GTA 5 Epic Maps | Ramps Of Doom GTA Online | Grand Theft Auto V

hey you what’s going on everybody we’re
back with another episode GTA 5 epic maps I’m joined here by Brian from him to teach you robfcket some
people do some people to forget that right they forget you don’t know was not
he made don’t forget me don’t forget you what’s
going on are you team it’s out there watching us hope you are having a great
day we have a wonderful their hopes to make
it a little better were playing epic battle God you very much you guys got to go
back and forth in these Rams and adjust everyone’s gonna start
crashing and kept going into program I dot every liberal custom cars
look at that its better approach all of which %uh I right kids right I their levels up the OPP place get back to you this is a big man has
jumped also guys we just tune in and listen to release you know it’s been a hit that
like button if you are join the video really appreciate against I’ll to India
he will get five million something simple like a at her over green thinks other bad I wonder how hard you can hit
a green thing a mister surgeon pic man oh god diet is it is known that I have the
court’s card ever on here I want to wait and i wanna like everyone
yea I’m China ok got ok up or overly escape death where you got the ramp know I’m going to
the going off nah I’m I think it’s the right
time her Rodriguez we don’t you ok white a who and yet get back on the ramp already this extreme and this time all
those guys going try and run of ho-hos fake I hooks oh no no don’t know those bad
things about but on it’s just almost died your own
for your mistake tagged right I got sick didn’t explode up been ok I I I don’t even care with a lot of training
runs to run into people Ryan be completed run and everyone I’m gonna go a really
fast right now & Co here we go out dash up I’m gonna go
together as one big family Jake yes prop Hall my shot I miss you Road I ok put a hold up on up I got a lead it knows fun again all the time you get a
law to speed its time to me most epic jump ever all know that
it’s too much big tits select up does not intended to hit a lake I did
not know that was their whole shit home I don’t know what is going on
okay allies be ready let’s do it cover Jake
taken good ho hold oh no for pickup truck French notified like hit is somehow I don’t think I can
doggone stock or yep although art this blow-up not like really curious hold of the stanky could have to have a
faceful me no no they don’t blow that’s good I
don’t think respond decomposing someone away ok I governor
on there we go up up ok does not seem to be frontflip 0 I which has run okay arthur Baker all dollars go there well or all there we go what but see I’ll jump there I know they were all to come and
have fun we all know no former got pitchers nearly escaped like up for here at okay all on this common getting started I
don’t care about %uh God hold on they were like the left too racy the hold on a common at it with the wicked speedrun
first yeah all well up I okay 100 affect your day I have it did not finished flipped over
on owner job they’ve just watch this
episode she hit by the max be having already hit that subscribe
button join the team got more awesome GTA 5 content on the way its new stuff
in the works for some other awesome youtubers to definitely check back every day
excess watching and we will see you guys next time in


Thank you team epiphany for being so epic….i would love the chance to play with you guys one day!

Good god, why is every somewhat good Youtuber always repeating "Like and Subscribe!" every few minutes? It's so freaking annoying. The only good Youtubers I know that don't do that are Etho and AllShamNoWow, and those two are pretty amazing Youtubers.

I can't get over the new "Teammates" thing…. like why xD come on guys…. and wheres the podcast 14 episodes in and….. poof…..

Jake tell Ryan hes my favorite out of the team because hes so funny dont worry jake your my second favorite

Every one at team epiphany you click the horn to use your boost i thought somebody else would have said this allready

GTA 5 Epic Jobs | Ramps Of Doom GTA Online | Grand Theft Auto V
GTA 5 Epic Jobs | Ramps Of Doom GTA Online | Grand Theft Auto V 

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