Fewer Printed Pages with Bargain Brand Toner Cartridges

You get a lot less with Bargain Brand Toner cartridges. Take for instance: Yield. No. Not the road sign, rather the number of printed pages. Independent Lab (BLI), tested several bargain brand cartridges that claim to deliver the same page yield as Xerox. The results? In the WorkCentre 3550, Jet World brand cartridges produced 80% fewer pages compared to Xerox Genuine cartridges. 80%. That’s a whooping big difference. In the Xerox Phaser 6500, ColourSoft brand cyan, magenta and yellow cartridges printed 45% fewer pages than Xerox. The black cartridges 50% fewer pages. Bargain brands just don’t deliver the pages. So, why would you put anything but Xerox in your printer? Safe, Reliable, Guaranteed.

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