GTA 5 Funny Moments – CAR CRASH DERBY – GTA 5 Online Custom Jobs Funny (GTA 5)

GTA 5 GTA GTA Online GTA 5 Video GTA 5 Funny Moments the new hey all what is going on
everyone welcome back to another awesome GTA 5 video before the videos over I’m
gonna stick this thing somewhere in one easy make me people oh my god
that you’d be proud of my card replaced sites already tried that we got it I could write for you for doing that ago going down there yes people up lol him or he’s up he’s honored that
there is there yeah good flourish I did valet let’s do
it I we got this guy I’m house Aaron few Heights her alright for okay let’s do you my all and I got 1901 guys okay got work all but we whip I does I I am and I got a good night scorecard
shared you to only but on the head ovoid coilovers spent good good marker survived the fall from the
building man a small river down here no I sinusitis
yet but there’s a once a leading to his own death better ride doubt this like rectifier our bodies to rape who won on for the ride 101 still my
right car my not at all over the lot golan again our goal I wanted on our I’m why I don’t got a cop car now go to connect
5 for I are all you should goodbye I looked like a boy dog died of Paul I’m for and dad ghetto getting yeah I saw fudges I’ll I’m getting out picture thank him get about I my galaxy why use a lady in my car I’ll where you wanna routes for okay all anymore weekend down we’ll I’ll I don’t mind a little car
actually that handles are awesome I wanted the
big man’s car all I got the panto here we go all am I
gonna gone well but isn’t turned up love them %ah not mine minecraft ok hope I got it for you go to all right caller everything I 0 0 ok 0 we have a backup I no alright well I’m was I have no front you I i’m pretending I’m
in Florida imminent or secular this up got a huge the play-the-ball wallkill
good or both going crazy I on all purchases well I’m up overdue your sand on spree but goodies are a level six yeah I one day on the hill when one of
these rounds kayo of gonna go straight for the entire Gulf
yes I got that line it’s good good I’ll see you in
peril huh somebody alright help struck up at the moment there is
more in doubt on orange I helped good White House time Boyce although for amoco guide I don’t know man good fiery like america I control global economy there you go abolished up ol I we hold Bohol strength back there what just
happened all died I think we did win as two of us up here
yeah who out there holding down the fort the up what it is as bored as would be
alive nice work guys dollars all areas Owens is happy I could not be more help
decide the ice cream it I as an opportunity tried it could I but groupings as blows up the first lol sourdough there you go nowhere to go laws the kale what for I game all so vital route it rip ago who’ve been talkin shit this whole
time yeah same shit about our family and what
not know it down Jeremy I be level 7 after this take on
the world how do you fuckin by outward seriously
need to stop cares more about his great day as his
friend rental of trust joy DTA but nothing but rudin as be the an asshole like to highlight researcher
objective yeah Ruislip a lone wolf yeah I’ll take on the world wanna be with the
team just as it has no thanks to you guys the ally dude it it the there is it but yeah director in I i’m sorry go her daughter my below going to filibuster I good I I the why for I hope although not every two hours which is
somebody that dont think its up all gone day it’s show me a camera a lot of this is really ought to be all
other non-european 0 Iron Man don’t worry I Domenico at the old block killed in southern
Singh that that Hall right by they couldn’t employees include
one I’m Latin blue taking slid sale hash take bug Wow exactly just like seriously that I’ll finger figures whatever you guys thank you so
much for watching this video of course guide if you’d enjoy make sure to hit that like button makes
you go check out everyone in the description and go subscribe yes you can subscribe to good you know
that everybody bangor quality backup what’s more
awesome GT 85 content guys week see as next hour theme


Hey guys great vid! I love watching these types of maps so can u make more demolition derby videos. Thanks and keep up the great work.

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GTA 5 Funny Moments – CAR CRASH DERBY – GTA Online Custom Jobs Funny (GTA 5)


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2 things… 1. Does anyone else remember when they did Halo Reach? 2. I didn't know you guys played with the Mindcrack people! Maybe that's because last time i watched you guys was 2-3 years ago. 😛 Still, that is cool how i watched you before i watched the Mindcrack people and I stopped watching you and now you play with the them! Anyways i am subbing! 😛

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