GTA 5 Epic Jobs | STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN GTA Online | Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5 Online)

was a great big group turnout and cute
little to again me know what room why did I run into the
hi Paul what I have air book wouldn’t leave you
re you have no pubes in relief for the game I me I honestly don’t know either I’m kinda curious rhyme with the
rockin down there is it like to fuck in the jungle forest Eloy AZ I just got a
good %uh trim cut on it down so if you had a
good afro start to you like a modern slaughter you have
honestly like afro comb the state yeah I think I’m are only nine is a is actually
like it plugged up like I’ve gel in a hacer que didn’t see that site by you after really
hey that is wanna touch me afro I’m like you wanna home I do well as you
see my after eight see my ASRock all home I on golf there I’ve got to him up if any
were back with another GTA 5 job oh yeah church %uh wahoo by fuck you good you so much Spinoza ever questioned but your
question I’m you steer a here you can you could just
stay right there be an afro I anyway we’re back in the GTA 5 epic
jobber play Stairway to Heaven guys guys be like this map at any point
during the video can head down skips out the love edged down gotta play
defense also if you like the stairway to heaven song
hit that like button I’ll let her be a lot a notice to do they should nixon
stairways to heaven listen to in thinking up with us yeah exactly ago open in new tab in star
place their way to having a bit like turn turn today I’ll be real don’t think that much speed
gonna do good all its gonna do wonders Ryan you know
what ladies said if you can’t get ’em slaw get him hard take how I your cartoon after kids if you want to
know if you wanna live by Ryans or as a Ryan says this AJ can go if you can’t get the pretty
girls get the slow Kira Ste hope I copyright Ryan outset ok I’ve heard ok I had a can you sing the stairway to
heaven downturn remember how it go it’s like dad turned on done tips it’s what size you lil yeah sick how was silenced and we to rapid so hot as knowledge of my
general good good with it was more like a sad
song depicting the world in and have in our yard Fox Aug you its know how yall away highway to hell on a scale to have
it I we’re gonna get fucked the comment
hits I got the big hit that like button you
guys been so amazing on the last videos love you guys so much archie says ever get you say Jesus help us you this is decided later the right if you
don’t get up here you don’t go to have been in the afterlife going through door you
know Ryan actually I know Ryan believes in the afterlife and and
and one other things Ryan’s family does that put little claims on their eyes when they die yeah it make you richer in after work it’s
for the boat map shit O’Brien well yeah he’s got a
lighter but to come your mind I i buy I’m rather gonna happen anymore I wanna
he’s got pretty far out this thing let’s do this operative move mister boatman it’s time
to get up the stairway two hell you love you go up the the other
stairway to house a lot easier I think we saw a ride at eww of sorrow but think about it right
the stairway two hell is just like a stairway going down are set are you
get sale like laundry baskin just ha parade in
white shopping cart maybe you know God a good Jacome trapped in here I help I got out it’s good I’m guy were the mug on I I got this rather what you pray to me home I J
journal push me up at your IRA guy right now up got stereolab then go see all all I hull pop yet and yet now novel and still bald a budding rock
in the Polish the I’m in the gates of hell are a rats rats pretty fucking funny up buddy
butt sluts was to more clout yeah like you clap start your act so true okay like I’m just I Ryan Spurs day is like a preschool
teacher sometimes gets cooked ok the break fuckin already I you I just give his class got a fucking
clap as a stall I I don’t know what just happened but part we’re going to move %ah I think
this is impossible I think this is a reflection up start time take a secret as this is a
reflection on how hard it is to actually get in the habit of mum given the young the social aspects NNN responsibilities taken by pop culture in
regard to actually obtaining you know an entrance into the Holy a great look are religious and hang
tonite girl: your a prisoner all up you okay with I i go to church in GTA it’s all good I
just can’t put a function herders her Andy Roddick good up for Empire if you think there’s something out there
like their like I let latched there’s like a
magical have been up there eight yeah in and we gotta get there maybe
there’s like candy canes and gumdrops you know what I have an idea this is an
idea so bald so bored I like to think of myself as
Thomas More the debt and wanna just a week ago really far
back that’s where my yes but do you copyright Jake there we
go here we go full speed ahead I I oh yeah it’s I gotta see it Assia a read our data have it am in the head in a full speed ahead a
cajun fries you alt like this is not good Lord I op I is sOooo cute serious I’m of a five
foot drop do you remove this give alright oh that
is really in the way of a region move this faggot up lol we
don’t need it no need to drop on Cyprus not a day that good on prime the whole yeah I’m II had this again app
called on if you guys if you guys complete this I
take a picture with your phone or anything in tweet it to us axioms Europa
negro I wanna see that are posted on our
Facebook Page Facebook page down below ours you guys actually there’s this
artist yet I got I am I M Pierre II because I
got have an access road I’m go I got no now hype loca Jack are and how far is this steer
home Mike cottages goes on in I’m I may be late we actually need to like stop almost
lost on what if we hit it together in our combined heavenly NIS no that judge in for a treat riders are
added look you know you never you never know it’s
you try but to quote from Ryan after he first
tried man on man 1 %uh into who said that I I’m gonna backing up worry just urge B&B tactic I’m trying the careful yeah
good speed pack speed tactics work right yeah been having your not gone okra night here we go I’m gonna go full speed ever hit this launched jump ramp thing
at maximum altitude oh yeah there ya go to having kids
regard yeah I guess high-risk to I her high Q said no few hump Hasek why who didn’t smile clinton who’s who our chip it exist together we do
together I’m gone as a couple can can clock out ok got my bro levy a liquor recurring
other shit I yeah and Indiana need help any backup guy go day ok I’ll alert other lot ok Russia the
law hit you to go to bed black you let’s go well going up or week I had this with maximum speed no
notes P just take your time what you doin from
Don who takes the time to get into heaven I were in your I answer is Nico’s
this bitch JK coasting coast in coast in coast in on water from he is working
burn and coasting Koskinen background incomes and hmm sense will be to you comes to him month what we’re doing neck from I have to think runs on some cheeses from came all hopeful whole of us about and into a song which I saw you look close to it who look I earth the yeah I soaked I take office right I somehow argued 870 baby I’m a kid I know why we can make it could you see
my fucking song know there’s a reason what’s that we having confessed their sins okay Ryan touches little children and I took
cookies from the cookie jar lids but to do this shit trial hut her coast in on a clinton I which I or I’ll anyway try the Laker
govern the end this video is we got guy to close if you guys they’re completed make sure
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far lately have told the videos awesome support we love you guys so much
I don’t think about everybody I’m not going havent brown fucking don’t
care now birth leading to the context that grew up but
whose to send video in


Question: Jake….Why in the world would you pic cars for this course? I mean its MEANT FOR BIKES! CANT YOU SEE YOUR CARS ARENT EVEN MAKING IT! 

Omg he is so bad at gta all he is doing is over-reacting to things he does in every single video he uploads. It pains me to watch someone suck so bad and not even try to complete the course in all of his videos

can someone give me cheats to gta online thats not the gta online generator because i'm sick of looking at it and telling me i have to do a survey with this just to do it    

U no what shut the hell up u no nothing about music you probably listen to very crappy pop or rap I'm 12 and play hendrix on guitar and listen to real music

I need a shark card because I need good cars because im tired of people passing me wit their cool cars and I just want a fast car :BREZZY PEACE 1

I did it already with my friends and it was pretty hard but we made it then my mom took away my fuckin xbox

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