GTA 5 Online Grand Theft Auto V PS3 #7 TROLLING & INVISIBLE

What? Now I’ve got police on me!
What the hell? (holds in laugh) (laughs)
Kieran! I’m on fire, Baba. Uh! Oh! (sings) I’m on fire! (sing) Dur, Dur, Dur, Dur! Oh my God! What? It’s very hot right now. That’s why it’s called summer time. Yeah, I’m not going to the beach no more.
(sings) Summer, summer, summer time. I’m not going to the beach no more. What? No. Hey! You’ve got a bounty. What? It’s closed the shop! Because somebody.. (laughs) How about this for clothe parking?
Oh my gosh! Sell me clothes. You closed the shop! Here, I’ll sell you clothes, Baba. Hey! We can steal the money!
Come and buy clothes. Come and buy clothes from me, Baba.
I’m coming! You have no choice.
Hello. Hello, what clothes would you like? Stick them up!
(gunshot) I’m an idiot,
now I’ve got police on me! Excuse me?
(laughs) I’ll just hide in here, while i wait for them to go. Did the shop only close because you came in and killed the poor woman? No, I came in and she like,
spazed out and ran away. Yeah, then I killed her.
I didn’t even kill her. I killed her afterwards. No! I killed her! It’s like the Italian Job, Baba. (police sirens) Then, don’t let them in. Are the police after you as well? No. No? (whispers) Hey!
Ouch! Ow! Ow! (laughs) Eh? Er! Ow! Don’t! I’m nearly dead, I’m nearly dead!
I’M NEARLY DEAD! I’M.. (laughs) I was automatically killing you. If my car gets impounded now.. Has it? No, thank God! (police sirens) I’ve still got the police on me. Oh God! There’s a cop in the shop! (laughs) And he can’t get out, Baba. (laughs) (police sirens) Is he stuck with you? Yeah, there’s cop trying to get in,
and a cop trying to get out. (laughs) Whatever you do, don’t wreck that car, there, because I need that, thank you. Can you get in Baba? (laugh) Oh! Where’d the cop go he just spazed through the wall. I got in. But it’s still closed! What is this?
Yeah, it’ll stay closed until we go out of the area and come back. Really?
Or it might stay closed for a day. All these police keep on hitting the doors to get in.
(police shout instructions to give up) (explosion) Oh my gosh! What? Now I’ve got police on me! What the hell?
(laughs) Kieran! I’m on fire, Baba! (laughs) Uh! Oh!
(sings) I’m on fire, dur, dur, der, dur, dur. Oh my God!
What? I burned to death. I was like KFC chicken. Go, go, go, go, go! Your vehicle has not been impounded. (sarcasm) Oh, shit! (driver screams) Oh, Jesus! Urgh! Oh! I just stole a car in front of the cops. (whistles) (police sirens) (inaudible) (laughs) Why did your car smash glass all on it’s own? Did it? Yeah! Not on my screen. A lot of the front of it’s all damaged and the side. Not on my screen, not the glass, anyway. Oh, yeah. I’ll show you! Here it’s damaged, here it’s damaged. No it’s not. no it’s not! There it’s damaged, the window’s broke. Anyway, we’re going to the clothes shop, before you rudely interrupted me. (sings) To the beach, beach, lets go to the beach. No, I’m not going to the beach no more. Why? Too good for the beach now? Not got the right outfit. Yeah!
(car alarm) What stealth have you got, Baba? Er. 40 odd. (shop woman) Lord have mercy! (screams) What, have you done again? Now I’ve got stupid pants on that don’t fit with my flip flops! (laughs) Can you stop doing that! (laughs) Do you want to die? Ouch! You squashed my bottom. And your head! (laugh) Sorry, Baba! Sorry!
Sorry, I apologize! (laughs) Argh!
You’re meant to (sings) Too late to apologize, too late.. I wish you’d stop killing me.
I’m going to get revenge now. Yeah, please. Please get revenge while I’m parked next to your expensive car, you want to sell. (sings) Lets go to the beach, beach.. It’s not going to be that expensive because I’ve damaged it. (gunshot, people scream)
Argh! Did you damage my tyre? Yeah, I think you did because my bumpers.. like, wobbly. I was trying to get you in the head though, Baba. I shot you window, not the tyre.
Oh my God! You’ve shot the window! Oh my gosh! Right, I’ll stop it now. Go get your clothes. (sad) I don’t want clothes no more. Because I know you’re gonna cry. I’ve got stupid pants on. (laughs) suits you.
Somebody closed the store! It suits you.
Aw, thank you. Oh! There you go. You’re gonna take this car whether you like it or not.
Fine I’ll get out.. of here. It might have a scratch on it.
Don’t shoot me when you get here. Ha! I thought you said it was perfect! You’re miles away! I’m pretty sure it’s perfect, but it might not be. Look at me in my flippy floppies. Eh? Oh! Thanks! You crashed the car, you know. (explosion) Whoa! (laughs) What the hell? (laughs) Why? Why?
What the hell was that? Wasn’t that good? (laughs) I saw you go flying (laughs) It was so funny! What the hell was that? Sticky bombs? I still can’t sell.. what’s going on?
You still can’t sell? Even though I’ve paid my utility bills and everything. I love sticky bombs. I think you should give up on that dream of selling your house. I know!
It’s never going to happen, is it? Ring them up, ring,ring! A plane? Not a plane. They sell other things besides planes and boats. What do they sell? I’m going collecting it now. Right. I’m outside. (toots horn) My shoes don’t match. Hop in!
Why did you buy such a thing? Hop in the back, Baba. I don’t think I can. You can, it says it seats 10 people. It’s not letting me. No. I just went all the way around. Get out, and go to the er.. side door. The side door? Wait. I’ll.. park it like.. this. Can you see, just behind my door, there’s like a door? Yeah!
Oh, yeah! (laughs) Great! I’ve got one here, I’m chasing it down. Oh! I’ve damaged it. It happens. No worries. How’s that.. (inaudible) (laughs) That actually hurt you, that? Yeah. No, it diddn’t actually. I lied. Ouch! What? (laugh) (laughs) Is that actually hurting you? Yeah, it is a little. A little bit. This your car? No, I stole it. What are we doing, Baba? Getting Kieran out of the car.
No! Say what?
What? What? (laughs) Why did you turn into a ghost? (laughs) Why did you turn into a ghost, Baba? (laughs) You were gonna blow me up! Yeah, but you started flashing! You turned into a ghost, no joke! (explosion) Holy Moly! (sings) Quite control-y, how does your garden grow? (laugh) Did you enjoy, erm.. being exploded? You shall pay! We could go and jet fighters. Can we? Yeah, I can’t fly though, you know that! It’s like £5,000 though. What does? Jet fighters. Do they? Only £5,000? Hmm. To get it just once.
I thought they cost more than that. Yeah you have to pay £5,000 every time, Baba. Oh! That’s okay.. Every time you crash! Yeah. (laugh) Now where is that Kieran.. Ooh! Simeon wants a car. Er. Bagsy! (laughs) I think I’m the closest. Not if I get there first. Are you? Ner, ner, na, ner, ner!
Oh, no, no, no! (laughs) Ner, ner, na, ner, ner!
Ner, ner, na, ner, ner! Go, go, go, go! Why won’t it start up? (laughs) What car is that? A Thunder Land Stalker Oh! Blimey! (laugh) Cor, blimey! Blimey. Cor.. Blimey! Are you a mad man? (laughs) Ouch! Look after yourself. Beep, beep! (laughs) I thought you always steal Land Stalkers.
How did you not know what car it was? Because, I’m in the air!
Oh! They look different from the top. Aw! You’ve ditched your little.. (laughs) Car thing. Eh?
I don’t know what you call it. Porsche? No, your church one.
Where you can fit all the people in the back. (laughs) They’re like those library ones,
that they used to have. Eh?
That you used to go in the back and get a book. Do you remember?
Eh.. Yeah, ye! I remember. (laughs) Watch out down this road, Baba.
It’s dangerous! Yeah, I know, they’re lunatics! You’re the worst of them all! Oh my gosh! You’re in the danger zone..
Well that’s not gonna help! (laughs) Whatever you do, don’t blow me up! It doesn’t lock on to you. I can’t even see you! (laughs quietly) I’ve driven away.
What the hell? If I just drive like a normal person,
you won’t even know. You’re that one there. Which one? Oh! No! Uh! Oh! That’s not a Land Stalker! (laughs) It’s a er.. Bowler.
What are you doing? Er! It’s a Land Stalker!
It says the new Land Stalker SUV! You’ll have to show me. I wish you wasn’t such a noob sometimes. You cause me so many problems.
I can’t see you, you’re invisible. Yeah! You’re invisible on my screen, Baba! What the..? What? I just went passed you! Am I here? Oh my gosh!
Don’t, oh! You just damaged the car. No, I can’t see you!
Honest to God, Baba, where are you? I’m here! Toot! Toot! (sounds horn)
Are you taking the mic? Let me get out of my helicopter then. No, here! Beep! Beep! (sounds horn) Right, climb now. Climb.. see you’re on the car!
Whoa! You’re on it! What? See what i mean? I’ll show you the recording, Baba. Oh! Wait, I’ve lost the police now, show me again. Oh, you took it in the garage? No? I’m here! I’m here! (laughs)
Oh! Right! Drive directly in front of me, and I’ll climb on. Okay.. Okay, climb on! See? You’re on top now.
No, I’ve fallen down now. You’ve fallen? Oh! I’m actually inside your car!
I think! I can hear you. Did you get squashed? No! I’m still stood up!
Wait, I’ll kill ya! Er.. no! (laugh) Shoot me once, just incase. I’ve got blood stains everywhere. Can I get out of my car? (gunshot) (gunshot) I didn’t mean kill me! Jesus! (laughs) I wanted to see whether you was invisible or not!(laugh) Credits Actors: Kespired
KoomariT Editing: Sang3ETA Stage: GTA 5 by Rockstar Games
on Sony Playstation 3 Music: Can’t take You by
Sony Creative Software Please thumbs up if you laughed. Thanks for watching!


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