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Is it just me who noticed how retarded they are and that they said the truck was "180 pounds of American Muscle" and 499 pounds. Where in this universe they would be like 6-10,000 pounds.

You guys need to do more minecraft pixlmon I really liked those vidios and I found palkia in the game he's a legendary that controls time you need a water type youl find a cave near the start of the game underwater follow the path but try not to die at the end youl come to a place called forbidden something or other I don't remember kill 400 pokemon on that island and he will come out but each player only has one chance so bring a master ball I should have but I didn't

Lol the bike did alright! You had so many probs with this as it was not 4×4 and thanks I will put a checkpoint on top!

My feelings are hurt because I have a small dick and was not aware that big trucks made it so much bigger. You now have a new subscriber, thanks for the info.

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