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notice Lester said 'I know you've been complaining but you weren't ready yet" I feel like that was for us

at 50 seconds that white board has 550,000 for money. That is a lot of money. That would rock if that is what you would earn! Hope it is not the amount you have to pay for prep for hiest

ok i know this is not the place for this but im going to ask anyway as i cannot find it anywhere. does anybody know how to make a  character that looks exactly like the one shown on the right at 0:10 ?. i have been looking around the internet for about a week and i cant seem to find it plus i suck ass when it comes to the creator

If you're looking for a decent group of guys to play Heist's with on PS4 then check out our website and recruitment video and give us a Like on Facebook!

We're a casual MC (no roleplay) that just enjoy playing and having a good time! We play Free Aim as we would like to get good enough to enter competitions with other Crews once we have built our numbers up. All we ask is that you're active and mature! Oh, and you'll need to like riding Motorcycles! If you like what we're about than find our 'Recruitment' page on the website and fill it in or just follow this link to it…

One of the guys will get back to you!

I am definitely trying to be hopeful, but if a group of 4 random players can't stop themselves from blowing up the Titan before takeoff, never mind land the damn thing, I don't see many successful multistep heists in the future.


If you want to do a heist with me leave your username below and I will add you around 5-6 central time and we can play. Doesn't matter if you're a kid or a adult I just want to play Rockstar made it so hard to play.

Even after I gave up on this game because of how expensive it got (Cough cough Microstransactions, $1,000,000 for everything cough cough), it takes Rockstar this long to release a feature that should have been in the game from the beginning? If baffles me how dumb and blind the community of this game are…

Looking for xbox 360 crew
-im leader
– normal cut, i get a little bit more
Idont earn money for setup and i need to pay to do setups.
– mic would be nice
– any level
– we are at prison break

Msg your gt
Or add me: Zheqii

If you guys have noticed, there is not the GTA V release date countdown on Steam yet. That basically means that it will be delayed again; maybe to 2016, maybe to 2020…who knows?..

I still can only imagine the scrubs running around heists and getting themselves shot to death and leaving one guy to finish up the job for them so they get easy money :/ that's why I'm afraid of even going into a heist because I just know there's gonna be that going on.

I unlocked all heist vehicle except for the bikes for the Pacific Strandards bank heist get away. Does it still have the boost on cause if there's no boost like the heist I'm not going to buy it.

Does anyone just hate when those fuckwit that always brag about GTA Heist doesn't appreciate what R* has put into heist? Remember last year when those morons complaining about heist release date? Now they play the heist like nothing special and just yeah that's heist.. mmm k. I'm here to give a huge middle finger to you fucking ignorant retards

This is such a copy of the Payday franchise – the drill, cloakers, dozers, transport heists, and inmate transfers, just like the Hoxton breakout, etc…

Ha ha ha puny console and PC gamers we ALL know phone gamers are the best, we have modern combat 3,4,and 5.order and chaos online, and gta 3

Just kidding I'm a ps4 player

They already finished the making of the heists but lots of bugs went in the way
My proof at the end of Pacific Standard you parachute of the lectros into raton canyon that was shown when the old generation trailer was released
So they were polishing the heists and patching the bugs

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Reply done and I will start my list

For anyone who hasn't, just wait until the moment you complete Criminal mastermind. The satisfaction and the payout is incredible.

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