Grand Theft Auto V Online // How and Where to Find The Sandking XL.

This is a video guide on how to find the Vapid Sandking XL in Grand Theft Auto Online. What you want to do is head around to the clothing store on Route 68 in Sandy Shore. And it should spawn, pretty much opposite from where the Los Santos Customs is, between 11am and 5pm. I find any vehicle will help you spawn the Sandking but another regular Sandking will will improve your chances of either one spawning. So I like to take it slow just so it actually loads in. And here I spot a nice red coloured one. Never seen this one before so I take it to the customs thinking it was something special but it’s not. It’s just a regular Sandking painted red. Off we go. Nothing. Thank you. So if it doesn’t spawn there as you’re heading from west to east, I like to take this dirt road up and then do like a little turn past the dirt mound. You could probably do it probably turn around in this section here But I prefer to go a bit further and then turn around this dirt mound. I don’t know why it’s personal preference. And there is the yellow Sandking XL. That’s roughly the spot where pretty much all the Sandking’s will spawn. So you just have to look for that particular spot on the courtyard. I’m going to pop this along the road and take it to the customs to show you what mods are installed and the selling price. Now looking at the mods, the highest rank is here. That one was level 64. The rest are around 10’s. And I think the window tints are level 49. Yep. And it sells for $17,525. So once again I’m just going to go around the dirt path. And then turn around at the mound. Shut up Ron! And in the same place the Blue Sandking XL spawned. Take this across the street into the customs. Show you what mods are installed on this and this selling price. Now this seems to have a lot more higher ranked most installed. I believe the highest is 75. I think there’s another 74 as well. There’s 74. And it sells for $18,495. So I’ve no idea now why I’m taking this out for another spin? I do believe there’s only those 2 that spawned, apart from that red one earlier. But I thought I’d try my chances. Just incase. Watch the tree! And then another blue one spawned I believe. Yup another blue one spawns, so put that in your garage or whatever. Overall I’d say, pick blue Sandking XL over the yellow one. Purely for the higher level mods installed and the selling price. If you haven’t seen my Sentinel XS video, it’s somewhere in the corner. Point to it man. Point to it! Wrong way! Well done. Idiot!


worked like a charm I now have a blue one and a yellow one to add to my car collection I had them once before but sold them Cockstar patched the previous message thank you for finding this method

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