because when I was redoing my room I’m
gonna lace the video around here if you haven’t seen it I realized that I
couldn’t even open the drawers because I have so much stuff in there I already
separated everything the things that I was gonna sell the things that I’m gonna
give to my friends and the things that I’m gonna donate to Goodwill this is not
all of the things that I got out of my closet this is just a little bit most of
the things are gonna be listed in my former account I’m gonna let the
somewhere here maybe put some sparkles or something here without any further
ado let’s just get into the video and let’s see the things that I have to show
you and that you can also buy the first thing that I’m gonna be showing you is
actually one of my favorite things and I do have a problem for somebody in the
lives in Florida and that was born in an island I have a very unhealthy addiction
to jacket so I’m always buying jackets that look very cute there are
super-special but guess what I can wear them so I have like 3,000 of them and I
still have a lot of them in my closet but I decided to get rid of a couple of
things so let me show you the ones that I got we have this beautiful denim
jacket it has like this I’ll rip design around the neck it doesn’t have a collar
is what they called I just love the light wash it has like the metal bottoms
that I love it’s not the type of jacket that you can just like find anywhere
again this is like a size I usually buy bigger sizes because I like the look of
like they loosen you know boyfriend type of jacket so that’s why I get them in
those sizes there’s card ears so this one is also on my store another jacket
that I absolutely love is this one it has this design that reminds me a lot of
Chanel I save channel because channel always has this design that is like with
the fabric not finished and it just looks so beautiful and classy I actually
use this jacket in one of my look books and I think and I have pictures on my
Instagram using it and it just looks amazing like running it went something
or white it just looks beautiful this one I really really love this is
something else that I also or only one time for one of my videos I
think and I think that I went to them on with this this one is like one of those
high school jackets as you can see it has like a little design on the sides I
don’t think it’s real leather you can actually wear something like this
because this material on the inside will keep you really really warm and another
thing that I also like is that it not only has the pockets on the inside it
also has this one’s on the side and that’s priceless like when you can just
put your phone in there and just walk around with your hands inside of the
pockets you know that carrot-top guys I love that so this jacket is also really
beautiful and it has my favorite colors or tones or whatever they are black and
white look at this one they look at this beautiful pink this is like the Barbie
pink I used to have this face where everything that I would wear was pink
pink pink I don’t know no I just don’t feel like that way I feel like I’ve
changed so much in the last year last two years you know a lot of things that
I used to love before I just don’t love that much anymore
and don’t get me wrong it’s not like I wouldn’t wear something like this it’s
just that I never wear it like I don’t go to places where I’m gonna wear this
like I rarely go to parties and stuff like that because we have the baby now
but this jacket is absolutely amazing so it’s in the size small and it’s
absolutely stunning absolutely beautiful I loved it when I saw this jacket I was
like oh my god this is like such an eighties bad jacket when I see the size
extra small and it’s just absolutely beautiful I think that this is what they
call bumper this is basically just like a small jacket it’s really really cute
it has this pink color it’s like a really light pink type of peach color
and it has a little pockets on the front and it’s just so so stunning and what I
loved about this jacket is that it has like these crunchy around the waist so
when you pull it on and you close it you can actually like see your waist around
it so I really like that this one is in this I see this one it’s like a blazer
in bail but this one I never wore like you have the tag on and I just love the
design that it has it’s a little bit shorter on the back than it is on the
front arms are like really fitted so it really like fits your skin very well
brother jacket that I’m gonna be showing you and this
I think the last one is this one look at this color oh my god this is like fox
fur or fake fur I know this one at Target and the funny thing is that this
one is like a kid size 14 and 16 I’m so small but I can like freedom kids
clothes then it has these signs on the arms you can kind of like see a little
bit of fabric moving on now I’m gonna show you a couple more random thing the
next one that I’m gonna be showing you is this stuff I love this color muff
this one has like this lace design this one is really cute for like a Sunday
when you want to go with your friends and you know have just like a little
brunch where a pair of white pants or white jeans and or just a jean color and
wear like that the light is changing out because the Sun is setting but I wanted
to put a video this way you can see that it’s really really bright and orange and
next thing that I’m going to show you is this really cool teacher this teacher I
got at Sheen and I just love it because it has like all the colors that I like
the yellow red black and white it looks so stunning because it has a lot of
designs and another thing that I want to show you that I never were it’s like
this really cute brother look at the design of this the fabric is like so
thick and good quality it’s amazing and then you can see that it like still has
the tag on it and I just like that it’s like a really light grayish purple
another thing that I have to show you that it’s a little bit like the Landry
type it’s like this cover-up I use this one for a lookbook – that was the only
time I worried and it has the lace design I got this one on fashion Noah
but there was there is this trend you know like where people put something
really sheer on top of like really cool clothes really like the design that it
has you know with the lace and all that I just think that it looks really chic I
actually bought this ones last year I want forever 21 is still husband I
bought these ones because I wanted to wear something like this for New Year’s
and I actually have a dress that has the same print so that’s why I like that
it’s like a second with just black fabric and it has the gold zipper these
shores are absolutely stunning and then another really cool thing that I bought
is these pair of pants never wear this one I have
star gonna this one is in the size extra small and that’s why it fits me I
absolutely love this for when you wanna wear like a casual outfit have a pair of
pants like this in black and white these ones are red and also in pink so I
never actually wore this once this is why I’m selling these ones are in the
size zero and it’s just like this camel this Sun is absolutely beautiful I try
to try them on but they don’t really go up anymore so they are like the skinny
jeans and I really like the design because it’s like a grayish camel tone
and one of them that I’m gonna be putting is this pair of shoes that I
actually make for a video I wanna make a couple of times as you can see but
barely like any and I love them really but I just have a lot of shoes and I
don’t wear them most much like I I worked shoes now there are more like you
know more comfortable more like type of everyday shoes or not good with really
high heels because I have to work a lot with the baby this should sound like
perfect for when you want to go to a party or when you’re gonna go to a place
and you’re just gonna be sitting I know that they are a little bit loud but you
know I like stuff like this and you just have to dress them up with like
something more simple and they are gonna be absolutely beautiful and another pair
of shoes that I’m gonna put on this store is actually this Park shoes these
shoes are stunning they have like this holographic design on the bottom I just
love that they have different colors like that and they have the black the
red the pink and this fishnet this sign here it’s like a really special shoe I
wear this once just a couple of times you can see that they are not really
worn that much and they have this really elastic lace and they are in the size 7
and a half by the way the other ones are in the size 7 these ones are not really
that big they don’t feel as dunluce on your feet so they do feel me even though
I’m a six and a half or seven and so have more shoes and things like these
are gonna be at the store look at this one Sun is perfect with the Sun not
because you can really see the sparkles I never ever wear these shoes never ever
this one’s are in the size seven and they are extremely high
that’s why probably I’m not gonna wear them right now because I don’t go to
body so these ones are gonna be in this store and they are absolutely
I know that there’s a lot of you guys are like newer to my channel and you
don’t really know that much of me so I’m gonna give you a little hint I used to
be a belly dancer like I know how to dance belly dance and I had this suit
that I was gonna wear you know for like one of my shows or one of my classes
that I used to do but I actually never wear this leg still has that accent of
it you can just put this one on top of your normal costume so it’s like an
embellishment for a belly dance costume and then this is the skirt look at how
beautiful sparkly this is I mean I tried this thing on and you liked it so much
I’m probably gonna keep this I don’t know I’m gonna put it on the website and
then if it doesn’t say I’m just gonna keep it but I absolutely love this thing
so comes with the little things that you can put in your hands
imagine I had this sitting on my cross and I’ve never worn like look at the tag
that it has there and this thing was expensive this is not cheap like things
are for dancers like this are not cheap so these were some of the things that I
got out of my closet I still have lots and lots and lots of things like I have
a whole container full of dresses are just amazing looking but I know that I’m
not gonna wear them probably and if I need to wear something like that I might
just go to the store and get it again if you wanna check it out you just have to
go to my Poshmark account and check the things that I have in there and I’m
gonna be listing way more more things than just this so if you would like me
to make more videos like this please don’t forget to give a thumbs up and to
subscribe in having already and thank you to all of you that have already
subscribed to my channel thank you for watching the video I will see you in the
next time bye


Hey girl
All this stuff I want is sold out😩 plus I’m size 7 shoes I’ll keep looking to see what u put up
Happy new year 🎊

Lol jackets are so cozy even people in hot climates love em:) I have a million and want more… thankfully I live in nyc tho

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