Facebook Ads Manual Bidding – Beginner Strategy 2018

This is for those who want to get into manual beating Hey guys, what’s up, I’ve been having a bunch of requests for manual bidding videos This is basically one of the easiest and probably one of the most basic manual bidding methods that basically anyone can follow There’s very little to no manual bidding Information on YouTube just because Lauren has actually applied manual bidding and got it to work So I’m gonna go ahead and give you guys screenshots. You’ve got step by step blueprints and just provide you guys everything I’m not gonna make it vague. I’m gonna be giving you the exact breakdown on every single thing You need to know when it comes to manual bidding basics and this pro one of the first Strategies that everyone should use when playing around with the manual bidding So what you want to do is you want to firstly start with the facebook suggested bid now you might ask How do I get the facebook suggested bid? So if you scroll down to the bottom of your ad set you click set bid cap the number that to provide you That’s the suggested bid by Facebook since this campaign is not a product campaign. This is a campaign I’m writing for one of my courses That’s why the bid is seven dollars because I think I’m optimizing for leads But usually this should be around twenty dollars depending on your ad set So if your product is getting cost per purchase roughly around twenty-five dollars Then the suggested bid cap might be around 27 to 28 dollars. So you want to basically start with the suggested bid Now basically you just want to click lowest budget click set bit cap And then it’s seven dollars so now you have a mail being that means you’re telling Facebook to look for purchases at a maximum of seven dollars per purchase Next if facebook is not delivering your pads Then you want to then increase the bid so you might increase it from seven to nine dollars nine to eleven dollars eleven to twelve dollars and you just want to keep on increasing until Facebook starts delivering and spending your budget now You want to probably increase it once every 12 hours or once every day? You actually want to see how much Facebook is spending to get a gist of it, you know If it’s been little to nothing, maybe increase the budget by three dollars if it’s spending 10 percent of your budget Maybe then just increase up you wanna get to a point when Facebook is sort of spending a good amount of your budget if you want to learn about the best manual bidding budgets check out my manual bidding budget video and the video thumbnail looks like this just go to my channel such a Manual being budget and you’ll be able to see the videos So yeah, definitely check that out If you want to know what is a good budget when it comes to your manual bidding ad set now So as I said increase the budget every day on to expense if you’re spending too much and not getting the results that you need drop the bid So maybe you increase it from eleven to twelve dollars not spending your whole budget be it cost per purchases, you know Insanely high then you won’t drop the bit down So as always, you know, I’m gonna go above and beyond actually give you guys a solid example So you guys could sort of visualize and sort of understand what’s happening when to increase way to decrease using this strategy So yeah, if you like my content Be sure to LIKE this video if you want more manual bidding stuff or if you want content within Google shopping when you’re bidding just chopped in the comment below and I’ll definitely be sure to Start producing more content to what you guys want and need on top of that if you want to work with me personally Sign up for my mentorship Application in the description below and last one always don’t forget to subscribe because I’m chopping golden nuggets every single day now Yeah, let’s go into this solid example that I provide, you know, usually most youtubers This is all that provided like betterment provide screen shot but I’m gonna go above and beyond and give you guys a real-life scenario that will basically Replicate what you guys will be gone through because I’ve been there done that so you might ask what to do when it’s been to March what to do when it’s spending too little and this is sort of A scenario that will probably answer all your questions when it comes to manual bidding So let’s say that you had a budget at $20. I just being spent too little it’s not spending much of the budget So you’d then increase it from 20 to 22 dollars now at 22 dollars now too much is being spent Basically, your whole budget is being spent and you’ll see PC is way too high It’s not profitable what you then do is decrease it back to 21 So you don’t want to decrease all the way to 20 where it wasn’t spending anything at all Bring it down to between now 21 based on the results you either if the same thing is happening again Where a lot of your budgets been spent and your CPP is too high Then you want to decrease it down to 20 dollars and 50 cents you always want to bring it in between now if the opposite happening that now at $21 it’s gone for us spending a lot of its budget now to spending a little to nothing you might want to increase back up to twenty one dollars and 57 and then at these two points you could use the same strategy and then increase like decrease in between to you know, say twenty dollars and seventy-five cents or Twenty one dollars and 25 cents. So you just want to keep on playing it up and down Now you probably want to decrease increase probably once a day once you get to this point you don’t want to be changing a lot because that really stops a lot of optimization furthermore if it’s not doing well at say $21.50 one day If it’s doing decent like you’re breaking Even you might want to run it for a second day because that first day it might be just optimizing and then the following days Or just CPP will just drop insanely so if the results are You know breaking even or making a small loss definitely leave it running for maybe a day or two and just see if it optimizes and see if the CPP drops from break even to profitable and yeah This is a step by step breakdown of one of the most simplest manual bidding strategies If you wanna learn more about manual bidding definitely, let me know or apply for my mentorship application in the link in the description Hopefully you guys like this video. 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Hello there Andy, I have been following your Shopfly tutorials on YouTube for a while now and really inspired by the information. Now I'm interested to get in to that online business back here in Africa in country Kenya in particular. But I'll like to confirm to you if it's possible for me to do it and become a successful in it from a small village here in Kenya where I live. If it's possible how can i become a successful in this business from Africa?

Hey Andy check your dms on IG, I just bought your case study but didn’t receive any email to access it. I paid with PayPal.

Hi Andy just a bit confused with the video. At the start of the video you talked about bid capping and the end you talked about budget? Are you able to redo the video referencing both budget and bid cap examples at the same time?

Wow thanks for that value.
If you could teach more about your manual bidding that would be awesome. such as good budget? duplicates? adjusting budget every time it doesnt spent or wait 24 hours (12am for timezone account)

I watched your manual bidding videos and few things i don't understand:
1. You only decrease or increase once a day?
2. What needs to be the budget? in one video 300 dollars in other 1000/3000 dollars and in other 500 dollars, so?

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