GTA 5 & GTA Online PC Gameplay! (Grand Theft Auto 5 PC 1080p 60 FPS Gameplay)

Hey everybody how’s it going my name is Usman
and today I’m bringing you guys a 5 minutes of awesome Grand Theft Auto 5 PC gameplay
in 1080p HD at 60 FPS, so I hope you guys enjoy this short little gameplay, hopefully
this will let you decide wheter you wanna get GTA
5 on the pc or not, so be sure to leave a like on this video and also if you are new
around here make sure to press that big red button down below to subscribe for more awesome GTA 5 and GTA Online videos,
so yeah guys enjoy the gameplay.


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Do You Build You PC? If You Did Plz Tell Or Link Me Your Parts And If You Know Any PC I Can Run GTA 5 Etc. Plz Tell So I Can Build/Buy Under $1000 Plz Tell Me 🙂 Cause I'm Jealous About PC

The graphics are great but the gameplay is the same. well we can't mod this game on MP? im not gonna buy this again, im gonna piratebay this.

Are you thinking about making any GTA 5 mini movies with the new director mode? If you are..I can't wait! Do you have any ideas on some of the "movies" you might create?

I m still playin GTA v on my ps3 and I see some of difference in this video , wow so amazing draw distance but it's not like the Rock star official PC screen shot gameplay

The only difference between gta pc and console gta is that this version of the game you can play it in 4k resolution and more frames per second, i think theres a movie creator option to on it  which i think console versions dont have so its basicly the same game with a higher resolution and more frames

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