Film Theory: The Cars in The Cars Movie AREN’T CARS!


They aren't living creatures. Sure they is evidence but this is a movie for KIDS. Would they really do this?🤔🤨

So they can't open their doors because it's where their organs are. But why can they go inside other planes and boats

I am just going to say if they were cars they could have replaced lightning parts in cars 3 with better parts to make him faster. So it's weird that they left him the same.

(Watches a marvel connected universe theory) that’s a lot of information…
(Watches a Pixar universe theory)
Even more infooooo…..
(Watches TheGameTheorists’ fnaf theory’s)
My TInY mInD iS GOiNg tO EXpLoDe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not satisfied here, after all, if they're bugs like we know them, shouldn't be drinking literal OIL bad for them? And from what are they really surviving, as a bug-like liveform don't "eating" / "drinking" in those races as an example doesn't seem possible for them too.

Another thing is the "metal" they have as the plates, in Cars 1 we see Mcqueen fall into a pit of cactus about like 3 or 4 times, and when hook gets him out, he has those cactus needles in his metal plates. I don't think cactus needles should be sticking in a "metal plate"?

Next up also in Cars 1 McQueen gets forced to repair the street he destroyed, he drags that paving machine over the street there like about 200-300 meters, for a car i don't think its that much of a problem but a organic lifeform as a bug with normal buglike muscles? Could he really be able to drag that machine over there?

Next up their lamps, we see them use lamps, so they have to have a electric system in there like normal cars. Where should that be?
(btw. who reads this youre a awesome person i love you <3)

Also fitting to that are the metal "tube-things" which their tires are connected with, so 1. where should these tubes connected to if on the inside the Cars are organic not a machine, and also these "tubes" are made out of metal from what we can see, what should they be made of else?

Lastly Hook lost his botnet, we can see his engine clearly. That's one of his signature attribute. We can see into his engine compartment and theres nothing that looks like its organic. Even if, a open botnet should be fatal, if that plates of an insect miss, it has clearly no protection for anything also wouldn't the organs its covering dry at the air?

So your theory has open holes about the part how it would look if they were insects, we just can't say something for sure there because we don't know how as an example where their organs would really be and what their eating would be as an bug. (Im sure it's not sushi. :D) So if we could determine WHAT species of bugs they are not just "fictitious" bugs that just exist that way, it would be easier to say something really conclusive.

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what if the ai robots from buy and large had binded to the insects as a way of survival, like insects are going to die enventually, and robots are having fuel issues, so they bond,

I think a bug was that sized will die life back before the dinos before dimetrodons existed had giant insects because of the how thick the atmosphere keeding arthropleura

About the brain. In Cars 2 there was a scene then the antagonist kills one of the spy. We saw the internals of that car and that was just like a regular car.

This channel surprisingly doesn't ruin my childhood and I'm 11

I'm sorry pat I was with my childhood but insulting marvel was TOO FAR!!!!!

Here's something that came in the movie not the teaser so you couldn't have said it, but after the black and blue race car (i forgot his name) wins the first race he says to lightning, "I think i struck a nerve," and cars don't have nerves so that backs up this theory.

Huh i always thought its the humans controliing the cars not by driving by turment hell theres even a art about humans is inside the cars controlling the cars and you ask how do they poo cuz the inside the cars theres a you know the vakums an they starve to death

and if it has to do with singularity, look for what … people were alive at that time and then they moved into cars but they were alive then

So…they say that you ruin peoples childhood…you ruin it more…cars insects..but a theory is not a prooven thing its still needs to be prooven but stop with dark twists matpat or as i say fatpat..😡

Wall e can not be a cannibal because a cannibal eats his own kind so he would have to eat robots and so wall e is just a carnivore

Ya I saw the movie well don’t you remember the mention of the crabs and how do we know the car toons are cannon? Hmm? I dunno that’s not adding up and explain how they are so close to real cars and hmm you need to explain how they actually evolved the engines and oh bugs life could just be somewhere in the world where that period of time there where no humans but humans where still on earth at the time?

What if the bugs from bug life are some how humans who wanted to survive the “apocalypse” and they evolved
Into cars because in this modern day cars can get around easily and can be a shell for what is living inside

Hamilton is right! Car insurance or life insurance? It's a good question. I have another good question: Why is he alive? Didn't he die from a bullet wound from a duel in July of 1804??? He got shot on July 11, 1804, and died the next day, so, uh, is he a zombie…?

Everyone talking about great vid*

Me laughing at the pun: Oh no its not looking good for old lightning but heres the good thing… he just saved 15 percent or more on car insurance 🤣😂

How do they get in a plane when its alive to how and why dont we see there organs in the plane from the plane scene

Matpat, you got tunnel vision. In your attempt to connect the dots you missed the ones that didn’t add up to the image you wanted. How are there other animal cars? Like the tractor cows and where did the sushi come from? Even if bugs evolved how did they evolve to use oil and grow engines? I say everything except for the evolution is true and that they are actually the result of human experimentation.

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