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Let’s talk some more about detailing! We’re out here with my ’98 Mustang, and I got a brand new windshield put on the
car. Ever since I had it installed, it’s never
been crystal clear. I took the car on a road trip a few days ago, and I got these bugs on it, and they started
making stains, and I also got these water spots that are
really annoying. I’m gonna show you guys how to clean up water
spots and light bug stains on the window since this is a brand new window with no sealant
on it! Which means bugs and any type of contamination
can stick on the window and make a nasty stain. We usually bring cars inside our cool training
facility with all the buffing machines, but this car is too dunked! We’ll do the industry-standard shoe test: We take a shoe, and as you can see it barely
fits in there. If the shoe barely fits, it means your car
is too low, so we’ll show you how to buff a window out
here! I’ll show you how to clean the inside of the
window first, and then I’ll show you how to improve the
clarity of your windshield by removing water spots, stains, and all that
other stuff. Let’s get on the inside and clean that window! Now we’re inside the car and I’ll show you
how to clean the inside of the windshield for a quick and easy tip from a pro! The stains on this windshield are really annoying, you probably won’t be able to see them on
camera, but this is a brand new windshield and it
got hit by sprinklers. I got all these stupid stains right in the
middle of the windshield. They’re light water spots, and I got these
bugs that are starting to stain the windshield. I’m gonna go ahead and clean those off, but I want to make sure the inside of the
windshield is clean so as I look through the glass and see any
stains, I know they’re on the outside. I’ll show you how to clean the window without
messing up the dash. If you take your window cleaner and spray
the inside of the windshield, the mist will land right on the dash, mess
up my dressing, if you have a leather dash, it’ll stain the
dash. I’ll show you how to use Streak-Free Window
Clean without harming the dash. To do this I’ll pull everything off the windshield, this one has a Valentine radar detector. So I’ll pop it off and set it in the back
seat so I don’t harm it. Plus it gives me good access to the whole
windshield and allows me to clean it a little bit better. Lemme just tuck this wire in up here so it
doesn’t bother me. Streak-Free Window Clean is 100% Ammonia free and it’s window tint safe. So I can use it on any window on the inside
or outside of the car, or even in the home. I’m gonna take my microfiber towel, and spray a few sprays of Streak-Free Window
clean on the microfiber towel. This way I can clean the inside of the window without dripping any window cleaner on my dash. I want to make sure I clean all the way to
the edge. Once I have it cleaned, I’m gonna take my
second microfiber towel, and buff off any streaks from the glass. Now a lot of people would get out and move
to the driver’s side to clean that part of the window, but there’s this big thing called the steering
wheel right in the middle, and you’ll be fighting the steering wheel
and gear shift… So I’ll show you how to clean the inside of
the windshield from the passenger side, which is more efficient and easier on your
body. So I’ll go ahead and spray my towel with some
Window Clean, and I’ll slide over to where I can turn my
hand backwards. You’re gonna turn your hand just like this: take your hand, and flip it. I’ll clean the inside of the windshield. You’ll
notice I’m on the passenger side cleaning the windshield on the inside, and I don’t have to fight the window or the
steering wheel in any way. I can get behind the mirror, I can get behind
these gauges. I don’t want to hurt these gauges because
they’re on the dash, and it makes it easier to clean the inside
of the window. I can clean the boost gauge and air/fuel ratio
gauge easily. Then I’ll take my secondary microfiber towel, and buff off any streaks from the inside of the window. Since I want my boost gauge to look good.. I want to know how much I’m boosting.. I’ll clean off the gauges themselves. Now my window is clean and you’ll notice I
didn’t move from this spot. I was able to clean the passenger and driver
side of the windshield from the inside with just two towels and Streak-Free Window Clean. Now I’ll go to the outside of the window to
improve the clarity because these water spots are really annoying when you drive, and I want that crystal-clear view when I’m
on the road. Let’s go on the outside and finish this job
up. Now we cleaned the inside of the windshield, and the reason I did that first is because
if there’s any stains on the inside of the windshield, and I’m trying to clean the outside, I might mistake stains on the inside for stains
on the outside. So if I clean the inside first, I eliminate
all that bad stuff. We got that done, let’s clean the outside. There’s a couple different types of towels
you can use to clean windows. You can use a standard microfiber towel, or a waffle weave microfiber towel. This is a waffle weave towel, it’s got little
waffles in them and little squares, and these are designed to pull up water. I’m gonna use this to scrub off any heavy
bugs or anything like that. First I’ll pull the tags off, and I’m gonna
clean any bugs off before we start polishing. I’ll pick up the wiper, and grab some Streak-Free Window Clean once
again, and saturate the window. Normally, I’d use a little bit of window cleaner, but I need a good saturation since I have
a lot of bugs on this window, and they’re annoying. I’ll take my glass towel, and clean this window
real well. Make sure I get any bugs… sap… dirt…
off the window. I see a lot of annoying stuff on the window,
a lot of spots. So make sure you get all the way to the edge,
and get em off! I’ll spray some more cleaner… This might take a while, you want to make
sure you get the window real clean as you go. Because if there’s any bugs, they’ll get on
your buffing pad, and it makes life not fun anymore. We want to be clean when we detail, and I’m
gonna clean the windshield very well. We’re getting a lot of dirt, you may be able
to see some discoloration on the towel. There’s a lot of bugs right in the center
of the windshield, I’m gonna spray it some more. I’m also gonna put some JetSeal on this at
the end, and hopefully my windshield will stay cleaner,
longer. That’s why I got all these stains in the first
place: I didn’t put JetSeal on the window. Once we got all the bugs and nasty junk off
the windshield, I’m gonna take a secondary microfiber towel,
this is a standard one, and I’m gonna buff off any types of streaks. Now our windshield is looking a lot cleaner. I’m gonna go over the other side with the
same amount of product, and do the other side of the windshield. Once again, windshield wiper up, saturate the window. This is a lot of window cleaner, but I’m using
it to soak off all the bugs because they’re a pain in the butt to get
off. Notice I’m not just wiping the window; I’m
kind of scrubbing the window as well, because these bugs are real bad on the window. Now I’ll buff off any light streaks. The cool thing about this waffle weave towel
is it’s got a little bit of an aggressive bite to it, so it can take off little bugs or things stuck
to the windshield that need to be removed. Now we’ve got this all clean and fresh, next
we’ll go to the next step, which is polishing. But we’re gonna clean up the windshield a
little bit more with a few tips and tricks. If your windshield is extra dirty, and you
feel the windshield and it has things like sap, or heavy bugs, you might want to use a razor blade
to scrape these off the windshield. Some people like to clean the windshield with
a razor blade to scrape off any debris that’s on there. If you’ve got thick debris, the razor blade
can help you. You can also take your glass cleaner, spray
the windshield, and use the razor blade to scrape off any
heavy debris. That’s if your windshield is real dirty, that’s when you can use that method. My windshield still feels kind of rough, so
I’m gonna use the clay bar. Clay bar is a poly elastic substance, we use
it to clean paint, but it works great on glass too. This is our medium clay bar, this is designed
to pull off 5-6 years of contamination. Even though this is a new windshield, I don’t
know how long it was sitting around, so I’m gonna go ahead and clay the windshield
to make sure we have a good bond on the surface. I’m gonna use quick detail spray for this
job since it’s a little slicker than window cleaner. I’ll claybar the window. I’ll do this quickly
since this is a pretty new windshield. I wanna make sure it looks good. We’re still removing some dirt, that’s good,
that’s what we want to see. I’ll buff my window clean again. I’m not worried about a streak-free look right now since I’ll be polishing the window with a machine. I’ll do the other side, finish claying it
up. There we go. The front of the windshield is
clayed, now I’ll buff off any streaks. Sweet. Now we’ve got a clean windshield, I’ll
grab my machine, and in a few minutes we’ll polish the window
of the Ford Mustang! We’ve cleaned the inside of this windshield,
we’ve cleaned the outside, and we used the clay bar. Now it’s smooth. Now I’m gonna clean off any light staining
with a little bit of polish. To polish today I’m gonna use our new Black
Optics microfiber polishing pad. They’ve got an extra-thick uneven cut microfiber
top. They’re extremely good at removing swirls,
scratches, oxidation, and water spots. They also have a brand new, extra thick orange
Euro Foam core, they’re designed to distribute heat better
and give you a good contact on the surface as you buff. I’ll be using a Porter Cable 7424XP for this
job, it’ll help us polish out and get a good finish. Let’s put the Black Optics pad on our buffer. We have a couple water spot removers we can
use on this windshield, but since the windshield is brand new, I’m
gonna use V36 Optical Grade Cutting Polish, that’s gonna remove any light staining from
the window, and enhance the clarity. I’m not going for a hardcore polish on this;
I’m just going for a light polish to help the window look kind of fresh, and enhance the clarity. I’ve got a few dots of V36 on there, I’ll
grab some good old-fashioned water, give a light spray to my microfiber pad, and I’ll give a light polish to the window
to enhance the finish. I’m not going hardcore on the polish, I’m
just going to enhance the finish. You know I wasn’t going hardcore on the polishing,
I wasn’t pushing down a lot on the machine, I was going soft and gentle, and I was just
lightly polishing the window. Now I’m gonna take a microfiber towel, and
buff off any polish from the window. I wanna make sure I get all that polish off
the window for a good look. Polish contains oil, so you want to make sure you get a good removal of polish from the window. Make sure it’s looking real clean. The window actually feels smoother now, and one thing I noticed when I first got this
windshield is the windshield wipers would never go smooth,
they’d kinda hop. I think the windshield had a coating on it
from the factory, or something got embedded in the glass that made the wipers never run
smooth. Now we’ve got one side done, let’s go to the
other side and finish out the polishing. Let’s hop around to the other side, finish
out the polishing. Grab my Porter Cable machine and move to the
other side. Before we do, let’s place a few drops of V36
on the microfiber pad, and some water, and move to the other side. There we go. That’s one thing I like about the Porter Cable: you saw me leaning over with one hand, I like the weight of the machine, and I like its size. I can get into a lot of places without having
to go full force with two hands. Take my microfiber towel again and buff off
any last polish residue. The whole point of this job is to give it
a light polish to enhance the clarity and shine of the glass. If your glass has more damage, like heavy
water spots, or bad stains, you might need to use both hands. But this glass is looking real good, it seems
like we got all the light water spots off, and we improved clarity. The window is already looking a lot more clear. I’ll put away my machine, I’ll grab some JetSeal, and put some protection on this Mustang window. We spent all that time cleaning the window,
we clayed it, we removed any sap, bird droppings, or bugs that were on it. We cleaned the inside and the outside, and
we gave it a light polish with V36 on a Porter Cable 7424XP with a Black Optics microfiber
pad. Now that we’ve done the window, it looks real
good, it feels real smooth, but if water were to hit this, it might stain. So I’m gonna do what I should have done in
the first place: protect it. I’m gonna protect it using JetSeal. JetSeal is the most powerful sealant we have, it protects against rain, water spots, acid
rain, UV solar rays, and it helps water slide right off the windshield
so it always looks fantastic. I’ll take my JetSeal, shake it up, and apply it with a hand applicator pad today. Just three little stripes on my applicator
pad, and I’m gonna easily spread this on my windshield. One good coating on my windshield will protect
it for up to a year. So I won’t get any stains or damage on my
windshield, it’ll look fresh all year round. With Chemical Guys, less is more, so you don’t
need to put a lot of JetSeal on the window, just a nice, even spread on the window. Put a little bit more over here… JetSeal is really cool because it has a unique
nano-tech coating, so it’ll bond to the glass at the nano level,
and resist water. So if I have JetSeal on my window and I go
over 60 mph, the water starts flying off my window. I won’t have to use my windshield wipers so
much, and it’ll make it easier to clean my window because it does a good job. JetSeal requires a 20 minute dry time. So I can sit here for 20 minutes.. text my girlfriend, or twiddle my thumbs, or: I can go dance around in a panda hat! Okay, so the panda went back to sleep! Now I’m gonna go ahead and wipe the JetSeal
off. We waited 20 minutes for JetSeal to dry, now
we’ll buff it off and our window will be protected. I’ll take another blue microfiber towel, and buff off the JetSeal. In that time, the JetSeal bonds to the windshield
at the nano-level to help protect the windshield longer than any other sealant available. Once JetSeal is on the surface, it’s smooth
as glass! And this is glass, so it REALLY is smooth! And our glass is truly the definition of smooth! I’ll move my way over to the other side. I really like JetSeal because it wipes
off effortlessly! It really wipes off with minimal effort. I want to make sure I get the whole window, and now our windshield is looking smooth and
awesome. Don’t forget to put your windshield wipers
back down for you or your customer, and your car is looking great! The sun came out and we’re gonna have a great
time! I hope you guys like the tips and tricks on
windshield detailing, removing water spots, and get fresh looking glass so you can cruise
with great visibility. If you have any questions about any of the
products we used: V36, Streak-Free Window Clean, Black Optics
Microfiber Cutting pads, or any of our cool products, subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can check us out on our Facebook, or Twitter, or you can find me and all this cool stuff at


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