Google Ads Bidding: Manual and Automated Bidding Strategy 2019

in order to know how and when to
automate your bidding strategy you need to know a few key points to make sure
that you’re making the right decision hi I’m Sam fields from Matter Solutions and
this here is Miley she is our resident Dog-ital Marketing expert I’ve run
many many campaigns in the last five years and as a general rule of thumb I
don’t start out automating their bidding personally I like to use manual cost per
click bidding within a hand CPC manual CPC allows much better control over the
positions that your ads show in an automated bidding strategy will
sometimes test out different positions and sometimes those positions will be
way too low if it does hit that low position then it will affect your
click-through rate because less people will be able to see it and less people
will click on it as we all know when you affect your click-through rate you
potentially affect your quality score which could lower the performance of
your entire account here’s the thing though
setting up a campaign you need to make sure that firstly you have your keywords
correct your ad text correct and of course a whole heap of performance
factors such as your bounce rate and the information that’s on your website needs
to be on point in order to make sure that you are going to get conversions as
well at the moment Google seems to be wanting you to automate your bidding
strategies and they were actually using scare tactics like notifying you that
your chosen bidding strategy is not recommended or that it may lower your
performance notice the use of non-commital may instead of will there
are many different types of automated bidding some focus on clicks some focus
on conversions and some focus on return on
spend if you are simply looking to get as many people viewing your website as
possible then maybe the maximize clicks is your best option if you were looking
to get more leads out of your account then maybe the maximize conversions is
your best option or you may be looking to get a stable profit margin and in
that case employing the target CPA or target cost per acquisition might be
your best option as well in essence you’re telling Google that you are
willing to pay X amount for a lead slash conversion and Google works out the rest
now Google used to recommend that you needed a minimum of 15 conversions in
order to automate your bidding I haven’t actually seen this recommendation for a
while but I would strongly recommend it the issue that I’ve seen with employing
automated bidding strategies is often Google will not look at the history of
the account but we’ll just start experimenting from the moment you turn
that automated bidding strategy on this can actually create a bit of a lag time
where Google’s testing I’ve seen it up to 4 weeks and in some cases that can be
extremely detrimental to a business because businesses rely on ongoing cash
flow that results from receiving leads and sending out their sales people in
order to change your strategy all you need to do is log in to your account
choose the campaign that you’re looking to change going to settings then click
on the change bidding strategy and choose your automated bidding strategy
that you desire by choosing to employ a manual bidding strategy initially and
then choosing a strategy based off the data in your account knowing that your
keywords and AD text are solid for your business then you’ll have much more
success than allowing Google to experiment with your bidding straight
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Hi all!
What bidding strategies do you use? And do you have any questions about Google Ads Bidding?

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