GTA 5 Online Easy! Solo Car Duplication Glitch *$2,000,000 Every 1 Minute!* (XBOX/PS4/PC) Money 1.48

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ahead and have your mesh making on clothes makes you inside a invite-only
session make sure you also have a car inside this MOC right here anybody’s car
in the arena car any supercar that you don’t mind duplicating long as it goes
inside the MOC you can duplicate that car now say you have the original copy
of that car that you trying to sell make sure it’s not the duplicated versions
because you try to duplicate a do any trying to sell that copy of it it will
both be worth zero so it will be no purpose of you doing that only had the
original copy of that car still then it’ll be worth you duplicating your
supercar but right now I’m not going to show you two it’s two spots I can go
ahead put the cars at and this step of the glitch now I hope everybody having a
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right there you can go ahead go to the poll how your make sure you have the top
look your screen get right deep at options before you go inside the MOC
or you can park your right there in front of the MOC
now make sure your own part to close up to the MOC make sure just right there at
the minimum where you can just the top so just a little bit now after you do
that you’re going to need a friend teleportation glitch is to go ahead just
teleport into your eclipse towers or any apartment that you have that has a
highest planning board and make sure you have the setup job done on the first one
I should be on the second one like me I’m one of the felicia job so I
completed the first mission the first part for it and then I have the second
open now before you go inside this and get ready for this stuff this is the
setup before you go to step number two for this glitch now what you want to do
is go ahead go to settings go to controllers and go ahead put standard
FPS so when you click the left stick down on your controller you will be
running automatically because you’re gonna be using your exponent V on ps4 or
your a but if you don’t SBUs got your interested me you go to apartment styles
click on anyone you ain’t gonna buy it at all just click it to preview it and
they just want to do this what you want to do alright you click the left stick
and you run into the planning board and you spamming the right d-pad just like
that you wait for like five to ten seconds on this planning board and then
you press B or a circle to leave out you should have no meaning my but as you can
see there I went in there to slow and I’m sure you again in his trial went
little too slow so you cannot do by a quick turnaround there run straight in
and it will work because gonna keep getting the mini-map
running back you’re gonna get it so it’d be a waste of time so go ahead make sure
when you do this step make sure you come all the way out and
make sure you goes to the Parma style to go to anyone like I said preview it
after you preview it make sure you stay far back enough start
running already go straight into the room and start spamming the right d-pad
automatically before you even hit the room spam the right d-pad now wait the 5
to 10 seconds and after you quit out this planning board you should have no
mini metal and a bottle of your screen should be completely gone from that
still you don’t have to do the friend teleportation glitch which means you
have to have your aim on free aim all right so you do not have your ammo
freeing and you kind of do the toe for taste English it will not work because
the person is in a different target mode than you unless you have a friend as in
free aiming you and aim assist it and you can do that that way if you wanted
to but you get to this step good you have no Minnie Mouse if you do have a
minimize Minnie mount still my baby are y’all still heavy still make sure you
still keep doing the glitch until you hit it before you move on to the next
step or it will not work at all now this glitch still working as of today August
25th and a good eight o’clock right now 8:35 p.m. on my turn right now I’m
making this video so I wonder why they saying that is pets or it doesn’t work
because it does so after you go inside the cliffs tower you know you
teleporting out you’re doing a frantic teleportation glitch going to the
nightclub you’re going to either your arena ward or you going to your casino
penthouse whichever one you have I’m going to change these settings right
back to normal I’ll go ahead used to a button again but make sure you use
either one doesn’t really matter it’s really your choice your preference and
this field right here I’m going to use the nightclub so I’m going to show you
what you do from the nightclub so you can go to any other garage doesn’t
matter how many graphs you got make sure you just have a re check inside that
garage go to garage number two because as you
can see here I have full of stock or eight eighths ready to be duplicated and
be turned over and get my copy of my SEK that’s in common duplicating this video
so what you’re gonna do is get it to any car already taken or not mind losing
doesn’t matter drive it out and once you drive it out you should be basically out
your nightclub with no car no person vehicle should be out worth nothing
so what you want to do even go ahead calling your CEO get inside the buzzer
and then or you to do the teleportation it doesn’t really matter cuz you’re
outside the nightclub so either use a buzzer if you feel like flying over
there or do the friends teleportation glitch and this teleport over there
whichever way works best for y’all and your preference go ahead do that as well
so I’m doing the French Euler for tasting plates and I’m just go ahead and
get this invite up then after that going such a bunker and make sure and we’re
gonna start the bunker your cars to the same spots that you left it in the
beginning of this glitch now when you inside your bunker go ahead
make it way into the MOC but your car should be part right where you left it
at in beginning of this process instead of one so once you see your SC or any
penis car that you or a supercar that you duplicating in the same spot that
you left it at in the first step go ahead and get inside the car and when
you get inside the car make sure you have a blue circle and also do not press
right on the d-pad right away because you want to wait five to ten seconds to
make sure you have that screen to come up when it says personal vehicle storage
full because if you go too soon it will glitch out you might lose that car so do
not try to wait a good five ten seconds to be on the safe side first-rounder
d-pad and boom personal vehicle storage full and we got the glitch to work I got
to do is set this alert and boom guys guys duplicated the car and the
duplicated versions gonna be whatever you have it in the nightclub or inside
the penthouse or arena where there’s whichever one you used so if you want to
start over and do this listing all over again all you have to do is make sure
you go first start go to creator and go to an invite-only session again because
this Lobby is glitched out so yeah that’s basically it hope you all enjoyed
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the duplicated cars inside my nightclub before in the video after I show y’all
that’ll be it so as you can see there appeared in my nightclub inside the
exact same spot watch at the Artic tape from so I just made 1.7 million on to my
bank and head on to GTA online with no problem so stay tuned all guys see you
all y’all in my next video and I’m now


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This glitch works but just some viewers will be very hard to hit the glitch and get the timing right I made $10M+ in this video💰🙏🏽 hope you have a great day I’m out thanks For watching I got more coming otw💯

damn my fucking guy coming in clutch, FOR EVERYONE WONDERING LEMME GET THIS STRAIGHT! this is 100% working and my guy right here came in clutch with a workaround for a glitch that was just patched last week, there was this same glitch BUT rockstar patched the way you got rid of your minimap, BUT THEN my guy right here found a way around it which is clutch asf, THANK YOU FOR THIS VID🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

You don't have to wait 5-10 seconds on the planning board. All you have to do when you spam right d pad and it comes from the black screen to the heist board, make sure you don't see a flash from the outside world. If it goes directly from the black screen to the planning board with no view of the city then it should've worked and you shouldn't have a mini map.
It also works with faggios too.

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