Faire – Tender Loving Empire

– One of my favorite things about Portland is everybody has a passion. My name is Brianne Mees
and I’m the co-founder and co-CEO of Tender Loving Empire. Tender Loving Empire is a gift shop for handmade and
independently designed gifts from artists all around the country. – My favorite thing about
Faire is how easy it is to manage our orders, to return things that don’t work for us. It feels really curated. You can look for locally made products, products that are handmade. – [Brianne] The really
amazing thing about our store is that the things that
you’re buying have a story and a person behind them. – Faire has made it really easy to find the things that
fit in with our store. It’s a cool feeling to
be able to be a part of the curation of someone’s life. – [Brianne] We are supporting real people, small businesses, creatives
in a meaningful way. I’m really proud businesses like ours and businesses like Faire
can make a difference in people’s lives and
help them do the things that they love.

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