FOUND DEAD MANS CHEST! 20 year old locker I bought an abandoned Storage locker unit

storage auction we buy lives and sell
memories where every mystery box is a complete surprise and puts us one step
closer to retirement these are the five trunks that came out of this dusty old
man’s unit who passed away and we’re about to unbox them all right we got
five trunks in this unit we’re gonna open up each one of them right here unboxing in a box okay
records is that like vib boxing ball oh these are I’m gonna get you guys free
market you guys wanna mess with me little poppers take the whole box out do
you have to anyone anything again you get home do you save on your
own time spent on some Mexican to Mexican Playboy number one there’s a big
calendar hurry you man you go you know you’re just taking a sweet-ass time by
10 bucks I can’t feel like two sides of this either so here it is wallet any
wall for cabbage first wall one silver coin past it
wishing great coin Caribbean pirates Disneyland putting it on my keychain
here you go party anyway and this container was cool things I’ve seen so
far is that record this right here is intriguing it looks like an old Asian
headdress like some samurai type stuff or like a ceremonial type situation very
old stitching you could see us with gold and silver thread almost on it little
bit of silk I don’t know that’s nice I like that
oh and we got a box of Records that one’s signed it’s by Santa then we
got a slew with some playboy and some blah blah blah we’ll go ahead and
whatever happens happens with that some miscellaneous here I’d always look
that’s what he wanted with me and I think I took a dollar that’s like five
bucks there hold jobs yeah I catch her go that way first don’t we can’t cut Daniel coming look at
that alright that joke at all the michael direction pigskin those are coin things these are like
some really weird that’s like Robin Hood what are those
things Paul voodoo dolls no no old baseball like this me feel
good it’s don’t matter to me don’t know maybe let’s just take this one piece at
a time no until this to he’ll know we can’t
talk even how they gonna say hail then he’ll cheat horrible in Stockton that’s
really a piece of glass you know all you’ll be all in that mess wolf there bass fish we’re gonna make a bration
video all the Raiders stuff we find oh this one is a sign just set those in oh
yeah I want to leave this leave it all out for the video of this whole thing
whatever baseball fees the ask you said oh why this they’re almost coin stuff
huh but believe it or not that box right
like that little thing is quite a few bucks that’s all stepping on the paper
guys see man we’re like when Joby like I wanna see paper that’s what they want to
see is that stuff so you could just kind of kind of set it
there and like do like a thing like this you know but um paper is kind of boring just the world spare paper go for the
would lead into my back popping Spencer look cool with a few bucks gonna get in
there James Monroe look at that political stuff yes dude that’s the
that’s the Duke we’re there nothing dude he’s a real Native American it’s his
little boy scout sting so he was a huge John when you can he’s always a little
trinket for me and kid the constitute with Bayes and general
rich we found the Constitution original Hancock somewhere it says right to bear
arm the freedom of speech but we’re allowed to utilize it are you going like that you’re going
like hell you start stacking stuff this way and it’s like a frickin flashback to
my childhood that’s actually probably like couldn’t be bubbles right there
it’s complete yeah easy with the minutes I wasn’t I bet you did when you were a
kid you don’t open I go to same age as a flashback to both your childhoods you
got one of these too Dan oh of course we had one of them some memories in there
huh someone’s pulling somebody stack these ones over there he didn’t
carefully go by people yelling we drop stuff I said it as always schoolwork when he
was a kid it is all they turn that that’s a person it’s not crazy this is
what a somewhat stubborn anticipator find in here
oh that’s good right there will she go there that’s one extra cool buddy that’s
another one of those indeed half a box just 15 ball Kennedy did you do it again you put down
probably like this and if you go flat alright let’s get it cool here is that
paper 1963 Wow I’m a place to visit right there you’d
be surprised first unzipping video right here let’s go back go back go back
little bit go back the other one goes around another one right there that few
bucks and that is worth a few bucks that’s worth a few but not quite as much
as those that’s alright a little cup Disneyland that’s a few bucks big
camping spot so good that’s all good stuff right there sport all right what
are you pulling out you’re making a video very unfunny baseball cards in
that where man what’s in there this homework
look algebra that’s why you didn’t know what it was this year you know what
algebra hasn’t Alexei flashback we are we did find the open box head of Tom C
we look for unit and that one had that homework oh he wanted to be an author
yes he did okay honey belt
we got coin collecting video we’re gonna push it
pigskin basketballs alright come on open huh all you did I want open old
I know but is it tight look at this oh you very much like this and one of
their somebody’s plate of those once you I would think so how’s it hold out of
that box right here that trunk this is the cool stuff we found in there a
couple of a couple of old souvenir magazines from arts events and old
magazines we got some vintage baseball equipment this is old bass this is a old
umpires pitchers while I sit on fire catchers gear baseball hat we got this
weird wonder pen heat we’re running care-free that’s cartridge slot shirts
especially safe oh the look Danny’s got his phone number
there we haul in the background of the thumbnail to five double easy haul um
are we breaking this oh shit button push the button so what it’s a real super
that’s why he said good ready this one’s full right yeah pointing book
won’t have anything book that we have pants tomorrow no hope no ghosts no be
looking since that’s why it’s heavy shit okay next one pretty cool that is that’s
worth like 20 bucks probably yeah that is courtside that probably that is nice
right that’s the popular edition got money sign on it oh wow that’s an old
one that’s actually what is the money I’m reading that is a man type string
okay there’s all these childhoods up here when you put the right way so a little
close first dog food bowl right there you guys what’s that say partygoer my
body water guys just oh fuck your uncle Mike behind me that football tricks gear
this one’s kind of boring we even get anything cool out of here –
I do like hey we got this yeah
oh geez or something monopoly ladies and gentlemen we got
monopoly this is actually good monopoly on ideas although I got the wooden the
wood pieces that’s probably successful people are the ones who dink up the
dings for the rest of the world to keep busy yet that’s probably one of the
first sound like please feel or do you like it you know I dream to find in some silver candle holders we found wood
candle holders tractor trailer books nice that’s a good one oh yeah regionals backgammon yeah oh
that’s my year to 1969 lord have mercy are we filming with them
put that back in there I haven’t found a role that’s yet that’s not a Rolex play
that’s cool something gold is better than no gold
ladies and gentlemen that’s gold rush oh it’s every two I don’t see them school
school was this is a school when the slight dirty definitely that’s the
school some old dimes in there I like that
Lake Tahoe old diamonds and clips return block dimes
yeah well that watch might be gold together was in 1969 is just look at
that watch to see if it’s cool it’d be a good brand all right we got more to go
Oh Lord that’s not a box like this that’s a Rolex Nancy criminy that’s
money when they throw away money you know you what’s a recap how much was the unit platinum no one gold means better – no
no gold like I just said I’m happy 18 karat is they some what am I gonna wear sorry surely ya know it’s kind of far
that is though huh I don’t know what brand that is 62 Ford and opens up oh
it’s a fucking sink Oh you know the car it’s a Thunderbird
right mark 56 no no you got neither so long maybe maybe this looks interesting
no oh there she is let’s be nicer woman a recap of this
trunk here empty boxes there was cufflinks there’s a bongo I threw it on
the ground on accident this little box right here has one gold ring right there
it’s pretty heavy when I truly care it it’s got one watch I have to look up
says 17 jewelers got some little trinkets and these little items off
autumn people like to collect how are those so heavy yeah there’s
gotta be heavy stuff underneath no they wait trust me Springer
so the DVDs nothing all right look at that Mickey Mantle or still
looking for that Mickey Mantle rookie all those DVDs laburnum
really good vintage porn bondage porn is hot leave it in arm know that and you
know we’re about as Native Americans sooner this is Indian War closing is
correct yeah


Look for rubies inlet School ring is Jewel and it's probably worth more than anything besides the gold it's probably 14k

The photo of the dog made me sad. People WILL buy old homework, written papers, old photos, and so on. Look at ebay under ephemera. Use key word 'journal' or 'junk journal.'


You Lueders make me mad every time I run through these damn videos with you you just all you care about is the silver gold and whatever you can probably sell for a little amount of money as possible you make me sick if you really knew what you were going through you wouldn't destroy have to s*** that you throw out Lueder that's basically what you are uneducated looter but the problem is there's a lot of us like that like I said plunderer

I see alot of very old valuables being very badly handled ! They don't even know what they are doing or looking at ! Get educated !!!

Hey Guys. I was wondering if I could have Old Federation Certificate. That was Rolled up in the Container. Your Mate found in the 2nd Trunk. I think from memory. I am from Australia. & I Keep Old Things like that. I even have an Old Newspaper Clipping when The Titanic Sunk. Will you let me have it wven it neans. I will give you MY old Newspaper Titanic where 1500 died. Inside the Paper are the names of People that Died. Its all in Bllack & White I think it was free dor me.. Back then it was worth 12p.. I Even have other Old Stuff. That Women xarried around in their Purses.
It would really be the A tz Pantz to have the Old Scroll of Presidents you had back in the day. AS Eventually We are moving to America. I Love looking thru old Stuff. As i am a Sentenemtalist. It was probably awhiile ago & tbey were the Blue trunks. You were opening Please let me know if thats Possible. ..
Merry Christmas & a Prosperous Beq YeR. Ecentually we qill e aharing Thanksgiving Day as we don't have it here. I know you guys have Atuff Turkeys wtc. My Friend's Son moved over to America. So tharmt he xould Marry an American Bride & My Sister lives in Canada. God Bless Guys xo
Anastasia xo
Like & Subscribed & shared even rang the Bell for Updates !!!! 🙂

That Dan guy is pocketing things behind your back, while you are distracted by the younger guy, and he's probably made several trips to his car to stash his loot. I'd watch him closer if I were you. Too many hands in the pot could cost you a big loss. Seeing that time is money to you. Just trying to give you a heads up and helping you see what your watchers are see.

If brains were gold dust these guys will never have enough to fill a thimble if they could work out what a thimble is, Grunting "Rolex" every five minutes does not mean you will find one, These guys should also know that not every old man who dies and leaves behind a locker was storing gold or comes to that a "UG! ROLEX".

Here , let me be a stupid ass and tear the boxes apart to get them out of the Trunk ! the wrapper or box most of the time is worth more cause they never kept them !!!

Wish you ole boy could score a new car and enough gold that would you back problems if you tried to wear it all , in every single locker. Seems you all are doing fairly well though. ……best of luck in 20199999999999999999

BTW, you should be more careful when handling those "fake" Declaration of Independence scrolls. There were 200 original copies made and only 26 have been officially located. Just saying.

I am also a professional storage buyer/reseller, and it is obnoxious to see so many comments equating these guys to grave robbers and saying how disrespectful these guys are. Now, some comments about their lack of knowledge are valid, however, these comments show a complete lack of understanding about the storage business. First, I question why all these folks are watching storage unit unboxing videos if they find the business offensive. Beyond that, here are a few FACTS you all should know about this business: 1.) These units wouldn't even go to auction if the family cared enough to pay them. Many storage facilities are mom n pop businesses that lose $1000's on delinquent units like this. The auction is the last resort to recoup some of the back rent and to clean out the unit so it can make $ again. Buyers like these perform a vital role in helping these businesses to stay afloat. Most facilities spend months trying to contact families so they don't have to auction the units 2.) If buyers didn't perform this function, facilities would simply get a dumpster and it would all go to the dump. At least this way, items of possible historical, artistic or other value can be saved from the landfill. The original owner is dead, but the items can still be enjoyed by the living 3.) Yes, these guys profit, but that's their JOB. They have families, mortgages, bills, etc. So many people mention "respect", well have some RESPECT for the living, and their need to MAKE A LIVING. It's messed up that so many care more for the dead guy (and remember, his family DIDN'T CARE about his items) than for the kids and families that can be supported by these men. It may look like a game, but the resale business is HARD, HONEST WORK. 4.) In my over 500 units purchased, I have attempted many times to return personal effects to families, both directly or through the facility… they ALMOST NEVER claim them or want them returned… i'm talking 10% or less. This not only includes papers and pictures, but even cremated remains!!!!! Many storage facilities have several urns they have tried to return for years without success. BOTTOM LINE: Most storage buyers are hard working, honest resellers. Don't judge these people just because you don't understand the industry. And remember, LIFE IS FOR THE LIVING.

This gentleman was just trying to clean out the house and he thought maybe from of the family might like to have some of this junk so he stored it just in case!

The camera work is bullshit. This poor man kept all his stuff from his childhood, and they hqve no value for it at all. Just fat greasy fingering through it

well that's a lot negative comments and all about the same thing treating the dead guys stuff with respect reality check HES DEAD get over it what will really get you all going there is not one comment about the playboys with the pages stuck together

how does a storage locker become 20 years old abandoned when if it is a few months late with payment they auction it, so youre a lier

You guys are so armature you have no idea of the value, going through antiques like a bunch desperate starving children ripping and tearing stuff, freaking dumb asses.

Thought I was the only one to think its like christmas morning. 4 5 6 year olds are told to go open your presents!!! Sad just very sad! I'm just unsubscribing these guys. 🙁

It definately tugs at one's heartstrings – to see someone's life, so carefully preserved, (for whom?) just considered for it's monetary value. All that was saved was worth MORE than money to that man. Please have a little bit more respect for his memories. From Debra – a 1st time viewer

James monroe high school was in the bronx, they have a baseball team. My husband and his brother went there. The banner was not political.
You guys are rough!

Ifyou find 7 million dollars in cash (very rare)in an auction, in an abandoned storage unit that you bought , do not distribute the photos of cash on line. The cops will bake it back to their police station.

They really deserved not to know the value of any of that some of the things I seen in the first 2 trunks were worth hundreds if not thousands.

Look them boxes good some have hidden panels. I have a foot locker from my military days and it sported a panels to keep documents

Well these guys should have the title of this video (FAT PIGS AT WORK). I'm telling on you guys. This video makes me feel sick in my stomach. Oink, oink.

Very crass and disrespectful. The way you treated this persons belongings and the way you talked about his things was unprofessional. You all sounded like jerks.

Makes me sad someone carefully stored their memories away only to have them rifled through by these ignorant poster children for diabetes.

I Read the series of biography books you are brushing over, with the name of the person, and one line about them in the title. I loved them in the second grade. If I could afford them, I would love to buy them all. all.

These guys are terrible. Noting that they are looking in a Dead Mans trunk, disrespecting the deceased person all the way thru just to look for something to Sell. Throwing things around etc. won't look at another of their videos, if they even have any more.

I'm currently renting an abandoned storage unit that I bought last Nov 2018, the person had rented it for 22 yrs, it had been payed for, up until Aug 2018, then for 3 months, the storage company tried to contact him, but the man's phn nbrs and po box had all been shut down, and no replies. I got the unit on Nov 13th, in going through the contents carefully and respectfully, I looked up the man online, but there was nothing. Then on Nov 30th, an obituary was finally posted online….he died the day after I got the unit, Nov 14th, and that was my birthday. This man was 88 yrs old, never married, no kids, and he was an only child. His father was vice president of a large manufacturing plant and there's dozens of documents that I will probably turn over the state history center. I also found a business letter from that company that was written on Nov 14, (year), the day I was born….

I use gloves, masks and eye protector, as there's a layer of dust and dirt all over everything, and a bit of mouse feces…Common things like some basic clothing, food still left in there, and basic every day stuff like dishes, pots and pans, all went to goodwill or the trash. I'm having a blast putting together their past, and bringing the historical and possible things of value to my apt, carload by carload, and once I've gone through it completely. I cleared out my dining area where I'm putting this stuff a bit at time. He was also a hunter, so there are deer antlers, camping stuff, really old maps, a lot of his father's World War One stuff, his engineering books, etc., found a zillion (empty) gun cases, lots of ammo, ammo containers, estate papers from a dead aunt, girlie-playboy stuff, family photos, and there's some big stuff I need to have a moving company get to my apt, once I've gone thru all the stuff I can handle. One of the things is a really old 4-drawer metal filing cabinet that is locked. It is really heavy, and I may need to get a locksmith to my apt to open it, once I get the storage unit totally gone thru, cleaned out, and close out my rental account.

Whether anyone in his family knew about it, or he ever told any friends, I have no clue. There's been no contact from anyone. The man was born in 1930, the same year as my dad, he died at 88 yrs of age, the current age of my mom, he died on Nov 14, 2018 (my birthday) and the day after I got the unit; and I found a business letter to his father, dated Nov 14 (year), the day I was born. I take all those as signs; I like to think he died knowing someone who got his family history and personal possessions would treat it with a mix of respect, awe, fun, historical preservation, looking for profit (that's why I'm doing this), immeasurable interest, and not just trash his whole life.

The guys in this video totally disgust me, and I would've cried with joy at both the cool treasures of the past, and the possible return on investment. Anything that could be donated for historical purposes or for re-purposing would be done correctly, respectfully and with dignity.

You people have no idea what your just tossing around and breaking. Never watching your videos again. Makes me sick

A professionals aspects of this. These "gentlemen" handle things with the mentality of Neaderthals with no class or demeanor that fits someone that knows of Vintage items. Here is a break down of just some of the things that I saw that they rough housed and treated with utter distain. The ceremonial Garb was infact from Asia, Chinese decent to be exact looked to be around the 40's. Cant be sure without being able to see it closer it may even be older. To the neaderthal the doll from which you tried saying was a voodoo doll is a Handsewn Childs doll to represent Robin Hood which was very common during the era due to some families having to make their child hand crafted dolls because of lack of money. The Phonograph records box that the rough housed and then kept beating on had some older Phonograph discs that are not just "records" you can tell my the thickness that they are not just Records and then the touching of the discs with their bare hands across the striations depleted their value cause of the normal acid found within the hands. The Playboy Issue number one which was in decent condition since it did have Marilyn on the cover is valued Between 10,000 to 57,000 mind you that is determined on the condition of the pages and of the photograph pages within. The Saturday Evening Post with JFK on the cover is valued at 40$ even in moderate condition. The John Wayne silver ring even though it is a childs ring is valued at 280 dollars. The Oakland Tribute with the headline Kennedy Dead is valued at 275 dollars, Monopoly Popular edition 295 dollars. Playboy Conehead edition is valued at 3,000 that they just chunked aside. Dante 18 Karate Gold Cufflinks can range from 189-794 dollars depending on which series they came from. The Fleur de Lis Platinum Cufflinks even in poor condition can be valued at 275 dollars. These "gentlemen" do not know what they have they will more than likely cast the actual things of value aside and try to make money on the things with little to no value. The handle such things like a bull in a china shop with no carrying. I heard one mention of a Nolan Ryan Rookie card. I am so glad they didn't find one they would have drooled over it like salvating hyenas and ruined the card anyways. This is a prime example when you let rednecks handle prized posessions and then they dont even have the knowledge of what they have. It makes me sick to my stomach that whomever locker unit this way that kept these treasures in such good shape had these knuckle draggers ruin their whole quarry like the mindless apes they are. This whole video makes me sad.

Storage auction pirates. I like your videos, but these bimbos have no idea what they are bulldozing through. Total disrespect and zero knowledge of the items they are trashing. I can’t watch the remainder of the video. Please find new help.

I hate to be that guy but it's possible that is a limited edition recalled issue , due to miss printed info. Where Larry paid 250 grand to sweep it under the rug (only 975 were released )

18:40 , Rolex "WATCH"!!! one must be specific when Manifesting!! I'm still trying to manifest U a chest of gold (Bricks) good luck with the rest of the locker guys

Couldn’t watch this anymore. They even showed the name of the deceased man. No feelings these two guys.

Three great big hands rummaging in a small jewellery box, too much swearing, a lot of confusion. Slower, I wanted to suss out more about the man whose stuff looked really interesting.

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