Entire Room Stays Silent At Auction To Help Young Man

Entire Room Stays Silent At Auction To Help
Young Man Most of us have heard the same stories growing
up. Everyone has their own unique chapter of family
history. Each story is a complex narrative that answers
the question of how our clan came to our current place and time. While some stories are uplifting stories of
success, others are tragic tales of misfortune. No matter the circumstance, we all want to
be a part of the grand chronicles that compose our family’s story, and to fulfill the desires
that drive each tale. When one Nebraskan farmer saw his opportunity
to change his family’s history– he jumped at the chance. But, what’s most surprising about his story
is not what David did for his family or even how his efforts played out. This is a story about community. It’s about how many people can come together
to write a truth that borders on fiction. It’s the story of how one man and his relentless
desire to restore his family farm was met with enough faith for a fairy tale ending. For generations, David’s family told the
same story that David heard growing up: a story of lost land and a destiny unfulfilled. Decades before David’s birth, his family
had tended the same stretch of land for as long as could be remembered. This was the case until one unfortunate decision
put eighty acres of the farm into the hands of a family member that did not have the family’s
best interest at heart. All David heard growing up was the tale of
what was lost– land left to a now-distant relative. As any man might, David dreamt of making the
family farm whole again; so, when the opportunity presented itself through the form of an auction,
David was beside himself. He knew that this was a once in a lifetime
chance to change the story. David did not know how– but he knew that
he would be passing down a newer and happier chapter of his family
When David arrived to the day of the auction, he had mustered up enough cash to make a bid–
but not enough to secure any peace of mind. In fact, David and his father were all but
certain they would be unable to succeed against other larger farms. Nevertheless, their hope pushed them to do
all they could do, opening the bidding according to plan. With a single bid called, the auctioneer advanced
proceedings normally. But when he called for a second bid, the two-hundred
farmers in the room fell abnormally silent. In fact, the reaction was so unexpected that
the auctioneer called for a break. But even after the auction had resumed, no
other bids were made. While David and his family were stunned by
the result, they had won back their farm– and the reason was clear. David knows what happened the day was nothing
short of a miracle. This miracle, however, could have its source
traced to the incredible hearts of the Nebraskan farming community. It would only have taken one of two hundred
farms to seize capital over camaraderie to keep a family’s sorrowful saga sad. Instead, in incredible fashion, a new chapter
was added to David’s epic– a chapter of hope, of perseverance, and of human kindness. To this day, David recounts the auction of
2011 with a sacred reverence. I have had two profoundly humbling days in
my life. The first was the day my son was born. The second was that unforgettable day at the
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