Grand Theft Auto 5 Online but we have a ramp buggy

one guy’s trying to steal ether will do
a trade so I’ll jump over into the YouTube / right behind me yeah so if you
see me right now you see where I am careful of those rails yeah do the
rainbow you did not budget I’ll just drive so I’ll just dry won’t
move you drive into me all that that’s the Stratus to have it in place horse neighs fucking started raining no
don’t stir into me Oh lightning oh my God look what it did oh right because with the even unique an
instant call the press yeah oh it’s even ours oh my god you’re teleporting oh I see
this you’re not utilizing it to its full potential
why what I just drove from the bottom of the bridge up through the bridge go
right through the bridge no fuck god damn it let’s walk in these it’s like fairly
safe oh my god jump off the cliff in begin parachuting uh what and we died
from that and we were alive still is a shame can attest to that was a stupid
dead oh and he’s driving right back
double kill I was about to do that one in there too you know music control is my car for fuck’s sake Zane don’t know what the
fuck happened there holy shit Shane how’d you are you going
up so look at that Park a beautiful does it even run oh yeah Morris doesn’t
called me out so Jane don’t even think about it but they know what you’re just
laying there for me I’m in the boat no laying over there upside down okay there
we go if we go under the boat well have to swim all the way over here trevor phillips industries welcome
aboard Yassine now Shane okay wait
why are we giving Shane a grenade yeah just up and run he’s a professional guys
don’t look


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