GTA 5 Heists are finally coming to GTA Online (Grand Theft Auto: V)

hello in this video I’ll be talking
about GTA 5 grand theft auto 5 heists so sit back enjoy and that you know this
would be pretty good so, GTA 5 Heists. it’s kind of a funny topic Rockstar
Games announced GTA 5 having placed spot
online about year ago and it’s been a running
joke in the community that here where heists gave keep going
to announce the lucky year ago when the hell they well today with grand theft auto 5 next
generation coming out in just a week Rockstar Games released a infographic up
all the games played in we’ll talk about that in a little bit
after this hoist news I but in the Article they posted they
mentioned than GTA 5 police will be coming live TV
you me and everyone else playing on all for
console so xbox 360 ps3 PlayStation 4 an xbox one on the fast update wants GTA 5 has been
released on next generation now when is the up they gonna come
specifically we don’t 9 but we’ve been guaranteed day be the
next update which I imagine won’t be too long maybe a couple weeks maybe a week I’m it could be within the first few days
but Molly expectation with be it would be like a week or two weeks
after the release purely because Rockstar Games wanna make sure when they
release GTA 5 for next-generation lap
everything’s running smoothly for online so I expect couple weeks have online for GTA 5 next generation to make sure
they’ve got everything going smoothly and once they got that sorted their
release the first update with hoists and it will be also might be covering
place on the channel of course sewing yeah be sure to check out the
channel page for that and subscribe to here super excited so it does the news bullets cover some other or some
information they provided in this the world to post so taking a look at
this article and guys trust me when I say this is pretty nuts this is unbelievable so the numbers alike how many games to
play how many places all those kind of
numbers annie is specific to GTA 5 on line of grand theft auto: online
however you wanna call it I’m so let’s look at Google Places oh my
god close to you 34 million global players while back is a lot and those 34 million plays all across 3 close to for million crews and is the ridiculous thing 2.3 billion hours in woo 224 countries just think what mankind could have done in that time but that but I like vocals
my mind so close to six billion jobs well played and nearly 10 million jobs were created that’s 10 Wow what you pay for developers Rockstar you cut them million
it crowd-sourcing the like that’s incredible there has
been check this out 245 million snap Matix that’s the camera phone be
taking pictures and this is the staggering thing for me
432 taken per minute that’s beyond like 400 like every minute of the day
nine-day fortune 30 pitches like what’s that’s
ridiculous 422 million vehicles own the most popular vehicle category being
super cars thats impressive we obviously have a lot
of money 340 341 million weapons owned there’s over 3,540 items for you to buy purchase customize
with and since launch they’ve added 1,207
items a course 11 updates in a year which is I’m lot so year they’re the main statistics
Grand Theft Auto on lines obviously fairly popular and I imagine Grand Theft Auto
next-generation will also be just as popular as well so
year there’s a lot of people that progress
name GT online so that’s cool am anyway he’s a hope you guys enjoy
this video if he did enjoys gta4 the a policeman to get a lot done and
also feel free to subscribe for a mammoth amount of content coming out
in the next couple weeks months years it’s gonna be great so yeah thanks
watching My Name is only forty-three and I’ll see guys very
very sick take it but I


First off, I appreciate the news Olli; even though a lot of it I've already read, I still enjoy your input on it.  I would like to request you release another custom job showcase, it's been like 2 weeks since your last one with just a lot of GTA V update video's.  

Do you also know how many vehicles are stolen online? 😛 I've stolen like 3.000 Haha 😀 I would love to know xD By the way, how did you get this information? 🙂

Olli, do you know if 3rd person mode gonna be on PC? Wasn't gonna re-buy it but after seeing that really made me excited to play it! Thanks and can't wait to see next-gen content 🙂

I'm interested in heists but not excited like I was last year took too long and I bet there will be problems with online like there was at launch last time lol

OVER 33 Million Players!!!
IN 224 Countries!!!
ACROSS 3.7 Million Crews!!!
WITH 5 Billion Jobs Played!!!
245 Million Snapmatics!!!
And 0 Heists.

I don't think they will bring heists out personally until like the 3rd week because it will give players a chance to get cars, apartments etc: by working to to get them and not just getting a massive sum of money and buying the best stuff.

Just an opinion 🙂

AS SOON as I heard gta v was coming to next gen I said "That's when they will release heists" because it gets them more sales! I know it's coming to all consoles but people are going to want to do heists in the best way possible so that might be a reason to buy the game again if you weren't before… Nobody in the comment section believed me

I sort of hope they have more cheats as well, just so when we get bored with single player we can have cheats such as mad cars or bigger explosions like saints row. That was one of the funnest things in the game. 

Hey Olli , coz u aint done a race in a while try my new race it's called big jumps #1 and its made by Hardwriter251 ( me ) 🙂 hope you enjoy if you do race 🙂 it would be awsome seeing my race on this amazing channel 🙂

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