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GTA 5 Online you and they for your forgiveness and
acceptance ima and your car as a good here the unicorn in San I go pee be power sons taking a piss the video was actually
starting Salam than it should be can happen here
brian has a a small bladder woman’s body fuel it’s
considered away from her all or where you background for hardware
which like to see your every wish hi who you talkin to welna you got we got a little Jeremy
here he’s be remember 137 hard share me got your own all ok you
the old jurors he’s not little round are yellow got a big Sloan lower with buzzing right
in front in Bethany when you know the gt5 jobs no good at their job lol pistol and our
playing a ya map all my your hi words Zach there’s motorcycles real energy Jimmy a mailman but I’m a gentleman on on your mind
aerial race can years but he’s Rams old complete are you leave your job argue rim job the event dollar-a-plate I A my room is monitor glitch or
whatever but is Boeing’s okay or chose on is gonna part my
motorcycle race you I wanna a No why the bighorns one I’ll hopes hope our love like this one hi just she says I’m okay I the United see where it like that has
that weird dip down thing in a middle aka underneath that all men going to
Presswire came oh my gosh marriage I want to understand the
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for the summit your some easy video you guys been so amazing love you guys
so much gather all of them hmm a little planes may be up to a taxi
a Nana Nana have a feeling all Jake home the runway is blocked are don’t worry this is %uh the official runway clear now you know I
can be clearing the plane be versus plan almost I’m over there take of is coming down on me moving toward you what law bus stop stop coming stop a move that
for me tonight show. sheesh up how the hitch our no school I need a only don’t worry I got dis everybody see my
grandfather actually invented the airplane so it’s kind it’s in my blood short story no War II new move it now I think these bad boys
need max oh my god the field of view JJJ RI I well here you going by owner %ah I hurts but only eight everybody I J gonna show you I take off with on
these bad boys up okay so first what real gentle on our goal is to judge
stay logged alright I’m fluoride fit by but there’s a man who could play play rive flies a plane like he handles
the cask review stir up only good too how did you do just watch on the old both daughters a.m. I gonna
fit Aldo own hit the jet things gonna go to the
jet okay okay overturning returning I its objected they do out damn well and for you extra can you at
the International JK reported internationalism a transplant motorcycles are we are to
follow I do I ID income home cannot be with your know OJ actually got to be with you
because I’m coming shift for I don’t think he’s gonna let him Milan not no you’re not home like gods while UN at the end of the year feel
that I can get it ho worth and Bowl Hill good enraged here I don’t all gonna lie dodd I is is not gonna lie in
a while I she’s the you do wake but I top up I time i there yet dedicated to the big bad past I we join
the mile high club together %um now yet them see now I can’t get in on lemme miss you can
take off am ya I’m like to run rake runway front brake rope got I got
positioning right with your wheels income I backer of backer up likely take off
all got ok as low-fat Brian I though the way is gonna 0 well looking okay I jack i won I’ve never fly want
these babies before so why do is go straight again the taxi attack here real quick
just go straight to hold I can attack your aka can tax year now I mean I’ve been on a
few flights in my day here in there listen what we’re gonna do Erica okay
you’re gonna goes mystery aka cabinet when you get to
about %ah ca about here cattle you Ronaldo capped and haha by I her past out-take the food oh wait I don’t get out your comp this is air J we’re gonna be fine at
approximately 40,000 feet all I was starving why stop it you’re going to bus stop hearst up hi the yippee but what we called minute how guys do a
few thousand dollars are solve a silent moment for cap Jake he was a brave soul best captain have
ever seen in my life they say you could fly an airplane
through neal had I media blew up three places a call while time was the charm right yeah the
1i ardent him for you a faulty coffee maker
short-circuited the whole plane first hull a mother those in the play you to stop
it I I really don’t know what is up in the other dudes little planes oil well it’s
getting a little plain UGG each and text fine but protect twenty years
are from the plane force but they said I’d ever fly again actual
4th the plea most likely cuz I went to jail
but that doesn’t matter zantac J is a real plane oh my god it’s a cool plane here we go gap J taken all we had a boy his child
Iran over a motorcycle I was taken off the air it’s a great
start we’re back in the force everybody like
to welcome you to flying you look out your window each see some
air 90 so you might be a little scared about
fly solo worry if we’d I’ll actually pass out of oxygen you know the thing ninety percent people
survived plane crashes up but they actually die from manaus smoke when a few I don’t think that’s true through compresses that’s not true the
whole troop down in the ocean you know we shared my weird ago I do have the porn a legal maneuver day
they don’t usually this in the plane force tabletop OJ well well tired fired break all on Sep 22 I up hmm the dead now I was a good man your word I was a great man the first thing you
said when he took off for the first time in 10 years was when we die face a cab Jakes saved baby for from the
plane crashed once as I was falling at through the baby up
at the same speed I was falling at even the mountain now baby actually
landed perfectly fat like a father like a flutter slow ok guys are thank you for sonya that’s nice oh okay here on on on
us citing alleged endicott you have been 40
years since the accident I’m challenge only current go don’t by I I thank you so much for watching this
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