Grand Theft Auto 5 (+Online) – How to Reduce Lag and Boost & Improve Performance

Welcome to Los Santos, a city of bright lights,
long nights and dirty secrets. Los Santos is also a city full of people with
low framerate. But today, I’m delivering something made
specifically for that. Today, we are improving the performance of
Grand Theft Auto 5. I don’t think this game needs much of an
introduction, so I’m keeping it short and simple. Yes, for those that will ask me – this works
for GTA Online as well, and it’s 100% legit. No worries, you can’t get banned by using
it. So, without any further ado, let’s jump
straight to the guide section of this video. First of all, head over to my website and
download this little software which is called the Low Specs Experience. Download link is posted in the description
of this video. Low Specs Experience is a free tool that I
developed that will allow you to go above and beyond anything possible in-game video
options. After you download it, simply install it and
you will get these shortcuts on your Desktop. Now start it and then go to the optimization
catalog section. Once you find yourself on this page, simply
select Grand Theft Auto 5 from this drop-down menu and then press load the optimization
package. Now select the destination folder where your
game has been installed. Simply select the destination folder of your
game and then press OK and this window will pop-up. When the optimization control panel loads,
simply select the method of optimization and resolution you would like to run your game
on. After you did that simply press the execute
optimization button and then start your game. Feel free to experiment with resolutions and
optimization methods to find what suits your system the best. That’s all I had to share with you fine
folks for this video. I’m leaving you now with the rest of this
gameplay to enjoy. Please do like and subscribe if you found
this video useful. Dislike it if you feel the complete opposite. I’ll see you guys next time with a whole
new video. Till next time, take care and fly safely.


This games fps droos alot thx for making for online guide I'll see if it will make my pc fix fps…. For online it drops alot

I will run on a laptop with: i5 @ 2.20Ghz, 4 RAM, Intel (R) 5500 HD Grafica 5500, good video, thanks for doing that work for those of us who do not have a decent pc

I have 8Gb of Ram ddr4 2400Mhz, but even so Gta V consumes me 7.5 of Ram and causes that the game begins to lock, has solution? Start using about 4Gb of Ram I think and it is increasing until it reaches 7.5Gb and start the blocks, my pc i3-7100 HD 630

I cant join Online anymore because of this. It works fine on singleplayer, but whenever I try joining Online it crashes and needs to be "debugged" (which doesnt work btw) shortly before my Online character being spawned.

my pc is:
i3 2.00 Ghz
4 GB ram
amd radeon R5 M330
and with potato-low optimazation its lag more and more…….. please give me the answer of my problem

Bro pls reply will it work for 2 gb ram. Intel Celeron n3050. With Intel integrated graphics pls tell then I Wil try this to download

Pls make video on hight graphics optimization because when i optimize it again goes to all low graphics and when i set it to high it always remain low

i have i5 3470 and gtx 770 12gb ram and when i drive and i go in the centre of city my fps goes to 30 so idk tf is wrong

Gt710m 2 gb
8 gb ram
i5 4200m 2.5 ghz (3.1 with turbo boost)
Can I take 30 40 fps on mid settings with lse ?
resolution 1280×720 or 1366×768

I have a FX 8350 at stock speed
16 GB RAM and GTX 750 Ti

Only problem I face is insane stuttering while driving hope this will work.

"the folder that your game has been installed."

It kind of confused me somehow. Is it in steam folder or the document folder (settings)?

Bro..before using this software…the game wasn't lagging but some textures were becoming invisible while driving fast. Will they be fixed??

Man, I have a problem with the screen getting stuck, like … Going from frame to frame the game, can you give me a solution to this error? I'm grateful for an answer and I'm waiting

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