Google Shopping software for retailers: automate campaigns & set KPI-targeted bids with Whoop!

Google Shopping is one of the most
profitable ad platforms for retailers but even for experienced PPC managers
its complexity can make it inefficient and time-consuming to promote specific
brands and products. That’s why we’ve developed a smarter
approach: Whoop! is an intelligent, cost-effective solution to help you
build, manage and optimize your Google Shopping campaigns at the item-level, saving you valuable time while offering unmatched control using an intuitive
dashboard. Struggling to get granular? Connect with our PPC experts, define how
you want to structure your data and Whoop! automatically builds a new
campaign in your Google Ads account. Next… Define the overall goal you want to
achieve and Whoop!’s machine learning algorithm adjusts item bids accordingly: even for products with few or no clicks and conversions. Drill down deeper with ABS (Advanced Bid Strategies), targeting specific sub-sections of your assortment with individualized goals and bidding modes. With ABS you can push promotions, adapt to trends or meet margin demands — for every segment! You can easily target
brands, product types, individual products or custom labels — plus ABS provides
custom metrics so you can easily report your KPIs Struggling to set accurate device bid adjustments? Device campaign splits are truly a game-changer in performance management. Using this approach, you can set data-driven bids per item, per device. You can even set ABS for each device — or for combinations of devices! We’ve placed great care into every aspect of Whoop! to make it a seamless, transparent solution that fits your needs and helps you surpass your goals. Plus: we back you up with an exceptional customer success team who offer active support to multiply your shopping performance. Find out why industry leaders are choosing Whoop! to achieve greater results with less effort. Learn more about Whoop!. Ask to speak with one of our Google Ads experts to get started today! Visit

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