FOUND RATTLESNAKE IN STORAGE! I bought an Abandoned Storage unit and found snake

do you think they’re Gucci glasses let’s
find out Prada that’s a very expensive brand man man can you get my come on
talking boys wait man Scott what do you do when you start your video oh I just
thought I get something practical your voice anyway ladies and gentlemen boys
and girls children of all ages welcome to another unboxing with the storage
option pirate that is he he is I I am him I think I said that right anyway
we’re gonna go through some of these boxes here I’m gonna pick a stack
they’re all right here and we’re gonna unbox boxing’s forget another great
unboxing how do these three pods I bought and don’t forget to before we get
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editing a video he is here learning how to edit a video that is for a safe a
safe he found full of gold you’re gonna want to go to his channel and be ready
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videos he I also have a guest appearance I did a collab with him so don’t forget
this is all put the link right here want to uh what’s your name against gosh no
you can’t hear that I believe it or not people I teach people not to cuss that’s
amazing huh irony yeah tell me about I’ve learned I’ve
grown so much with this channel anyway let’s get back to work believe it or not
ladies and gentlemen it says we have a shoes box I thought we covered all the
shoes I thought we had covered all the shoes I was so wrong what have we got in
here looks like that’s not a shoe that’s probably envelopes exactly what it says
we got some East spirits nothing nothing too hot in the streets
there I’m you know you watched my blog the other day when I went out with the
shoes was annoying to try to sell him on a Sunday wasn’t impressed and Cline’s
was pointing to the pointing of the street guess guess what’s in here
guess shoes I’m so thrilled with guest shoes hear they hear my voice you can
see it Nordstrom’s let’s get her tonight we always have our
tonight handy nothing and extra money they were doing telemarketing a pyramid
scheme all right Alphonse la la those are kind of cute though if you can see
the bottom of the shoe that would be like that’s so cute then you look at
this sign as like that’s not a gray box what is in here Prada those
be good shoes we’re gonna have to hold up on those we will have to hold off on
those because those are possibly good a big difference between these are good
thing to please be something hot those are nice the coast I love you
think these are cute let’s hear your advice I’ve been saying
everything that’s cute I need you guys to tell me if this is cute right here
those are size 7 and a half this right here has Pyrex set cookware rice cooking
and that what’s in here yes that’ll eat it rice cooker I don’t
see any cut closed vision of knives I’m always looking for a cup Co we’ve got a
beautiful tea set anybody need a tea set and looks like
this your basic fiction hi Timothy madam looks really good not a pirate
little pile of stuff like that okay we’re done with this box who what do we got here
antique wine bottles now I don’t want to just film some wine bottles kind of
boring but it says antique wine bottle so now they have to see what kind of
wine bottle we have are these priceless wine bottle took that thing look we got
a clock there’d be a grandfather clock for baby Jesus got your baby Jesus that’s a liquor
bottle that isn’t a liquor bottle okay this is a boring gun to empty still that
right off the bat that makes them hungry bad either
ooh man in the mirror mirror mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all
you okay that’s pretty much of these that
was not fun do we have some who coral I don’t know
what that means coral garage and albums heavy box like that’s having to move I’m
a noise means heavy boxes and that’s what coral means who is an American flag
that is a big what then people pack stuff I get extremely bugged way people
pack of is if there’s a prime example when things that bug me when people pack
this is a nice American flag this is a good one
I like it that’s like the vintage nests of it the patina the type of material nice let’s fold this back up now
something that I’ve learned recently as coral it’s worth a little bit of money
on one try to be careful there cuz coral has some weird value
please be another Ozzy Osbourne concert t-shirt nope it’s the Giants boos go ace
look at this piece of coral I wish I had a salt fish Stanga sea salt salt fish
tank type thing because that would look pretty in there get some little Finding
Nemo fishes swimming around up in there this piece this is nice look at that
that has to be worth money I don’t know what I just know that that is a big
piece of coral and I know I’ve sold some recently like half this size for twenty
thirty bucks a piece of the flea market that is a nice fine right there look at
this piece of coral yeah well we’re gonna be careful that’s a piece of coral
too that is a tree that is a sea tree right there look at that that is so cool
it’s a sea tree don’t break up my phone let’s see if we can come around here
angle our hands right and that’s so it’s better there
that looks like a sea tree to me I don’t know could I be wrong what is that that
is nice it’s got roots I’m insanely intrigued by
these things now look at this one I like this one that’s crazy I bet that’s worth some
money right there I need to find out I know that’s why I’m telling you I
don’t know when I read it the coral was worth money and I sold some recently
because that I did some research on people it kills making a comeback
that’s the newbies there’s nothing another piece of coral all the broken
pieces from it getting squished in there losing compromise making it compromised
integrity ooh we got a gun cleaning kit could this be the gun cleaning kit they
used with the guns I found if you have not seen the video where I found guns
recently then I’m gonna take to the FFL check it out my youtube couple videos
ago and clean stuff yeah oh I totally forgot my see tree was right there I’m
so upset Sega Genesis one of those high-frequency
these must be aftermarket state again must be that’s the Sega Genesis II yeah
these are aftermarket because they come with extra turbo buttons and then this
one is the after mark without trouble eyes still cool
that’s the eBay stuff with a penny they pop we love videogames and then they got
records ac/dc man in black I put that on eBay if it was a little bit of shape
police Judas Priest ac/dc Black Sabbath emcees all or two
like that Ozzy Osbourne who was just the cover
Quiet Riot that he looks like a cool cover but doesn’t sell very well that
one might be a good one city life Elvis ac/dc ac/dc Led Zeppelin empty nope
there’s a good one in there so that’s probably a $20 reference in good shape mmm no VG the police good band cheap
record champagne jam don’t know of them California jam we got more police must
really like that record come on be a diamond in the rough all the potential
that’s another good one right there it’s the second album there’s a fourth thing
is a two album set Steve Miller Band whitey we’re not gonna get too lucky
we’re running a tune here to get a good record
Black Sabbath 5 kem bucks it was man’s 5 10 bucks I’ll be Osbourne no record
again Huey Lewis in the news almost sealed scorpions now we have stuff
labeled Xbox miscellaneous stuff and that’s not looking like Xbox pad d-bag paddy bag world publications what is this central part isn’t hers
matching jacket no nothing nothing now please at least something Xbox is
partial Rainbow six headset no game well that’s a good sign golden vulture nice
to date one of those who it’s birdies vintage classic bad memories no I’m
never gonna get those back in there are we gonna try and we’re gonna do
everything backwards the hard way that’s how we do things around here okay now
that we got that this looks like nothing but personal stuff and we got an Xbox
one Xbox ones black bag dining out okay Xbox one I’m not sure that’s worth we’ll
put them I got my video game step aside for my video game guy Scott what are you
doing over here what’d you find in that unit he’s
learning quick how you do it he said you have to go to his channel
once again I’ll put his link down below storage Scott you have to go to his
channel to see how much gold he found in this unit and that’s safe I promise this
this safe will not be a bust like a lot of safeties see me open no pun intended
a bus get it huh check it out yeah we have
bags what never ever probably good it needs to be shut down
Mickey Mouse like children’s clothes children’s poland’s children’s disney
mickey it’s a good box of children’s clothes may be out there the child i
don’t know we won’t go any further in there all right we got Xbox games that’s
what it says and of course there’s more freaking shoes
imagine them what do we have here these shoes come with some type of warranty or
something very simple very boring high heels not impressed with those carrying
on we have lots of video games Ghost Recon this is all Xbox Xbox one was
brand new never even happened Davalos this was n64 s the greatest game
ever made right there let’s do they all in here yes that we’re
making money freestyle met I don’t see so far in each
that ones bringing any extremely good Xbox rare games is the very common games
everybody had imagine we get 5 bucks apiece on these maybe four maybe ebay
them in a lot maybe I probably get like a hundred for all of them one time
vintage games are hot these are just before games are really good you want to
get into the cartridges the one get to blow on in the end we’re gonna assume
the rest are in here look at that by going too quick everybody but pirates
slow down we came to see this stuff what’s the point of making a video if we
can’t see what it is idiot yesterday
so strike recon hit man so they like shooting games I could tell all right
that’s it for video games oh there might be more in that there could be more look
at that that’s a fun little game okay get them all in there we got more games NFL Blitz 2003 sports games are never
really good jaws unleashed burnout mortal kombat armageddon I would imagine
that has potential FIFA thought that I was a cool game you get together your
homies placing their pac-man classic timeless
in nightclub Franco startup what’s up with that
well you see that yes we can together the chicken mmm does a great boring to
no money in there this is Humpty Dumpty now where are these people right here
look at that that’s a pizza guy banana republic is that in there there’s a
banana republic we looking sighs these are probably good not my color very
plain very I’m sure you guys could gather what my style would be because I
stated a lot who Michael Kors where we got here is it in there
let’s see Lauren I’m not very enthusiastic with somebody’s clothes
today that looks kind boring to me this looks
very like what you call the one police car
what kind of stuff would you call these I don’t know those like some you sees me
wearing a Burning Man that’s what it looks like look at
Michael Kors I’m very sellable you put that look very good and that’s crap
shoes what’s that I say Craig’s boots hugs
Craig’s eyes so we got the person’s jugs and that was a good couple bucks on
those two Bill Blass I don’t know what that is worth haven’t heard it Oh $36
there we go could this be an envelope full of money
nope it has notes on the front and personal paperwork what do we always say
hashtag don’t take a personal Levi’s purse that’s almost cute I hope this is
not they’re calling it like they really wrote down if they’re in there look at
that these are beat up that’s like an eight
dollar five dollar hugs they took the time to write that on a box at the uggs
right now Gucci Gucci we’ll have to save that to the end of the video to open
with our box of Prada where did that go it’s around here somewhere
waiting for us come on long some boots by jingo thank you babe whoo that got me
it’s almost scared the crap out of me you guys you guys see that did you guys
see that almost scared the crap out of me for a split second I jumped you guys
caught that on camera damn ladies and gentlemen part of my
french let me take that back I’m not gonna say that whoo look at that thing
was right there facing the box you guys saw that was a natural reaction because
I’d like oh my there is a rattlesnake in his box really I jumped like them eyes like I’m
scared to go in his box ladies and gentlemen another sensi camera but this
one’s empty it feels like rubin-roberts Roberto Mayan I bet this was expensive
one no that’s war Burt the lion sin seed aw look at that I’m a lion on eBay and that’s a wrap on this box
alright so I guess this is the one we all been waiting for
we found these Gucci right here Gucci glasses cases we all know Gucci’s very
expensive Gucci glass frames are costs were like two hundred to a thousand
dollars somewhere in there anyway we want to see if they’re in there right do
you want to Sid you you hear that there’s something in there do you think
they’re Gucci glasses let’s find out are those Gucci glasses case looks legit Gucci made in Italy prescription glasses
steel frames I would definitely even them but this is questionable it’s the
other Gucci logo is not inside of there hmm interesting Gucci glass cases that’s ten bucks on
ebay I believe it or not I get ten bucks for that looks legit as no see it made in China
sticker on the inside like you know in the hood huh I don’t know now
same here once again Prada that’s a very expensive brand not the most expensive
but it sounds like something’s in there so let’s see on sixty two billion you
guys start counting from one one one thousand go like that and I count ok
psych let’s open it I know I’m rough with the shoes someone’s gonna be like
you’ve wrapped with the shoes does it whatnot this is what happens in
the heat your shoes your stuff sits in the storage forever and this is what
happens things peel we were just some of the earlier this wasn’t open so that was
an Opel Michael sure he said the soul was coming off you have it happens in
storage units all the time I think these are legit the feel of them you feel that
right there guys can you feel that that feels like legit leather and so
does the bottom they’re not classy but they’re they’re there but this is the
touring I don’t know if that’s even worth getting fixed but that would have
been a nice pair of shoes all right now it’s a my most Awkward time of the
moments of a video is we’re going to make the humming nails like here is what
we’re using for a thumbnail today it is a rattlesnake as it was in the unit and
it almost got me and like I reached in there I don’t know if you saw it up but
if anybody pay attention I jump back because I thought I was gonna bite me it’s a real look at that really real
legit rattlesnake see the teeth what does it got you this is ridiculous I know let’s do
without the glasses now oh he’s got to have two different frames so he could
see what it’s like so you want to go ridiculous huh look is my Chivas face see this girl model this is ridiculous
but I thought I’d be a lot more fun if I did this instead of taking photos what
actually is makeup video because it’s obviously a lot more fun ridiculous is
my middle name so we’re gonna be like this it’s like this watch no you know
like that Scott come on Scott thinks I’m ridiculous
I’m actually doing this if somebody watching so just so you know looks guy
like this that’s what you do that’s funny I couldn’t resist but one second


When we were young and dumb, weโ€™d pick coral with abandon. Now itโ€™s illegal. Makes the price go up. The red is pipe organ coral

Not good to sell coral, lot of coral wall are dying, they are asking people not to sell or buy coral so other people will stop stealing coral for sell if nobody buy them.๐Ÿ€

Drop them over a big hole and cover them up but some one will buy them so I guess you need to sell them

I enjoy your channel because you donโ€™t cuss. I hate watching videos with people swearing so much. Itโ€™s not enjoyable. What an awesome find it was. Thanks for sharing.

The cherry blossom red heels are adorable! They would pair well with a patterned bell pleat thigh high skirt and bright white button down shirt!

Magnificent coral, be pretty on a table or fireplace mantel. Love albums, had them all. Lol wow awesome unit๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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It may be illegal to take pieces of coral from a reef. Don't sell them.

Hey Mike… Those Red Shoes @4:12 make me think of HOOKER SHOES !!! LOL Mike, I understand
that tree looking coral @8:05 is called a Sea Fan, but I could be mistaken. I think it's because it Sways
back & Forth like a hand fan. I have a phony piece of white coral like yours @9:00 (made in China) that
I paid $25 for. I can only imagine what the real thing would be. I also understand that It is now illegal
to take any Coral from the water because they are dying out in certain areas. GRAM in TX

hey liked video got a lot of good stuff can't wait to see more god bless โœŒ๏ธโœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿ–•

Because of the name of your video, all of the video's offered to watch are rattlesnake related: rattlesnake under pool cover, rattlesnake eating rat LIVE, Rattlesnake hunting, rattlesnake striking mouse……..and on and on and on. LOL

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I use to have salt water tanks Year's back. Coral then was expensive for the tank, and important to the balance in those tanks. Those are beautiful pieces and would probably sell better on line for you then at the market, but I know that big piece is heavy I'm sure…so shipping will be expensive, but I would check it out. It might be worth it. ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

I think you're wonderful Mike, but your finger tips are grotesque and sometimes extremely off putting. Just sayin'

I hope you are putting this shoes up on EBay. I am going to have my daughter check out your EBay store cause she loves shoes lol. I have the same problem but with leather handbags. My daughter and granddaughter never buy handbags since they just raid my collection lol.

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I know those boots look plain to you, but they are undisputed elegance! They are higher end boots and even though they don't have bling on them they are fab!ย  The red heels are cute too! But, please be more gentle with your storage stuff! That snake will make you some money on Ebay-Don't break it! Have a great day!

If the liquor bottles are full, you know you canโ€™t sell them without a liquor license. People collect those special bottles.

A friend ibwent to hogh school with, he grows and sells coral. I dont know much about his business, but some pieces (neon colors that ive seen) he prices at 1k or more

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