Found Treasure Trove of Historic coins in deceased mans Abandoned Storage unboxing 41 jackpot

storage auction we buy lies and sell
memories where every mystery box is a complete surprise and puts us one step
closer to retirement I’ve already opened but that’s the one at home stealing card
fell out so we felt we need to bring that back in the inner ice bar either
few bucks it’s a Leroy Nieman I find alleyway any minute piece of art we’re
in the money don’t push me that’s kind of cool what we got here
I got shipwreck coin of course yeah there’s the Mickey Mantle rookie always
asking for huh limited edition 27:11 genuine Tihany it’s whenever you
ever leave the country when I take you to port of Arts I want to see it on your
suitcase Los Angeles Rams original put all the
hats together we got Hat buyers for this we’ll just save these for stuffing and
you got guys out there by yourself yeah take it forget all this is garbage
that’s song that’s garbage house they can take you back there player back in
the day video of everything goes in that box people well people say we don’t show
the stuff afterwards there you go I surprised myself even sometime gosh
don’t be careful with these things here when you lift it up like this and look
and see what kind of card is that’s all right 58 and out about 258 one of them
makes it slow it’s a 58 timmith fury now who makes it hold it look meet up meet
up they don’t say suggest keep going it damn dream in my bad it’s pretty smooth
huh this one says master bed when I said he
chose that one you tend to think you’re gonna find your gold and silver
I do like this look at that black ball right there hey it was a sealed box at
number four fingerboards those complete flea market
boxes you finish your pants don’t you get past there I’ll just take the whole
box that’s 20 bucks raising champions trying to be like go
get 200 bucks in pumpkin then I’ll go take it out for and have to
get like one no that’s a whole nother set it’s like a 4-year table and all right I guess that’s all that one
had a little trip to because it said parks moving and storage and I think I
like the shape of it you know guess again underwear try some on Alex yeah
you mentioned open 106 ours be very careful we want to see is Frank
lemon or Danny but we don’t want to see edible and makes them after the same
don’t see Here I am again not even practicing my laws of
attraction as we filmed says Danbury miss all the minutes throughout their
damn Raymond thank you these are all cars in here is looking at
their Danbury man I’m not gonna stick her and open them all up we have the
boxes at the store so we’ll wait to open them all up and then we have the rest
here set that the man at you don’t break that I wouldn’t
is kind of related there’s no point in there sir no I was looking at the roach
egg no one wrote check in there sometime today don’t say that when I’m Jessica
here in the fucking cold I don’t see nothing I don’t see nothing
oh there’s no coin in there sir there’s how easy I’d still change I wouldn’t
just we do that on a downtown we’re not wearing battery Cashin 98 one of the
things that really intrigued us to buy this unit was the fishing rod thing in
the front was that’s actually a Shakespeare but it’s got a sign name on
it see when you wouldn’t in the art of bamboo fishing rods you always want to
look for the ones that are signed some bamboo rods can go up as much as
$200,000 you at the right maker this is a fly rod bits of fibers nice thing yeah
that looks like a Fenwick to me though right here
what does it label say this one South Bend
three or four piece or there’s not two pieces feel something to this piece here
the 16 foot I’m looking for the 16 foot rod I’m practicing sarcasm Dan a lot of
people in my videos they don’t understand my sarcasm you see I liked it I do the video with a hundred kids believe he needs help
this is the one he really wants you shouldn’t have to open it
yeah well I’m taking it easy I don’t want to break it we don’t want you to
eat that was quite like 300 bucks shut up you’re online right now I can get it
for 50 bucks which kind these can’t just depends on who makes it try explained to
you that I know a little bit about fly fishing rods and there’s some fishing
rods that go a lot idea money I’m looking for that one these are Montague you had no Tanner
poverty question when we got here a quickie tie down my sellable looking
things down all pictures are using Dan only buy stuff to keep us going thing
that no you’re gonna use whatever give me anything that Dan gets for sale he
gives it to me to sell he did manifest our sea turtle you need to put a
mechanism under to change the size type where you want to say these out no
Michael government well careful cars bunch more cars Oh old not just leave
them in here break it up already well was it the film no it went in the Box on
the Duesenberg 1935 Susan Berg did you notice when I touch the box it gives you
guys luck that one’s gonna be a lucky one over there I got them you want a
chief excuse you wanna be given up that’s good alright fuck is that
yeah sweat it’s gonna be cold with the shoe box people yes you’re
right booyah the car park all right car plate less logos on it yeah oh my god oh
my god magic fiddle electronic magic fiddle shut the front door let me see
let me see that electronic those are were something 1963
hope you find anything we need a pair it’s an electronic magic fiddle for
coins there 24k gold-plated it was born out to your ring really
yesterday yeah it’s not the big big one what the diamond wasn’t real the bet
whether the diamond wasn’t real what did that what is that currency oh my god we
have oh my god chocolate I’m more concerned about the
kind of city collectors can see we all not be choose know it says twos yeah
they could be special yeah that’s the box that came with oh my
god hundreds thousands are coming right dimes do the diamonds to get all silver no silver still that goes Indian Head
nickels ooh yeah there’s an Indian end there’s buckles else could be pricey and
there’s three thinking they wanted this one a stick of Mourinho
let’s go to pone the stars these guys are freaking joke I’ve been there oh wow
this looks like 1700 shit am i labeled gonna be calling day after tomorrow Indo
that penny you got the gold kind said I got her like a want to look at you every
one of these though every coin I got a thousand bucks for it and when I come to
coins you pretty much looking for the one to say see see that big on the wait
there’s more yep oh my god open up your hand yeah those are those bags I think
they sell them like that you buy them there’s these crab bags you’ve seen
those advertisers oh wait there’s more what is all times
yeah it’s in which unit one’s gonna hold your book oh shit
who’s back in the paper put him in with Norma bet him in the club okay things I hated something here was a
dollar let’s just say corta gold coins gold
coins gold joining Mike Yenni that’s just a loser Indian heads all home and
look everyone over that what you will need you hello that’s silver also appreciate money
coming out everywhere okay yeah if I was the guy who had silver coins in
a paper bag I would definitely keep my gold coins in a leather bag at this big
old cornice three clearance everything’s awesome hey collectors you
know it’s not cool that often that he like Papa all right that was exciting
so this was the final outcome of that plastic tote it’s pretty neat this one
book at several silver coins new thing if Indian Head Penny silver right here


The poor guy that passed away must be turning in his grave knowing these ghetto morons are now in possession of his life time collections and treating it like garbage. smh

Man u guys got lucky here, some of these are worth a lot more than silver probably. But u need to handle the coins with the care that u give the model cars….

There was a 1909 s vdb in the album and you ignored it. You have a thousand dollars and you don’t even care…

I clicked into this by accident thinking it was going to be something educational, maybe, instead I just got annoyed because I added another view to your video, an ye guys are horrible at this kind of work .. get a real job like something where you don't seem retarded. That old man deserved more than a few uneducated shite bags like ye to go through his things like ye are gorillas looking for bananas .. disappointed in myself for giving ye a view on this video

Unbelievable disrespect for items of true worth. You should be handling those coins and albums with utmost care. That is not usual junk that you flog at a flea market. I could cry at your utter ignorance of true value.

Yes these guys risked their money bidding on these units, and more power to them! However, they could be more respectful when digging through their new treasures. All they see is dollar signs, and will probably scrap the silver for the weight, and not the true value of it's worth 😦

You 3 guys suck… you have no idea on how to handle rare coins or rare cars… the only thinking about is the amount of junk silver you will sell. You could keep it for yourself or give it to your kids, then again that might be a bad idea to. Go to a real collector and I'm sure they will give a good amount of cash.

That bag of Indian head pennies I'm sure is worth quite a lot of money. I hope that they were a little less naive in selling all that stuff than when they first found it.

So what came of the 22 gold coins at the 3:33 mark? They looked like Reales. Whatever they were, they were definitely gold. So why not show them at the end too?
Oh and btw, do you guys have any idea what you even have? Some of those coins need to be handled with great care, and the three of you are like bulls in a chinashop!
More money than brains, is my guess!

I hope you guys weren’t dumb enough to spend that dollar bill. That was a silver certificate and it is worth a lot more than face value.

Olá galera do canal e brasileiros que moram no exterior, eu sou a Ana e moro no interior de Pernambuco e estou desempregada há mais de 4 anos e tenho 2 filhas de 14 anos e como todos sabem as coisas estão bem complicadas. Estou aqui pra pedir doações de qualquer coisa que vcs possam me ajudar, qualquer coisa que não tenha mais utilidade pra vcs. Caso vcs queiram me ajudar enviem para o endereço: Ana Karla – Rua Pedro Rosendo n 79 – Lajedo – PE – Brasil – CEP 55385-000. Desde já agradeço

It’s a sad video. It hurts the most of a coin collector heart to see when such idiots pack a wonderful coin treasure out.

I'm surprised more collectors don't buy storage lockers and show us how to do this properly. It's not like you're hurting anyone. p.s. Where do they think the original guy got the stuff, and where do their collections come from?

I can't believe the way you guys are treating your items fucking idiots the coins you have are worth some money and you guys just throwit around like its a peace of shit i can't believe you guys get a fucking life guys fuck me.

I love the cars and the coins,tambien colecciono y tanto como esos modelos de coches americanos como también las monedas es más complicado o imposible encontrar…tener al.menos un par de modelos de esos en mi colección me encantaría

Who tf let that guy with the knuckle knife thing come along 😂😂😂 hes just slamming shit around and shaking everything like a toddler I would never allow this guy near a storage unit or even my house for that matter

These 2 are a couple of ham-handed chumps. They talk about wanting to be billionaires, but they will never get there lol. They tear through someones life possessions with absolutely NO respect. At one point one chump says there are fishing rods that are worth $200,000. HAHAHAHAHA NOT! Keep trying guys….

These guys handle those precious old coins like retards, just calling them silver coins thinking they are good for melt. STOP,
Btw the title is stupid too “dead mans coin collection” this video would be a great one if you guys just wouldn’t handle that stuff like it’s garbage

Hi guys. FYI Never touch collectibles without white gloves.
Take everything to a collector & get a written estimate so it's easier to sell.

I watch all of about 3 minutes of these losers video I guess when it's title said dead I should have just scrolled away no respect not even for the dead

I wish You Tube would stop putting this guys videos on my list, you'd think with all the storage videos he puts out he'd have over 100k subs by now, but the videos aren't worth watching……Yes he makes money, good for him, but everything is just rushed over and it really isn't worth watching.

I love watching your vids. I think some of these assholes that comment forgot to take their preparation H. (I am 66 myself) These guys know way more than they are letting on.They work hard, they have a solid plan, and are quite successful. I would love to work with them for just one day just to learn the biz better. I guess people don't like to see you guys having fun, or they don't like the sometimes "hispanic flair" in your videos. I love it. SIGNED: Old white guy thats' not a bigot!!!!

Man you have no clue. Sorry but this guy probably put his life into that collection and all you were saying is silver, silver and silver. The 1909 penny is more than any silver you had there. Not counting the varieties and error coins. But to each their own. I just know it's very fucking sad that this poor guy lost all his stuff. Most likely he died. If he didn't you should of returned the collection. I'm sure it's something his father taught him and passed down and lots of them older coins as well…. It's how I learned and my father died. Idk. But there's that other story on YouTube. Couple buys a storage unit and finds millions. Like four or five. The original owner lawyer contacted them and they said if they would give it all back They would give 1 million. They did it. It's something called morals…

Geeeeesh… I have to agree with most commenters below… This is about the most cringe worthy video to watch. All the fat little stubby fingers just digging through everything.. Stuff just flying everywhere, F bombs dropping, cars getting broken.

Not just the silver is worth silver price check for double die repunched mint mark mint errors and bullion and coin age

@17:07 says oh thats "just a quarter". holds up a nice old silver standing liberty quarter. Clearly have no idea on what they have in that collection

This is the 2nd video from this channel and I only watched any of it because autoplay brought it up. I have been watching storage videos nonstop for the last coupla days since I found them. Having watched many from a wide variety of presenters, yours is the only one that gets persistent negative response. Your presentation remains horrible.

Hello I collect coins and wondered if I might be able to buy some of the coins you found in this unit? Please let me know. Thanks ….Happy hunting.

Its so sad knowing the person who meticulously and lovingly packed his prized heartfelt collections passed away. I can imagine the pride and love in his eyes and heart as he held each piece while placing them into each container. Remembering where he got it and what year it was. What was happening in his life and how old his children were or what memory caused the urge for obtaining such treasure. It also makes you wonder who he had in mind that would end up with his collections in the event of his passing. Please start respecting these types of units. I don't care about the trashy crap ones; but these break my heart. I hope you keep this in mind in the future. Thank you.

I hate how these people just think these coins are eh and don't think these coins are priceless peices of history once there melted or lost theres no more!

You should have titled the video,, Treasure Trove of Historic coins from a man who Passed away,… not some dead guy's collection

I hope since this was filmed you have done some research and discovered that coins dont have to be silver to have value. Most old coins as in bc are more valuable than the ones you were excited over in the video even some recent coins. 3 legged buffalo is not the only vauable nickle. Also that handling the coins like everyday change is not advised.

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