Ana Jai Min Kariat Alaajaaib انا جاي من قرية العجايب ادري الكلمات كلها غلط بس سلكوا هههههههههه😂😂😂😂😂

الي جاي من قرية العجائب يثبت نفسه بلايك 😂😂💔👍🏽🇰🇼

He is ahead of his times. With the rising cost of modern college, he is one of the few guys that can succeed without a diploma in any era. Unfortunately, he directed that intellect towards crime. A legend nonetheless 🐐

هذا هو حقيقتكم وتاريخ ابنائكم من محتال الى مكانة مرموقة بتصفيق ومن قاتل الى بطل وطني ووو

هههههه كلنا جايين من قرية العجايب نريد الترجمه

99.9% of the comments here are in Arabic according to Google translate. And why I'm not quite sure as the video is in English and Frank Abagnale is American and mostly offering tips on how to best protect one's identity as a citizen of the U.S. and not that of Saudia Arabia or wherever these users are posting from.

الطبيب و الطيار و المحامي و المحقق الامني و البطل فرانك هههههههه قريه العجائب

فرانك ويليامز أباغنيل الابن من مواليد 27 أبريل 1948، هو مزور أمريكي سابق. أصبح شهيرا في الستينات باستخدام شيكات مزورة للسفر على حساب بان أميريكانز أرويز. سافر إلى 26 بلدا قبل بلوغ سن 19. أوحت قصته فيلم بعنوان أوقفني إن استطعت، التي قامت على أساس سيرته الذاتية.

The show dealt with magic and illusions and Abagnale was featured as an expert exposing various confidence tricks. The book about Abagnale, Catch Me If You Can, was turned into a movie of the same name by Steven Spielberg in 2002, featuring actor Leonardo DiCaprio

سلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته اصدقاء قرية العجايب 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

I am in absolute AWE! There is NO doubt that he had GOD whisper in his ear..no wonder why movies etc.were made on this remarkable story! how blessed he is to have such a beautiful wife..she clearly saw who he really is beneath the tragic tales of his youth..greaf lessons inn"judging others" kindness forgiveness and the power of redemption..blessings to you and your family!

Very interesting talk. He's a very clever man. I love how he expertly avoids answering the question at 54:19 by gently walking us away to talk about 3 or 4 increasingly unrelated stories, each growing in detail up until 56:35 (where we have hopefully forgotten what the original question was) before quickly bringing up a new topic without pausing for a second. Masterful.

خطاب رائع و صريح و واضح جدا نعرف من خلاله كم عبقري هذا الرجل وان لم يعترف بها ولكنه عبقري و حياته تستحق ان تكون فلم حقا…… اعجبني تحوله الى انسان ناجح ومفيد لبلده و زوج و اب ناجح…

المفترض يترجم الفيديو الي يعرف انجليزي طيب والي مش يعرف يعمل ايش،،،، بس بصراحه نصاب محترف، واحسن حاجه تسمع القصه من صاحبها وهذه الشخصيات تعجبني،،،،

هههه الشاف الفيديو وكلشي ما افتهم يضغط لايك

#قرية العجائب

Great show, great book. and you are correct Mr. Abagnail, children need their mother and their father. my granddaughters are going through this right now. Very sad.

كلنا جايين من قرية العجايب بس ماندري وش السالفه ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

في نضري قوة دكاءه جعلته غبية لأنه لو استغل موهبتة في الدراسة والعلوم كان اخد أفضل المناصب العليا

Americans, you have a weird Credit Rating System.
In the Netherlands, we do have a Credit Rating System (BKR: bureau of credit registration) which just has everything where you have a loan or some kind of indirect loan (private lease car you have to pay for 2 years). It's not a score based system but how much money you are in debt or can have in debt. It protects people and companies against people getting new loans which they cannot afford.
But it has NO effect on your employer, insurance or anything other than loans. It is none of their business. Which seems to make more sense.
We do not have some kind of scoring system like a computer game. Just a record of what you currently are liable for which is used by companies giving you loans.
It also seems fairer. We use debit cards all the time but our companies are legally more liable for purchases. That's why almost nobody uses Credit Cards here for national purchases.
When you order something and you haven't received it the shop is liable by default. I understand credit card companies will take more risk away, so when you deal with shady companies or companies outside the Netherlands it's better to use a credit card, including when you do business with America.

But here is the weird part about America. Most problems towards loans in America are because of Credit Cards. Unlike the Netherlands, you have an extreme amount of credit card loans among citizens. How easily you get credit cards in America is not possible here. Here we have strict regulation against that because it's insane how easily people in American can get into debt and trouble. You even created a scoring system to keep track of it apparently. That's just using a scoring system against a system which destroys people their lives so easily. Insanity.

A question: How is a credit card more safe than a debit card in the Netherlands?
To complete a transaction you require the physical card and the pin code. When someone steals your card they cannot make purchases unless they know your code but by that time you have already blocked it.
You can make photo copies of a debit card on both sides, publish it online and nobody can do anything with it, except disable the card possibly (they will ask more questions than on the card) but you cannot make any purchase with it.
You cannot buy anything or purchase anything because you require an intermediate system like a physical Reader Device. For small purchaces you can use your phone but those are still limited to 50 euro and require another pin code.

People mostly commit fraud towards old people who are willing to send their debit card and tell their password or just use an online system as middle man attack using a fraudulent domain name which is the same. However, if you have my credit card, many companies will still accept it without problems.
I'm just saying: The American systems have so much trust towards Credit Cards because the security towards is a complete failure. Everything is on the card, that's just stupid.

Even worse, you still have the Cheque system. That's the dumbest system to keep alive. That just screams, fraud me.

I would have asked him : Did you really pull off that achievement where you enjoyed the night with the Jennifer Garner character and still got $400 from her ?

قرية العجائب شهرت الفيديو اكثر من موقع كوكل ههههههههههههه

Thank u sir , for not what u did your past👈 for what u doing now for us for helping the the company for all kinds of security credits u made a history , we r thankful for u ….

Specially thanks to Google CEO to be listened from the multitalented Fbi agent and cyber sincerity expart thanks for telling the story

I'm still confused as to what creates a sociopath, in the first place. Mr. Abagnale has a brilliant mind, that clearly doesn't work the way the average mind works. His story, what he tells here, and what he has left out, is very sad to me. I'm happy he survived the French, Swedish, and US prisons, where he suffered harm. Has he become the person of good character, that he tells us he now is? His public track record, for the past forty years, would indicate that. Maybe, it doesn't really matter, as long as he chooses to stay on this side of the law. Best wishes to you, Mr. Abagnale, and to your family. May you have peace.

So the bottom line is this:

Cancel your debit card.
Don’t bother applying for a job at the FBI.
Tell your refrigerator not talk to your toaster.

I remember The show of Nightline on channel 7 after the 10 pm news The host was Ted Koppel After he becoming host of Nightline, he was regarded as one of the most "outstanding" of the serious-minded interviewers on American television. Five years after its 1980 debut the show had a nightly audience of some seven and a half million viewers because he never stutter or huhhh

بالبداية ماكان في تعليقات عربية ابدا، الحين تعليقات العرب اكثر من الأجانب ✌️😂، الله عليك يا قرية العجائب❤️😂

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