Grand Bargain Shot Down By Harry Reid

senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is
feelings emboldened to some extent coming out love what most
people see as a is just an amazing victory on the part
of the democrats coming out of the government shutdown %uh the attempt to defund Obamacare and
all of that and so he’s headed back to Nevada and he was being interviewed on
the radio there talking about how the negotiation
process will go forward from this point based on a victory that Harry Reid the other Democrats and Obama
had during the shutdown fight so recover couple different subjects
here first Harry Reid is talking about sir that the Tea Party caucus in the GOP
right now and I and how crazy they have become
let’s listen it was really hard to try to be rational and logical with people who are
illogical and not rational we have a bunch insane
people in house represent us hand we found that they voted 40 5 times same pro always same result the refund
Obama care and that’s what I was dealing with and
so that’s something that we point out many times and I think fully he at least
notices that that’s going on I realize how crazy this yet and it to me the more important part
here is that the democrats and embodied by Harriet here
seem so much more emboldened to take these guys on and he said look I
before calling them crazy do republicans were to come in and
demanded apologies there would have been period policies they would have been thus censures in the senate et cetera now a slight look the lunatics over I so that’s that’s good rhetoric to begin
with and then he talks about having a tougher
negotiations as moral yeah exactly and so talking a both about
his strategy in the negotiations that also I love his sort of psychological
evaluation Obama and how he likes to go see it’s also
said that this is certainly a very different center for fares from the 2010 when
democrats make concessions in renewing the Bush tax cuts that year
there were even a few concessions made in the 2012 do you wish looking back at
it to chew it said no concessions in those earlier negotiations yes well I what was so what’s up with that is just
coming because because if you deal with a boy if you give a
bully a dollar today they want a dollar have
tomorrow you cannot do business with boys I am it’s taken a while for I’ll all my caucus to come to that
understanding and I think quite frankly the present a
wonderful man that he s I’m doesn’t like confrontation and he
likes to work things out people so he was he to me into those
earlier negotiations them the president feels very good about
having stuck to our guns and doing the right thing so the president was too lenient in
those earlier commercially but I was part of the deal to I was touring on point all on him mom I kinda wish one
thing that they could have thrown in there is they think they talk about the
concessions as a fat to give up something but like making the tax cuts permanent
the sick witness the sequestration process over the next
decade like they just say concessions to such a euphemism that bothers me near well looks I guess as a scope or
John saying if President Obama and the Democrats agreed to make in revenue wise
ninety-four per cell the Bush tax cuts permanent ninety-four percent okay a bush could make them permanent he
just he had to put a deadline on it otherwise they wouldn’t agree to it or
bottom a 94 percent on the permit 6 percent change that’s better than usual
right and so one percent I prefer Obama so but now I I’m says in a totally
different area here I know like for saw United yes was
strong I i was like yeah like I’m leader no
need to explain this or any luck with the gate on this just yes yes we did not do that right
and next summer coming for you right made saleable he’s doing at a series of
interviews I was the second one i’ve seen where he’s being patronizing towards the
president and his own caucus a little bit in an effort to take credit for
himself but he’s right and he deserves that president clinton
kinda glad he’s doing it ways like the president’s a nice man in other words he’s the one that’s been weak and I’ve
let him be weak for too long but I stepped in i break my way I did and now we’ve taken
a stand together that’s what the same between the lines I
don’t generally true battery that yeah know if the part the
president wrote to be a negotiator i mean you can’t just not be willing to
negotiate on any terms now agreed I think those bush concessions were just extreme
and and and shell just how weak are Obama what the terms that leverage
politically at that time now the republicans made this almost
easy right like they don’t have to give hardly anything up but I do think hey we have to be
careful here dist hone I love I wine you gotta play that will
be carefully because Aldo public opinions clear and
that the republicans much much worse in this
situation coming out be shut down everything then the dams
people are still hurting and pissed things out when a fiend to glad about
everything yep yeah as long as you count what you
want in terms that you’re gonna give the people who were tired struggling in hurting right
there’s going to be an upside to that for their in the fact that you don’t
think loading your very mean something to them not something they have been
just and political you know for years Jack what we’ve
mostly argued about you I is you know we have slot a pointless
argument about 10 arguments or never settled because we’ll never know
ultimately I don’t think that interesting either but I think what we eat get wrong what will
also stop what you get wrong kind that’s my favorite thing I I think with the show gets wrong and I
include myself in that just like every time a clear ESN on your fuckup I but we get along that like the the good politicians and I don’t
mean that good-hearted politicians I mean the ones who are skilled at this
job like there are things that we mess that
we are not hammering them for that they’re playing a longer game on
but on little things like with the militia that we mentioned sometimes as such good
explanations first up the team degree just there is need to get to next week what
we’re unquestioned write about is the bigger thing when you were mostly write
about is the bigger thing and I think that and hopefully this is a sign that I
think it’s what you’re seeing is that President Obama for such a long time and
look and most members in the senate including a read they didn’t get that
the it wasn’t like it was in 1987 it was in nineteen
ninety-seven that any change in what was clearly you what you were screaming
about before anybody else which was displaying kills mobile
generally and they’re playing you you’re not gonna negotiate something
good with these guys and maybe it took them literally almost
do all with said that the Republic missing
such an enormous financial crisis for to finally occurred a raid what you
what I but mostly you been saying for seven years like their nuts for the love
of God and that’s what you’re hoping for is that they finally not just on this one issue but the
figure that out launcher wat I miss what I was wrong I


When a politician admits and owns up to past mistakes like Reid does here, it makes you feel proud of them. It just doesn't happen enough.

Harry Reid finally woke up and he is doing what progressives like to do. If we want to defeat TEA party, he should stood tall and not to bend with them. I hope in next election TEA party will be crushed to an extent. This movement of TEA party will kill America and it is not good for this country.

right because thats all the grand bargain entails cuts to military spending. it doesn't cut so called "entitlements" at all.. oh wait it does.. please you and the other "thinking Americans" (who ironically barely use their brain) are the kind of uneducated tards who ruin america.

Too bad just about the only thing the fucking idiots in washington are doing right IS deficit spending. Without it, the second great depression would look much more like the first one, now it's just breaking down society. As bad and wasteful as military spending is, it IS putting money into the economy grossly starved of it by debt deflation. And since, justly, the private sector has no interest in getting into any more debt, only the government can spend.

god! i could never stand him before, and now he's making more sense than anyone! he's even being civil / polite while being truthful. i think i need to sit down.

Harry Reid sounds like Eric the Midget. Do you think you would have stopped giving into the Republican demands earlier if etc. etc. ? "Yes." In-depth explanation Mr. Reid. 😀

Well to be fair, I really don't think that Obama actually wants to do the Grand Bargain anymore. Also, even though he's done a decent job of being the leader in the senate right now, Reid pro-life, and said that Nevada should outlaw prostitution back in 2011.

Its about time Democrats realize the majority of America finds republicans obsolete. No need to kiss their ass anymore. The teabillies have zero influence except to some backwoods inbreds in the deep south that no one cares about. Oh, and off-topic but Eboni is hot lol.

I think unlike Obama, Harry Reid does want to get some at least center-left proposals passed and recognizes that they are the right prescriptions for the country. Obama is solely concerned about his legacy and thinks going to the right is the conventional wisdom approach to being well-liked.

Its not my fault that you and others find voting for anything but the 2 fucked parties is a waste of time. Maybe, if you change that idea, thats its not a waste of fucking time we could actually create a positive change for our society. Its your fault that you view 3rd party that way.

Dude, I'm Canadian. I WAS voting for a third party, and now its the official opposition. How about you chill the fuck out before you start insulting people huh?

Same, and is it just me or is Ebony irritating? I swear she hasn't made a single unique or insightful comment since she started on this show.

Good for Harry Reid. If he doesn't stiffen up, I think we will see a 3rd party emerging sooner rather than later. People are sick of Republicans and are quickly getting sick of the no spine corporatist Democrats.

Ok, how was i supposed to know your Canadian? Most Americans, which i thought you to be, are only voting for what their personally designated party wants them to vote for. I'm sure you've seen it as an outside observer. We, Americans, are ridiculous in many aspects, but this current lack of interest in our political system is frustrating. Sorry.

apology accepted. And thats why I support wolf pac. If money gets out of polotics, 3rd partys might actually have a chance in US polotics.

I don't think the democrats are realizing anything. They just don't want to lose thier one shining "achievement" being the ACA

Obama approval rating is at an all time low of 37% as low as bush was where is the uproar??? Hmm?? Certainly not towing the party line are we?? How about stop voting for both gangs of dc. Repubs and dems got us here. Stop fucking voting for them. Sheesh.

There is no way to get everyone to stop voting for them, or even a significant portion. We're stuck with the broken system because too many people still believe in the parties. Or hate the alternative enough to compromise.

Stop voting for the Repubs & Dems. OK who do we vote for then? Not like there's any organized alternatives running for and getting elected to local offices. Ron Paul could have have been a leader of a branch of Libertarian voters, but he isn't interested.

A dollar to a dog turds say it will be the Republicans who will may the most political hay out of recent events Democrats at all levels have been too timid for too long

Even Fox News points out that we are going into this negotiation on conservative terms, talking more about Social Security/"entitlement" reform etc. and only lightly dancing around revenue. The only Dem voices you hear are saying "closing tax loopholes" not anything substantive. A lot of Dems are on board with SS cuts, none are demanding real revenue. This will not be good for Americans.

America finds the democrats obsolete too, neither Obama or the democrats or the republicans have a 50% approval rating.

Political parties in the US hardly ever have over 50% approval ratings. Based on elections, democrats are not obsolete yet. When the republicans are gone, and liberal or progressive parties start to get elected, then democrats will become obsolete.

1/4 of the country is pretty bad. I think the US is about 44% republican which is better than 1/4. They hold a lot of power for now, but it gets lower and lower every time they talk. If they want to stop the downfall, republicans need to stay away from cameras and microphones lol.

how can you call it a victory, the Government was shut down. Do you call it a victory after the dead are on the ground, there still dead. Say Congress is cancerous is being Nice. Even having Durbin in my corner makes me sad.

I don't understand why part of the country is the most conservative when we have the most people living off welfare. Ironic isn't it?

Well here in the south, Conservatives win elections because they've been in power long enough to REDISTRICT areas up to make the Black vote insignificant(2012 election a black/white pres. didn't win a southern state).
I myself vote in a district thats largely based in a city thats two hours away and the reason is to include more white conservatives into a city that has a large amount of black folks.
Screw districting, screw the collage electoriate, its an outdated and potentially racist system.

Damn right they need to get rid of the electoral college. Everyone can read nowadays unlike the 18th century. Gore won the popular vote back in 2000, but the electoral college fucked the people over. If he had won there would not have the Iraq war mess.

I cheer the Republicans that wanted to stop Obamacare. And I thank God for the common sense of the Tea Party. Obama is destroying this country. Reid is an insane, power hungry, short man. .

You mean get rid of the system whereby most states choose to allocate all their votes to a single candidate, essentially make the vote for President on a federal level? I think there was a bill or something where a few states agreed to allocate all their votes to the popular vote winner as soon as a majority of states by electoral college had signed up to this idea.

Im already insured. But the ACA is here to stay. Of course there will be issues. Medicaid was the same way when it first started and it wasnt abandoned. Its the law of the land voted on by the supreme court. Republicans love to say how patriotic they are but the fact is that they hate this country. They dont want a separation of church and state and things voted on like marriage and health care they hate. They seem to only like the right to carry mass murder weapons, then claim to be pro-life.

You're forgetting that if the Electoral College were eliminated,you'd have multi candidate fields.Then the whites would be smart to back one candidate while minorities cannibalize each other.

Harry Reid is the biggest hypocrite.He is a Mormon who is against gambling-in 49 states.The people of New Jersey amended our Constitution by public referendum to allow gambling within our state,yet this cretin stopped us from doing so.

There is also a distinct possibility Gore would have acted on all the urgent reports about an attack on American soil using planes. We know from the players at the time it was during the turnover from Clinton to Bush a Major concern expressed by the outgoing admin. We also know from the players that the Bush admin became "tired" of the reports about Osama/planes/US spoil and reused to see more.
Imagine a world where 911 was averted, no patriot act …. imagine ……

Come on Communists Democrats, tell us all how good your "O" care is. We are having a good chuckle at your stupidy. Have you road on Harry's express train from los vagina to LA yet, that You paid for? Ha Ha, good one. Suck it all up comrads.

you seem to be taking two bad things (single-member FPTP and the electoral collage) and saying that they are the same thing, which is wrong.

The electoral college works on the popular vote in most (all bar Maine and Nebraska) states – the reason Obama didn't win a southern state was because he didn't win the popular vote in any southern state…

Oh man..

90's culture would've likely continued an evolved naturally.. nobody would worry about McCarthyist style "YOURATERRORIST!!" rhetoric.


A man can only dream.

Do Americans know what socialism is? Like do you know what communism is? Honestly, just a bit of research won't kill you.

Electoral college was setup by the founding fathers because they knew what would happen if the mob of uneducated populous took over the political process. It is McAfee of Government. Sorry to disappoint people but we need electoral college to protract us from the majority.

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