GTA 5 Online Grand Theft Auto V PS3 #10 MULE & ARMORED TRUCK

Now you get the money, I’ll take out these cops, ready? Okay, no, no, no, hold on, hold on. (gunshots) Right it’s go time! (crashing) Ow! You squashed me! You need to go to the left and to the right. To close the doors. The doors will close, yeah. Go on, you shut them. You shut one. You shut two.
I shut them both! Yeah and I can..
Oh, my gosh! Can you get in please. I’ve got a well good idea though for the future though, Baba. (laughs) How do I open the door? Oh, there we go, there we go. (laughs) They’re not very open, are they? Oh, they’re wide open now. Alright I’m inside. Okay. But I might have pressed triangle. (laughs) Can you just… (truck reversing alarm) (laughs) Oh! I’ve got like a sliver of health, Baba. Boop! I’m sure you could.. hop on the back. You know like a fire truck.
You can’t. It isn’t open. Yeah it did.
You’ve broken it. Oh, you’re in. Are you in? Yeah (shoots)
Oh my gosh! Please don’t get the police on us. What? (laughs) I’m sorry if you had a bumpy ride. Brace yourself! Er, you might want to close this door.
It is closed! On my screen it’s open, I’ll go to this side anyway. It’s closed trust me.
Alright, I’m braced. Are you ready? 3-2-1! (laughs)
Did you stay in? No, I came out right at the end. (laughs) (laughs)(sighs) I stayed in for most of it Baba, then I just sort of, fell out the back. Okay, lets go faster then. Did you drive from far away?
Yeah. Oh!
Oh! What is that? (laughs) It was a tree. (laughs) A tree just came through.. or a little bush! I told you it was a tree! Aw, this car in front of me is going so slow. Yeah, I can see you going around that corner now, Baba. Okay, I’m going, 3-2-1! Whoa! (laughs) Oh, I made the jump…
I landed! Oh, you landed perfectly! (laughs) (other driver is angry) Uh! Oh!
Uh Oh! Right, lets go.. Wait, I’ve got a slight problem, we’re a little bit stuck. (laughs) That’s fine there’s another one here. I’me coming, bare with. You might as well just sit in the seet, Baba. How long can you stand like that for? Ages. We need to find a really low bridge. (laughs) I’m trying to shake you off, Baba. Oh, yes! This might be low enough! (laughs)
I’m quite.. Oh! (plays truck horn)
(gunshots) Whoa! Hang on! Hang about! What are you doing to my tyre? (laughs) Ow! (truck horn blasts) (laughs) Baba, I don’t think you deserve a ride now, Baba. Really? Then I’ll have to pop your other tyre! Come back here! No! Coca Cola! (truck horn)(crash)(angry driver screams) (gunshot) See I protected you.
Thank you. You’re not going to pop the tyres are you? You open up the back..
Yeah. ..and jump a couple of bikes into the back of it.. ..and escape from the police.
(laughs) How good an idea is that?
Fly! Fly! Fly! Lets go to the sky, sky, lets get away. (laughs) Ooh! Somebody can’t even set off! Did you like the explosion?
Up! Up! (machine guns)(explosion) Oop! Oop! Oop!
Oop! Oop! Oop! Oh! Aw! They drowned! Oh, we’ve got three cops on us now, Baba. Now we do need to escape. Why don’t you just shoot down their helicopter? Because it will be never ending. You shoot down one and er.. ..they’ll send something else at you won’t they. (explosion) Eh? Okay then!
(laughs) I wasn’t meaning to do that at all.
(laughs) We might have taken some significant damage. Bail, Baba! What? Ooh! Ooh! Did you evacuate? Ooh! I did say “bail”. (police sirens) Well, I know why you did it now. Yeah, we need to at least kill the driver, then it won’t disappear, will it? (Gunshots) Oh! Sorry, Baba. I thought you was Police. Kieran! (laughs) Did you have to run in front of me? Did you not see me murder four Police? I was gonna steal all your money and open up the doors and then you shot me! (laughs) I shot like four people infront of you, Baba. Loads of Police officers, and you just bloody ran in front of me. So when I pressed the next button, to go onto the next target, it went on to you! There’s two cops in that car in front, Baba.
Did you get the money? No, you get the money, I’ll take out these cops, ready? Okay, no, no, hold on, hold on! (gunshots) Right it’s go time! Ow! You squashed me! I did say, “it’s go time!” Oh, God!
Quick! Quick! Quick! (laughs) I’m having problems! You have to be snappy, Baba.
We have no helicopter either. Do you want a lift? Too late! What do you mean, “too late”?
I’d already driven off. I got like £11,000! Are you jelly? (jealous) Have you got jelly in your wellies? (wellington boots) Where’s my £11,000? The least you can do is share with me after what I just did for you. I wish I could.. Ooh! (crash) Mine only says, 286-46.
Eh? I have so much ammo to buy.
(sniggers) It’s going to cost me a fortune. I’ve got like no bullets in anything! Oh! Don’t squash me! Lets go to the guns, guns, lets go to the guns. Okay.
Oh, it’s next door anyway. But I never know.. eh..’s so much harder buying from here though. (explosion) Oh, my gosh! It wasn’t me. (whispers) Yeah, of course. Hmm, hmm, it wasn’t me. Oh? (gunshot)
Store keeper: You Moron! Oh, you’ve er.. (gunshots) You’re lucky I saved you then, Baba. Saved me from what? Because he just got his gun out, he was going to kill you. But I saved you. (clanging noise of gas granades) (gunshots) How can you shoot from in there? I can’t.. What? How did you get on the roof? (laughs) I’m not on the roof. I’m being gassed though! Blood hell, Hitler! (laughs) All I could here was, ding, ding, ding, ding of these gas canisters being thrown at me! (laughs) There was millions of them. (gunsshot) Ow! I’m just making sure you don’t shoot me first. (gunshot) No, don’t shoot! Well, don’t shoot me. (gunshot) I won’t shoot you. Don’t shoot! I said I won’t shoot you! You just shot me! (gunshot) Ah! (laughs) You’ve killed me five times! You’ve killed me about 100 times! Oh! You dropped money and everything, but I have to leave, the Police are coming. Oh, dear! (gunshots) Hey! 6-2 You’re the one who’s killed 5 times! Right we’re fair now.
No! (laughs) What do you mean, “no”? (gunshots) No! You’re winning! I have no bullets free damn you! Did you not just buy some? The cops are really bad in this town, have you noticed? Yeah, yeah! That was you! Whoa! That was a cop though, that cop went well fast! Have you gone into passive mode? (laughs) No! Whoa! You’re still killing me! (sniggers) I was in passive mode though. Ignore! I don’t want to do a deathmatch. Right. It flies! No! Ho! Ho! Why did you do that? But, I’ve got no bullets! It’s okay, I can run you over. I don’t even have a vehicle. No! Na,na,na, No! This is a revenge for all those times you killed me. You’re lying. I only killed you once, apparently, you liar. Hold on! You said you have no bullets! I only have a few, okay? You shouldn’t lie to me like that.
Now I’ve got 3 bloody cop cars after me! (laughs) I have 3 stars as well.
You could have told me you had 3 cops. Where are you? Have you used, off the RADAR? It’s a bit cheap that, Baba. (gunshots) Ow! Could you see me on your map? Baba! Baba!
What? Can you see me on the map?
Yeah. No. But. Yeah, I can actually. (gunshots) Argh! I was crouched. Well not fair! I hate these bloody sierns.. oh, gosh, you’re coming! (gunshots) Oh, we both killed and shot at the same time. (laughs) I didn’t realise you where behind me! (laughs) I was still crouched waiting for you.. Oh, my God! Oh, my! You cheated! (laughs) That was like the quickest reactions ever. (laughs) Oh! (gunshots) Nah! Come on! (taps buttons furiously) (laughs) I’m just gonna pop behind you. Are you off the map or something?
Look! (Girly screams!) (laughs) That’s well crap how it does that. (laughs) How did you spawn next to me? That’s cheating! We kept.. we did it 4 times in a row, Baba! No!
Yeah! I’m not the loser, you’re the loser!
I’ve got the footage! What car should I get? At the garage. Where are you? Hop in. No!
That’s what happens to scumbags! It’s on that.. OUCH! I’ll just hug the car for a little bit. Now can you stop killing meeee! (sad) Credits Actors: Kespired
KoomariT Editing: Sang3ETA
Captions: Sang3ETA Stage: Grand Theft Auto V
by Rockstar Games
on Sony Playstation 3 Music: Can’t Take You by
Sony Creative Software Please thumbs up if you laughed. Thanks for watching!

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