GTA 5 NEW Guns, Cars and Jetpack LEAKED – GTA 5 Online DLC Update! (GTA V Gameplay)

Hey everybody how’s it going my name is Usman
and today I’m bringing you guys a new leaked DLC information about GTA 5 and GTA Online,
so once again this informaton is coming straight from funm2 and yan, two great, credible leakers in the GTA community who get into
the source code of GTA 5 Online and pretty much share the information with everyvone
on Twitter. So recently funmw2 found that there are 3 weapons in the game files of GTA
5 Online just chilling that could be coming with the
next DLC in to Grand Theft Auto 5, he provided us with the coding of those weapons, but of
course we don’t know the name of the guns, he said “We’ll have to guess those hashes.”
So I’m assuming we might be getting the Scar H assalut rifle, it was supposed to be in the game according to the source code,
but it never actually came into the game and also same for this weapon as well, it is some
sort of marksman rifle, I’m guessing these weapons will come with
the next GTA 5 DLC Update and there is one more that we have to guess and I don’t know what’s that going to be, if you
can guess make sure to leave it down in the comments below. And also yan tweeted out all
of the tuning parts for the Tampa that has been found in the source code. And if you
guys don’t know Tampa is an awesome vehicle that we got with
the Ballad Of Gay Tony DLC in GTA 4, and we have found all of the tuning parts of that
vehicle, so it’s very likely that this vehicle will be returning to Grand Theft Auto V along with 5 more vehicles that I covered
in a seperate video which I will link it down in the description below. And lastly funmw2
has found a new coding that was added about the jetpack in GTA 5 which is freaking insane,
he said just found “gadget_jetpack” in director mode script.
So mybe we have to do something in order to unlock the jetpack or it might be usuable
only in the director mode, hopefully not, hopefully it will usualbe in freemode as well,
hopefully we can unlock that sh*t to use in GTA Online.
So that’s pretty much it for the news, let me your thoughts and opinons down in the comments
below. So if you did find today’s video interesting
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video later on today, so yeah guys that’s really about it.


I want a .500 Smith and wesson magnum or at least a .357 magnum /.44 Smith and wesson magnum basically just any powerful revolver.

You need more subs…right to the point instead of asking for things…also what color is your car it looks epic!

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