. I’ve never been across Mexico
on a bike that I put together. If she goes wrong, who do
I blame and I don’t know, Bill opened that door for me. That’s his baby, Biltwell is
his baby so 100%, you know. 100%. Ah, it’s very selfish, riding by myself, kind of separating myself away
and just riding on the road and thinking about those
random, crazy thoughts. That’s my favorite time,
alone on the highway. (laughs) (guitar music) (rock music) – I’m Jeff O from Las Vegas. This is my third EDR. My bike? It’s a piece of
shit, you wanna buy it? I’ll sell it to you cheap. It’s a 2003 special construction. It’s got a 25 over Sugar Bear springer. It’s got a chopper guy’s
high neck Swedish frame, six up with two in the back bone. EDR is about 200 of the best
friends you never knew you had. Give you some gas, give you some tools. To me, it’s a phenomenon in
the era of rapid communication and everything, you’re completely
off the network down here. No cell phone service, no
Triple A, there’s no way out but the guys that you rode with. That’s what it’s about
for me, man, you know? And it’s not about what
kind of bike you rode. That’s EDR, man. It doesn’t matter, you know? When you’re in the wind and you’re riding, it’s all that matters, man, you know? It’s perfect, it’s beautiful. Come through the twisties, love it. I was doing really good until
I hit that fucking gravel. That was pretty wild. El Diablo is like multiple
rides, all wrapped into one. Bill and the guys have
really thunk it out. I mean it’s got mountains,
it’s got twisties. It’s got straight aways. It’s got beaches, it’s got mountains. It’s got douche bags,
it’s got it all dude. You know what? When it comes to El Diablo,
there’s only two things I gotta say, I plead the fifth, and it all comes off in the shower. (guitar music) – My name’s Jeff Layton
and this is my first year. Los Angeles, I live in
the San Fernando Valley. It’s a Bone Stock 66 XLCH Sportster. I bought it like a week
and a half before the EDR. It’s original everything. I don’t think the motor’s ever been apart. Original wiring, original
shocks, it had the original tires on it when I bought it, decided
to put some new tires on it. I sold a bike, went and bought
that thing an hour later and decided I was gonna take it down here. That year was the first,
the XLCH Sportsters were like the hot rod of the Harley line. They were like made to compete
with the Triumphs, basically, but they were faster, better top speed. I think out of the box,
they said that thing was doing like 60 plus
horsepower, which is real fast for a bike that small. I’ve had that thing doing
95 and it’s an old bike. The last stop of the first day, it didn’t want to start too easy. I changed the plugs and I got it to start, got into San Felipe. The next day, it just
ran, it kept running. When we left San Felipe on Saturday it started in the morning, we left, we got, I don’t know the mileage, but almost to the first
military checkpoint right there and right before that,
I was trying to catch up with the chase truck and grab
something out of their truck at the line and it just quit out. The Magneto wasn’t sparking at all. So I was like oh, we’ll
throw it on the truck and I’ll rob some Magneto
parts off of Wes’s bike and get it up and going again and there’s just no
compression at all anymore. It’s just an old, worn out motor. And I was probably riding it too hard. I’ll definitely come back. If they’re doing it next
year, I’ll be here for sure. It’s a good group of guys. There’s some knuckle heads
but that’s how everyone is, in any group there’s like that but it’s just gorgeous down
here and San Felipe was amazing and the vibe here was great. It was a good time. (rock music) – My name’s Dan Collins. I’m from Ventura, California
and this is my first time on the EDR Run. It’s a 1941 Knuckle Head. I’ve been wanting a Knuckle
Head since I was 16, which is 20 years ago. It started as a EL but
it’s a Stroker motor. It’s got 74 inch barrels
and 80 UL fly wheels. I built the handlebars, the
pegs, and the peg risers, the air cleaner. The rear fender’s a modified
’36 Ford spare tire cover. So it’s kind of a mixture of stuff and it’s in a Panhead frame. Really, the main issue, it’s leaking oil, like a stuck pig right now. I hit one of the rocker
tins so it just covered me in oil for the ride but
that wasn’t that bad but then from the gnarly
dirt roads that we hit. My gas tank split along
the seam underneath, right over my spark plug wire
and I have raw jet terminals which are exposed,
there’s no covers on ’em so that was a little gnarly but anyways the guy had a bar of soap,
rubbed it in the hole, in the crack, and it
got me into San Felipe and then I fixed it. Other than that, it’s been pretty awesome. (rock music) – You can suck it, you can suck it, Tubby. (laughter) The first award that goes to somebody that we think embodies the
spirit of event the best, either because they’ve ridden
the biggest piece of shit or they’ve come the farthest distance or took the biggest leap of faith and this year, that person
is Cassandra on the Sporty. Come up here, Cassandra. (applause) You’re a hot chick who should know better and you still jumped into
the belly of the beast with all these greasy sex fiends. So you’ve earned this trophy. Come on, guys. (applause) Thank you, Cassandra. (applause) The award that captures the Mexican spirit better than any other award
on the EDR is La Cucaracha which means the cockroach
and we’ve given this to 50 year old Nortons and Triumphs and this year, a Harley
Davidson earns the distinction of being the biggest
piece of shit on the ride and I’m happy to be standing next to it. Ryan, let’s hear it for Ryan, okay? (applause) He’s going home on our
trailer, now you earned this. I’m joking, you know I’m kidding. La Cucaracha. There’s haven’t been
many show-quality bikes on the El Diablo Run in the
past, certainly everyone tries and one has succeeded,
on the very first EDR, our friend Jason Kidd
from Fly Right came down with a pretty stylish looking bike but I think this year’s
trophy topper takes the cake and it’s came the longest
distance of practically anybody on the ride, too and it’s
Dave from Victoria, BC with the green Shovel,
where are ya at Dave? Is Dave passed out? Get up Dave, you won a trophy. You won a trophy, wake up. (applause) (laughter) Sorry to wake you up, man. Congratulations, thank you, thank you. Put your hands together
one more time everybody, for all the El Diablo Runners. Thanks a lot. – My name’s Dave Martins. It’s my first EDR. I’m from Victoria,
British Columbia, Canada. It’s a ’69 FLH with a ’79
Shock Shovel Head motor in it. – [Off Camera] And did
you build this yourself? – I did, yeah. I built it and used the EDR
as motivation to finish it and just finished it, just
in time to do this run. So it was a good motivation
for me, for sure. And it feels good to be here. Even though I feel like shit. (guitar music) (guitar music) (guitar music) (rock music) – Ensenada strippers are hotter than strippers in San Felipe. (laughter) – It was a success. I had a lot of baggage in my head, a lot of shit going on at
home and it kind of puts everything in perspective, you know? When you really think about it. You shouldn’t have to
think too much, you know. So yeah, it puts
everything in perspective. – The roads are like
way different over here, it’s what we got at home so
it’s just nice to get out and ride some new stuff, well
not new but different stuff. – Yeah, we’re going back to Jersey and seven of my closest friends,
we’re heading out today, gonna go camp in Joshua Tree and then haul ass back to Jersey. – I’m a little apprehensive about leaving. It’s a lot of miles ahead. – 2800 from Temecula. So 3000 miles total, each way. – I would definitely come back. I’d come back every year if I could. You know? It’s a good time. It’s an excuse to get away. Excuse to have a party. – Yeah, they’ve done an awesome job for the last four times, they’ve
done it three or four times and the guys, well Bill
still had my bike out for me and all the guys sort of jumped in, people like Craze and
John and all those guys have all helped out
sorting all my gear out so I can just sort of fly
over and do this sort of rock star thing and fly and
jump on a bike and ride shit, it’s just brilliant of people, you know? It’s nice to have good friends. – Favorite part of the
trip has probably been, besides relaxing when I can, just meeting all the new people. Looking at great bikes, meeting
people that I hope to see more often and new friends. – Awesome, I fucking love Mexico, it’s the fucking best thing. My first time to Mexico
and probably will come back a ton more now, so yeah it was great. – Best one yet. I’m a bit at a loss for words. Great bunch of guys, everybody got along, everybody had a good time. The ride across was brilliant. Nobody got hurt, I don’t think
anybody crashed this year. Couple guys went to jail
and they deserved to. So it was a great vacation, couldn’t think of a better way to do it. (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) (rock music)


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