Elizabeth Raine’s Virginity Auction’s Depressing End

self-described med school virgin has
called off for auction actor in eight hundred thousand dollar bid we cover the story on the ballot show
women following a pretty closely the woman’s fake name was lizabeth rain
but her real name it turns out is Hannah kern and she auctioned off their
virginity on the Internet hoping to get a high bid:
sheep state a virgin she’s looking for the money she’s looking for the
excitement she’s a 28-year-old PP HT and a student
at University of Washington her identity has since been verified and
she’s been the latest in several recent online virginity auctions that ended in
a fiasco she says she’s learned from the
experience she said having given a sincere try completely understand why they never do
workout very messy makeshift auction published see that near possible to
balance she hopes to make at least four hundred
thousand dollars file babe was over 800,000 and she did not go through with the deal she
said on her blog decide to put a stop to this car for
Paul to describe it nicely in return my focus to my medical training I still
do possess some spy police strong beliefs about virginity prostitution in
a women’s right to do it she damn pleases but schools my
first priority and in my entire life at this point I no
longer care about the option at all was a very easy decision but a source
close to the action is saying that the decision is actually based on the fact that she
really didn’t get many genuine bids the person offering the
huge bed refused to go through any kinda betting process and the seem to be
something that most to the bettors said today
we’re not interested in going to a vetting process which means that they
probably work serious so there you go she backed out the reason remains
unknown but she’s not gonna be auctioned her
virginity let us know what you think about in the comments below well welcome now


lets be honest..you can go to many places and get a virgin for much less…if thats what your looking for.

also the whole thing of buying it kinda kills the mood of the whole first time slow love making with a virgin thing.

Who in their right mind would pay $400,000 for her? I could understand if she were one of the hottest females on the planet, but this chick is average. I can find virgins up the street at the local bar for no money…

Everything in a capitalist system can be commoditized. That reduces everything to a profit motive. Is that the only reason we are born? To make someone a profit or profit from someone. Cold cold blooded system capitalism is.

I am calling sexism on this how come nooo one offered to pay me for virginity not even a lousy 10. BUCKS,i'd damned near had to beg some chick to take it which she did reluctantly.

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