GTA 5 Online Grand Theft Auto V PS3 #5 GANG ATTACK TRAM

Eh? You popped my tire and everything.
Did I? Is that not enough?
(laughs) Eh?
(laughs) I wanted to show you my new car. Kieran, I’ve got no bullets or anything.
Ooh! Er! What’s wrong with that? It’s a BMW?
Just stay there please. Aw! I just dropped my jerry can.
Oh my gosh! I can’t even pick it up.
Why would you do this to me? I saw a gun come out then.
Because I dropped my jerry can. Eh? You know what I like to do?
It’s not there, you picked it up. I’ve got bullet proof tyres, you can’t do that. Do you? No, I didn’t pick it up.
It just disappeared, it’s not in my inventory any more. Eh?
How cheeky is that? We need to go find, erm.. cars.
You broke my door now. I shall start looking.
I shall take that ride. No! My car! (laughs)
Baba that’s evil. Which car is yours? Oh that one?
I hit them both. Hey, look! It’s an Audi R8. You’ve not hit this R8 have you?
Argh! Baba! What a scum bag!
I actually did hit it, but i have now again. Hey! It’s quite fast.
It’s like the same speed as your car. No it’s not because..
Whoa! That car just bounced for no reason! (laughs) I don’t know what cars we need. Hmm! Go to the golf course, that’s always the best..
Where’s the gold course? Er. It’s just straight down this road.
You’re going the wrong way. Golf people always have fast cars.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Do I need this car?
Don’t damage it whatever you do. Probably the wrong car. Yep, I’ve got us two cars, Baba!
You take the green one, I’ll take the black one. The green one that’s just driving away?
Like a mad man! Yeah, it looks like the James Bond car.
Kind of. Ooh! James Bond.
I’ve got this car. I think we both have.
Where’s the car change shop? Er. I think it’s just up the road behind us.
Except you’re going to bring all the police with you. No, there’s none here. It might close though, (laughs)
you never know what it’s like. Why? How much did you have to pay?
£100. I had to pay £56,
even though I didn’t damage it all. Probably because you stole it. Now where is..
Whoa! How did you pop out over there? I know! I’m backwards! (laughs)
What’s that all about? Oh! Whoa! Whoa! (hold in laugh)
What? Because I know, I would get the
blame, if you hit me. (laughs) Why did you come behind me?
You’d go, “Kieran why did you crash into me?” Be careful because all these people..
I was parked there. ..look at this car in the middle of the road.
(laughs) That’s my car actually! But, shhh! Don’t tell anyone.
It’s a race. (laughs) No! Because everybody drives like mad men.
(laughs) Any time we say it’s a race, you crash. Oh! There’s an armoured truck as well.
What? Do you want to get it, Baba?
No, you can have it. Right, I’m heading to the truck.
How much money have you got? £78,000
Yeah, you can have it. How much money have you got, Baba?
£358,000 Eh? You might be able to afford all
the new cars and stuff. They might not be cute. Oh! Trust me, there’s some nice ones coming out.
Is there? Is there?
Uh! ha! Have you seen them?
Yeah, I’ve only seen the front of them though. Kie, they might be ugly from..
..behind and that’s a big no, no! Eh? I need some songs.
Sing a song for me now! (sings) Sing a song a six-pence,
a pocket full of rye.. (sings) If you see a crocodile,
don’t forget to scream. No! You’re mixing up two songs! What?
You mixed up some two songs! No, I didn’t.
Yeah, the first ones.. no the seconds ones..
Row, row, row your boat. (sings) Sing a song a six-pence,
a pocket full of rye.. (sings) If you see a crocodile..
Yeah, i don’t know how that goes. (sings) Don’t forget to scream.
No! That’s not how it goes! Yes it is.
You mad man! You’re a Looney Tune!
(laughs) Cute one. Lets see how much damage..
..I did to this car, £500. What car?
The one that you had to sell? I’ve not sold it yet.
I just went and got it fixed. So I could take it in perfect condition.
Really? (toots horn) Let me hit your car!
Let me hit your car! Let me hit your car! Oh my God! (laughs)
Quick! Quick! Quick!
No! Go! Go! Go! (laughs) Oh! No!
(sighs) No! No! Don’t do that!
Did it count? Phew! Yeah, I always pick the cheapest one.
Which? What? Are you not offering me a lift?
What are you doing? (plays musical car horn)
(laughs) God! That horn! I’ll buy it a normal horn.
(laughs) How do I get out of here? Go straight ahead.
You lying? And then turn left onto there.
Yep! There you go. Toot! Toot! Toot! (plays shorter horn)
Eh? That’s my, Toot! Toot! Right, turn left now,
up this alley way. Gang attack!
No! Er! I’ve got no bullets! Are you being serious?
Eh? Urgh! Oh, look! At this perfect parking.
I didn’t hit anything. Urgh! That’s me you hit!
Oh my God! Baba! You had to do that, didn’t you?
Uh! Hu! I’m going to die! Kie get in my brum, brum. (car)
Help! Help! Help! Jesus Christ, Baba!
Where the hell are they? Excuse me!
One bullet and I’m dead! Jeese, Baba! Jeese.
Are you dead? Jesus, he died for our sins.
They’re damaging my car! Get in, Kie.
Are we not doing the gang attack? No! I’ve got no bullets!
You must have, like, hand gun bullets, Baba? Oh!
Ready? Stand next to this green box, Baba. Near where the pipes are?
Right, there’s ammo inside that box for you. I hate trying to hit..
..where is everyone? Oh! There’s millions coming!
Wah! (explosion)
Ooh! Was that your car? Oh my God! Was that my car?
(laughs) I don’t know, that’s what I’m saying. (laughs)
Oh no! Your car’s still alive. It’s next to a car that just exploded.
But.. it’s still alive. Oh my God!
Look how many bullet holes are inside of it. Yeah, that’s when I was trying to pick you up..
..and you was being a noob (newbie). I did say let’s do a gang attack. No! You said “Drive up this road”. Yes, so you could go.
We don’t even get anything for gang attacks. Yeah, you do! Look!
There’s money there, Baba. Barely anything.
And there’s ammo. We did it! .. I win!
Eh? .. I got 11. How many did you get?
I got 11. I got 100.
And I leveled up. My gosh! There’s some machine guns..
..on the floor there, Baba. Probably spent more on ammo than I did picking up.
Eh? It’s really beautiful with gun holes in it.
(laughs) We need to do a pit stop.
Eh? I can’t drive it now. Could you drive it in the first place?
(laughs) Yeah. Uh! Oh!
(holds in laughter) Things are hidden, okay?
(laughs) Uh! Oh! Uh! Oh! (laughs)
Weee! Eh? Look at that poo (shit) car. That’s a very dangerous..
What?.. Why would you leave me like that? A very dangerous driver..
..should not have a licence! Oh my God!
(laughs) Why? Why? (laughs) Eh? You popped my tyre and everything.
Did I? Is that not enough? Eh? (laughs)
I just ripped the door off, to get out, Baba. Don’t shoot me! Hold on! Argh!
Money! The police are after me.
Good! They should be. It’s there job to catch scum bags.
How much money did you lose? I got £200 and odd.
Probably, yeah. Do you want a lift?
Er? No! Not now. (laughs)
With millions of police on you. Do you want a lift?
I’ve only got one star, it’s nearly gone. How do I get down there? Will that bit explode, that? Yeah, probably.
Wait, while I lose the police. There’s a road. Why have we got no jobs?
Because they don’t have one. (driver) Jesus Christ!
Eh? (driver) Fucking cock!
He’s coming for you! I’m suprised the police didn’t catch us then.
Why? They’re miles away. Oh! There we go.
What! Yep, end of the line.
Move your car! Sorry! I was trying to get on the ladder.
You’re such a liar! They’re two different buttons.
I’m not dumb you know! Oh! It says.. Baba’s car has been impounded. Ah! I wish Ron would stop calling me!
Maybe I should, like, actually accept his calls. Eh? He might give you a job.
Yeah, exactly. I want to jump off on top of these poeples heads.
Eh? I’ll pick you up so you can get a parachute, Baba.
Okay. Then I want to jump on
these people down here. I’ve kind of got the police on me though.
Oh! Now you tell me! Are you drunk?
Jump! Jump! Jump! How do I open a parachute? Er. “X”
“X”? I’m going to land on my people. Uh! Oh!
(laughs) You didn’t have to push me out
over the buildings, did you? (laughs) Why did you..? That was hilarious, Baba.
I didn’t.. (laughs) Oh! Dear! (laughs) Oh my.. someones shooting me, is that you?
No! I’m not near you. I would pick you up but I’ve got a load of police.
Oh! Ah!.. Well done! Yeah, that’s a bad idea standing there. How did you know?
I could hear it. Chu! Chu! Uh! Oh! There’s a helicopter chasing me. Oh my gosh! Did you die? No. Did you try to bomb me?
Ah! There’s a police car. I’m just shooting at police. Are we doing a mission? Yeah, if you want.
Okay, I’ll be back in a minute. Oh, my gosh! I can see you!
That’s so cute. Can I get in? Can you see the little tram as well, Baba?
Yeah. You havn’t got police on you have you? Oh! Can I get in the tram?.. How do I get in?
That’s what i said. I think you have to be on the
platform and you just walk in. No! Don’t run off!
Can I get into your tram? He loves me, he let me on. Ah! Bye! Are you on the tram?
Yeah, I can see you through the door. Can you see me?
Yeah. Wait there, Baba. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!
Did you see that? No but I can see inside the tram’s cab.
I can see like loads of cars driving around. Eh? Are you at the back window?
I was then. Can you believe these doors are open?
Oh my gosh! Oh my..
That was a perfect hit and everything. (laughs) Did it come through the door?
Yeah it shot me in the face! (laughs) (sighs) Right, I just need to lose the police..
..and we’ll do this mission, Baba. Okay. Credits Actors: Kespired
KoomariT Editing: Sang3ETA Stage: GTA5 by Rockstar Games
on Sony Playstation 3 Music: Can’t Take You
by Sony Creative Software English Captions: Sang3ETA
Other Captions: Google Translate Please thumbs up if you laughed.
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