FIRST LOOK! Tesla Service Center Milwaukee Wisconsin!

we are taking a look at Wisconsin’s
first Tesla kent-san collision or showroom because technically Tesla can’t
sell in Wisconsin but this is Tesla’s first service center in the state of
Wisconsin so we’re going to take a look here this
was formerly a BMW motorcycle shop and dealership and there is a lot of utility
markers and whatnot lines going in the asphalt just redone so let’s take a look
inside unfortunately you can’t go inside but there’s room there you got a lot of
reflection here there’s room for one oh that is the same
tile flooring that Tesla has in Highland Park
I do believe let’s see if anyone this time let’s write a little entryway
they’re a little hard definitely hard to see inside let’s do this so we’ve got
room for one two three four five maybe six vehicles in the front show room here
take a walk down the side here they do have a truck dot from loading stuff oh these windows are blacked out cannot
see through there at all let’s go back here service and reception
lots of foot traffic and mind you it just snowed last night so it looks like
people have been here today can kinda see inside so back here there is a room on the
other side is that door open I do believe there’s a door open pretty large
service area at least for motorcycles you could probably fit one two three
four five six cars in here I am sorry but this is the best view we can get
through a window there is just a small door going to the
mechanics area however that is not big enough for a car let’s take a walk
around to the back it’s right next to err gas so that be convenient when I got
to pick up my welding cylinders lots of footprints in the snow and if just we
just got a dusting of snow yesterday so someone was definitely here today and
given that it looked like there is a door open I’ll walk around that way here
we go Oh Power company’s here keeper power how about I take this out on my
tripod do that there we go zooom let’s see what we got over there
coos tick tiling for ceilings hand-washing me go around to the back if a test lever
can sell in Wisconsin if the law ever gets changed there’s a decent amount of
space back here for cars now personally I thought a better location would have
been at the Selfridge mall parking lot at the old Sears Auto Center which is
actually considerably larger than this building
well maybe not consider Levi’s 3,000 to 4,000 square feet larger and it’s got
over 20 B garage doors already and already set up as a full-fledged car
shop this location has going against it is going to be the location the location
is terrible it’s borderline with not the best area cool so they’re people working
here maybe I’ll go have a chat with him now
on camera I don’t want to spook the guy they got their work truck inside smart I
leave it outside right let’s go let’s go see if we can take another better look
inside again I will talk to the guy and if there’s anything to report I will of
course let you guys all know but it’s a pretty cool so this is gonna be the
first service center in actual physical Tesla present location in Wisconsin the
second one’s gonna be in Madison Wisconsin now Madison was supposed to be
opening up first but as far as I know they are doing some sort of planning but
nothing too much further than that Anna’s who knows okay let’s give it well through the
window here yeah not too bad those were definitely
acoustic tiles in the which category – is cold missing a lot of them like her
definitely will be going to Chicago but still not quite the best area so three being you can see on the left
there that entryway going to the service area the doors are definitely big enough
to fit a model maybe not might not be able to get cars out this door then
again they might right next to John Deere so I did manage to talk to an
employee working on the building I’m not going to name who they work for as it is
a contractor or what they’re doing blah blah blah or maybe it wasn’t a
contractor don’t anybody get into trouble but there is some awesome news
there will be superchargers there will be one supercharger in the service bay
there will be a supercharger in the back lot for service repair the back private
lot where they can park customer cars and then there will be now he wasn’t
sure if they’re gonna be superchargers or maybe high powered wall chargers but
given the size of the transformer that was there I’m hoping it’s gonna be
superchargers but the area is supposed to be 14 public available Chargers in
the front because remember at least for now this is a service center they’re not
a sales center so why not make use of the property as best as they can now and
in the future if they need to they can always change things now given that it’s
a service center they cannot sell but they can
display so there is and I got to take a little peek around there is room for a
good I mean without you know too much space for sitting and waiting there is
room for about seven vehicles in the showroom or you can do three maybe four
pretty easily and then have a nice waiting area for customers waiting to
pick up vehicles or who knows what for the time being the overall the I would
liken the size the interior size of this location to that of the original factory
Fremont factory location before they had to restructure the factory for actually
making the vehicles so services it’s gonna be pretty decent there’s gonna be
a lot of overhead wasted space because the ceiling in the service area is
extremely high maybe they’ll like I said really need to worry about storage too
much since I do have a gated back a lot but this is going to be awesome
the rough estimated completion date if they go balls to the wall we might see a
end of year end of the year early 2020 opening otherwise more likely we’re
looking at if everything goes smoothly maybe February lease have secured
projection that could change depending on a whole bunch of factors but the way
it looks and the way that electrical in that place is getting done all I can say
is holy F in terms of the electricity supply that place is lit my backup
camera kappa midgets from school and now it
will be nice not having to drive to illinois anymore i don’t know which is
gonna end up opening first either Madison or Wisconsin they’re both on the
books we already know Wisconsin and it is locked in and guaranteed Tesla is
locked in to this location so at the moment unless something major happens
this is it we’re finally getting a service center in Wisconsin and it’s
been seven years yeah two thousand twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen
seventeen eighteen nineteen seven years and we’re going on eight years since the
release of the Model S and we’re finally getting their service center so this is
spectacular it it is on the complete opposite side
of Milwaukee County that I live on literally the complete opposite corner
but it’s not far enough away where I can’t do periodic checks so that’s what
I will be doing every every week at least maybe multiple times a week
especially if the wife decides she wants to go shopping at me for a mall we will
be dry at least early I will be driving over there and checking out the progress
looks like the floorings already done in the showroom it looks exactly the same
flooring as as a Highland Park but more to come maybe I can arrange for a little
tour once a little more is it done so that’s what I have for you today but be
excited folks be very excited and a special note to you Wisconsin folks it
would be kind if you don’t stop in the lot go walking around too much try and
you know leave them alone let them do their jobs they’re more than happy to
have me come you know and check things out and report back to y’all but we
don’t want to swamp them and if you see employees leave them alone we they don’t
want to get swamped with you know a hundred people two hundred people
checking in seeing everything’s done if let them get done so they want to try
and keep it concise and have a few people report back to the rest of the
community and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing now all it
needs is a nice Chinese buffet nearby


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