Expensive Vs. Bargain Full-Coverage Concealer

– This is the one that’s
covering my sins, look at that. (upbeat music) – My skin, I have a port wine
stain on half of my face. As far as like the conditions, it gets a mixture between
like dry and oily. – I have had really bad
cystic acne for a long time. – Sometimes I find issues with finding like a really good concealer. – I want my skin not to
react or get even more acne. – I have vitiligo, and now
that it’s spread so much across my face, I don’t
really wear a lot of makeup. But I’m definitely interested to see which concealers can work
if I decided to do that. – I’m hoping to actually
find like a good concealer. It would help me in some problem areas, like not even my birthmark. – I do think it’s worth
it to pay, if it works. (upbeat music) – Packaging, I mean I guess it’s simple. Gets to the point. – It says waterproof. Great when I’m crying. Bad, sometimes the waterproof ones are like really tough to take off. – It’s definitely really creamy. – It seems a little thick. – It goes on pretty smooth. – It doesn’t really seem to
be doing too much honestly. – It’s definitely spreadable. – It’s definitely
covering up my blemishes. – It feels kind of wet though, which makes me worried if it’s like oily. – I really feel like it gives me way more of a shine than I already had. – Let’s see if it’s gonna
cover up this vitiligo. So it’s kind of see-through when it comes to covering
up the dark to the light. (happy instrumental music) – So the coverage of it, is not so good. – Based on the concealers
that I’ve used before, this one’s not too bad. – The whole Gotcha Covered,
like full coverage. I would definitely recommend to just be like kind of coverage. – Think I’d also wanna say,
it’s like five or six bucks. – $12 – $8 – Well then I’ll buy a couple of them. – Honestly, if it was anything more than that, I would not be happy. – If you have dry skin, this
actually might be kind of nice. (upbeat music) I really like the packaging of it. It looks like you spent money on it. – I love her products. – I honestly usually like
it, when it’s a squeeze tube so that way I can put it
on the back of my hands. – It smells really good. – It’s really thick. It’s kind of hard to blend in. – Beside, glide it on. – Definitely giving me some coverage. (happy instrumental music) – I do like the consistency. It’s very concentrated. – And it’s not greasy at all. – I can see that it’s
over top of all my pores. I feel like I’m seeing every single one. – It covers my blemishes
and things like that, but when it comes to the darker
areas to the lighter areas of my skin, it doesn’t really cover. – For someone that may not
need a lot of coverage, I think this would be
a really solid choice. – But I feel like this
is more just like a, you got one pimple, you
want to cover it up. I think this costs probably around $20. – $23 – $23 – Yeah, that’s about what I
think Kat Von D would put it as. – I don’t know if I would spend $25. – I would pay for that, and it’s because I know that
it’s gonna last all day. (upbeat music) – A lot of this is in
a different language, Cle De Peau Beaute. – I like sleek and just simple. – Supposed to pull it? Oh there it is, okay. – I do kinda like that it’s a stick form. You can kinda just glide it on. – It goes on really well. – This definitely feels super light. – Oh, it’s just so soft. – It feels like velvet on my face. – It feels almost like moisturized. – Look at that, do you see that? It just oo. – It blends really well. Like it’s thick, but it’s also moveable. – This is the one that’s covering my sins. (happy instrumental music) It feels like velvet, and it smells good. – So I wonder how good this
would look for Instagram. Yeah, it looks good. I mean it kinda has that
little bit of a shine to it. – Yeah, the coverage is pretty good. I mean, I feel like I’d
have to put quite a bit on if I wanted to even out the birthmark. – I think the dark spots,
it like covers perfectly. The redness, I don’t quite know if it’s totally covering it up. – The way that this is
covered, like a dream. Do you see this? – I almost want to say
like, it’s twenty bucks cause that’s just all I
want to pay on concealer. – $33 – $40 – $47 (concealer drops) – It’s $70? – It’s a terrific concealer. – One inch is $70. – A gorgeous French man better be putting this on me every single day. – It’s so good, but it’s so much. – NYX, one. – 8.5. – I’d give it an 8. – Kat Von D, 8.5 – Maybe a 6. – 5. Cle De Peau, I feel like a 9 out of 10. – 7.5 – A 10 for me. (applause and cheers) I love experimenting with makeup. Makeup is so expressive. – It’s really good, you
know, to have options as far as coverage goes. But, luckily I’ve gotten to a
point of fully accepting me. – I’ve had vitiligo since I was five. I’ve grown into it, and
I absolutely love it. – Being different is the
new normal, so stand out. – Just be you. You’re gonna be fine darling. (upbeat electronic music)


Why is the black girl covering up the dark spots instead of the vitiligo! I get it’s spread so much but still

To all of you beautiful women I hope you see this because you are beautiful with your marks and don’t need to cover any of it with anything because if someone doesn’t love you without those gosh darn amazing marks then they don’t love you for the awesome you that you are ❤️💕💝

I really don't get why they want to change them self. THEIR AMAZING even I'm jealous like YOU with those brown patches IM JEALOUS YOIR SKIN IS BOOTIFYL LIKE YOU

0:40 anyone else thinks she could be a female Todoriki but no half and half hair (no trying to be rude) (i dont think im being rude)

Can y'all all calm down about how to put on makeup. These beautiful women are just putting on concealer and stating their opinions about it. The spots that they want to cover are on the majority of their faces so that's why it's covering almost all of their face. Besides y'all can't even agree if it's concealer > Foundation or Foundation > concealer.

1st product: it’s thick
2nd product: it’s thick
3rd product: it’s thick
4th product: it’s thick

5th product: it’s thicc

The one girl with the brown birthmark thats so cool shes so pretty and having that birthmark is so cool and unique im jealous.


I hate how they are trying to cover up there birthmarks or blemishes it what makes them then and it what makes them beautiful

Not trying to sound racist but what color is the girl with the brown spots on her face suppose to use brown or white again now trying to sound racist I’m just asking 🙂

Why would you want to cover up who you are? You are beautiful inside and the outside! Don’t let anyone make you think otherwise!!

Just saying that everyone who subscribed to me now will be able to say “ I’ve been subscribed since100 “ if I go viral…

I tap to watch this random vid of girls tryna find a concealer and while i was watching i saw Tanesha she is so PRETTY!! Black and white wooow amazing i was like woah shes to retty i paused the cid to get betta look at Tanesha and i adore her now hehe

P.S im a gurl and stay strong gurls

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I think the girl w vitiligo is so pretty. I love the way her skin looks 😍😍😍 I really hope she does too. Its gorgeous!

This is
MIKA all she wants is a CrOsAnT thanks to her brother scaring her so 1 like one CrOsAnT for MIKA to shove in her brothers mouth to get her revenge
So plz like

Don’t try to cover it up you’re all beautiful. God gave you a unique body and he wants you to show it off 👏👏👏

They all look so cakey and bad. Especially on the girl with acne. They should find better way to apply it to show the real performance of the product

I have vitiligo and people say I look like a Dalmatian! 🤪

Edit: please don’t cover your birthmarks on your face / neck. You are beautiful just the way u r!

The gurl with the space buns is SOOO FUCKEN PRETTYYYY I’m like actually jealous ❤️😍😍 also her skin is so smoothhhh

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat 2.5 ml No.1 Luminous Radiance Radiant Touch Concealer

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I have this big beautymark on my right FACE cheek and Ive always been pretty insecure about it but im starting to realizes imperfections make you beautiful

I will use the correct her first, Then use a nice concealer, i’ll pay up to maybe $28.00 for a good one,Not $70.00! Thank God there’s so many options out there now. I really believe a lot of these make up companies take a vantage of people, Just not right. But Again Nobody anything A gun to anyone Head to buy anything, it’s your money 💰 do what you want you what to do with your own money 💰 And we can agree to disagree,Like everybody has a butt,Everyone has an opinion.

Honestly, no offense. I think it’s very beautiful have white and black skin (I forgot what the condition is called)
I wish I looked like a cow, that would be awesome

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