GTA 5: Michael, Franklin, and Trevor in the Flesh

What’s up everybody, it’s me Greg with the cast of grand theft auto 5 Ned. You played Franklin. What was that like Well, you know, I was I just play myself man. She’s a homie, you know Do what I did man shit, you know, I will really were in New York comic-con We just did the grand theft auto five panel. These guys were true rockstars. I want to talk a bit about that Did you expect Steven a few hundred people to come out and go crazy and try to get autographs in storm the stage? Ah.. No, I was actually surprised I knew there was a little going in. I was like, I didn’t know if this was Out there a lot of people knew cuz even just outside coming here This afternoon a couple people said Trevor and took pictures and I said, where are you going you coming or going in? They’re like, oh we’re leaving. We’ve been here all day. I said, you know the three of us are talking. They’re like no. Oh Well, I’ll just go grab a bite to eat and be back so I got me a little worried of like Sort of the off-off-broadway days having to individually shake the four people in the audience in their hands and say thanks for coming Thanks for coming So it was a big surprise. It was awesome to see that like the tangible Fans and signing and and the people and Russian origin trying to get out the door and… -Solo what’s all this like for you? I’m saying it’s like Right now but um, I’m taking it all in man I’m having a good time in and I’m gonna act like Michael right now. Yeah For me to do like that, but um, it’s a good thing man Like it’s a blessing for me to be a part of this with these fellows right here, man He’s his good dudes raise my brothers, man And I’m gonna take it back to the hood and I’m a rebel if you ever come to the projects I got you. I got you. I got you. Hey, I’m looking to go to the projects Ned, you said some interesting stuff on the panel I think my favorite being that when you got you your agent can’t be with a video game You’re like no, I don’t wanna do a video game what’s changed? I saw the material It’s a brilliant script these guys are these guys are unbelievable who who write this stuff. I mean, they’re so prolific They’re so funny and they’re so pointed, you know, and you just read the material It’s and you go. I’m in you know, really serious. That’s all the change You know, I I you know, that was just, you know actor the actor in you, you know, it’s not a real thing Guess what? This is a real deal man. This is real acting. It’s real fun and I I can’t I I just had such a great time with these guys, you know, I mean I’m so glad that I said yes because First of all, I’d have been really stupid to say no because I wasn’t working you’d be home right now kicking yourself pretty hard I wouldn’t be at home I’d be I’d be out on the street somewhere cuz my wife would have kicked me to the curb if I’d have said no But ya know it was great man. I would have never met these guys never had so much fun. This is my boy right here GG I love it. It’s so much fun that was my I talk about this on the panel a bit the fact that the game works I think because you guys are so close and you can See the chemistry between you on the screen, but then on the stage, that’s still there. You guys worked for three years together It was there any moment where you wanted to kill everyone solo? We just wanted to be done with plenty of time for that man. I wanted to strangle this dude because he just Hippie launches and he Had healthy options we had healthy options at lunch we meet a mic assistant Nah, I’m doing great! I’m still hosting We had options and one of them was a health option and the healthy option generally contained You know some lentils, and I didn’t know healthy food mak e you stink that bad Health smells it’s like love hurts, health smell – (definetely wasn’t) your case, man. There’s no question. He’s a methane actor We’re talking about my farting right now really that goes over well in IGN Get back control, it’s your show. I’m totally in control. We’re right where I want to be Let’s talk about let’s talk about acting let’s talk about acting then And Ned, how did you get into the character of Michael and every else prepare a similar answer? You know, I just I just got into my imagination You know, I’m not a guy who goes around stealing cars or you know running over pedestrians or shooting people that’s you know solos deal, but I just you know, You’re an actor. It’s all about imagination. And that was the thing that was really cool about this. Is it gave me an opportunity to Reawaken my imagination, you know as an actor and and getting into it you do the normal things I did I did a picture exercise like what is this? I gonna look like you know I found a picture of somebody and I made it and I just kind of got into it that way I did, you know, I did a lot of stuff. I went back to Beverly Hills Playhouse, man It’s just it’s just kind of you know Got back in all my old seat study stuff You know and and and dug around and crawled around and found the guy what was fascinating for me for all of you is the fact that especially for you and Michael you talked about the fact that you know You’d basically walked away from acting and this was you coming back similar to Michael coming back to being a bad guy. Yeah Yeah, it wasn’t in that actually helped me, you know get into the character because I know what it’s like to step out of what you really love and you know, I mean, it’s It’s hard, you know, but it’s a hard life too. So if you’re gonna you know, This is not an easy job, you know an easy way to make a living so you you got responsibilities You’re you know, you’re family and all that kind of stuff. You got to make money for him and You know the same thing with Michael. Michael Thought the best move was to get out of the game and you’d be happy you’d be able to be a family man You know, I was probably a worse dad out of the business and I was in the business So, you know because I I didn’t like what I was doing. I wanted to be an actor. That’s what I do So there’s a lot of that net. That’s so weird to hear You say things you can see Michael saying in the game about yourself know How you get the parts? I think is it Howard for you. So, I mean you basically were Franklin you’re saying on the panel Yeah but it was it was a little harder for me to start with the we’re Memorizing the scripts because I don’t I don’t go to castings a lot I don’t do that like as a regular job, you know like acting so, you know, I brought raw talent to it So what happened was I started getting? advice from a few of the other actors these two guys and a couple more and they started like saying well you wrote raps before So I used to write a lot of raps for a lot of artists and myself, you know I’m saying and I’m I just start taking the scripts that I was getting and they know it I write the whole thing That I have to say all my script to the side of it and they were wondering why was I doing this? So when I was translating it from my hand To the page. I can remember it then instead of just trying to read it I couldn’t do it at all. Stephen used to say well I put loud music I like to listen to loud traffic and people ride up and down the streets and he can memorize through hearing other stuff. I I could not do that. I tried everybody method and it didn’t work I used to be in the middle of the scene and they’d be doing a lines and and the director would be like waiting on Me to just say okay. Hold on and I’ll just go And they’re like -Cut! So, but I got it and I’m I’m here and did a good job, don’t you think so? Huge progress! Huge from day one. Yeah, I told you I’m still on the job Yeah from day one too after the three years amazing, I mean obviously Ned and I have experience with lines memorizing the Theatre. Yes, but for solo that’s a huge thing and and we’re also given a lot of times we are given 50 60 75 pages on a Thursday night or Friday now, we know we’re working the following week We don’t know when and we don’t know what of the 75 pages we’re doing. Very stressful I mean, I usually have a 24 hour period where I’m a wreck because I need to really work hard. I’m not a natural memorizer I’ve had friends on soaps that would have Overnight boom they could memorize it pick it up in the morning memorize it no I’m going over it and over it and over especially Trevor with some of his you know tirades two pages long of crazy and I would like to stick to those words written right like that’s my job and that’s how you know to Sort of segue into the question Greg way we call them way We call him Greg ways Greg way the greg way. So you take your name? Yeah, Greg. Yeah, and then Come on mark. That’s my boy. So Sort of segue in with that is Greg weighing in thank you God I can see we’re talking about the voice actor How do you think I feel kids standing up going about the voicing of Trevor? I know that’s true. That’s what he was referring to. Yeah Yes, so Stevens family know that he was coming to work every day walking out in the middle of the set, naked Helps me get into character With his panties It’s all for the performance and that’s sometimes what you have to do Steel steel This is Gregg way to a weird point Real quick final question for each one. You want to go down the line by bambam? This is the best project you’ve ever worked on I’d say this is definitely one of the best projects I’ve ever worked on. Yeah. Oh The best project I’ve worked on besides my wife. Oh Yeah second second to the creation of my child Beautiful wedding day the third would be this project Down Yeah, yeah, there’s no no question. I’m so proud of this project. I’m so proud of these guys, you know solo I’m so proud of them. And and yeah, there’s no question. It’s the best project that I’ve ever done and it’s been the most fun Hopefully it’ll be the most rewarding. I hopefully need it’ll it’ll lead to more stuff where we go Hey member when we did GTA. That was a good project Great ladies and gentlemen, you probably already own grand theft auto 5 For everything about cool video games like that and cool people like everybody but Steven keep it here on IGN


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Rockstar went next level and took people who were actual robbers and criminals just to make one game. ROCKSTAR TAKES IT SERIOUS!

Dude, the host was terrible. They make a joke and he feels like he needs to defend himself everytime. They are just being funny bro. Also, he interrupts them multiple times. Nobody clicked on this video to hear this nerd talk. We want to hear them, so please learn to do your job better.

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