GTA 5 Online Heist Vehicle Guardian Customization 1.24 “GTA 5 Online Guardian 1.24

GTA 5 Online Heist Vehicle Guardian Customization 1.24 “GTA 5 Online Guardian 1.24 wassup guys Korea’s crazy a crazed
apparatus damn paint gt5 unlike I’m Stanley show you another car I
bought on the actual height update where as you can on Tuesday as
the map & Guardian now this car is absolutely brain is a
massive is like a sign King really you can’t do many upgrades to it I the
NDP can change dick those pipes from chrome to black
but that’s pretty cool cuz you know I like crime lol and I just playing crime his a just
signed up pretty well it makes you look even more boss SolarOne programming in the lobby if you
wanna see my whole garish hice kids I I do you have a high starch if
you wanna see that there now in the comment section I can def make a video
not I could make I’ll it appears of going
around saying I want high starch is cuz now be pretty cool to see animals you I
could have a cause you guys use heel heights so I’m the big with South
you can customize any kind upgrade Obama breaks engine transmission
suspension you can change a color vague the crew
emblem on it I’m there is little you can design a night
you can change bumpers you can change back bumpers there’s not much you can
change your agency eggs or so that’s a one big letdown but less fit is
pretty good I mean Accies out to our up a pushy I don’t
have enough money anymore cuz I did did in my case but II she didn’t do it last night so I
didn’t have enough money to upgrade and I don’t know why I money Doki easily soap radio again tonight or tomorrow
busque see you can do a lot different things you put a hole in safely neon
lights on it a map to save up alarm unimportant loads
neon lights like as a just make even more boss at the kremlin what Crohn’s duplicate
all alone here for some reason I S is the biggest south which is
basically a chi don’t get a special happen ask for more gt5 on I’m is going today
def get going to be like this let me know what you favor hi speaker is
my question you guys wage a favor hi speak O and I try and
get it bought in case this guy was code is go we did get it but he is
described as but in thousands guy was now I’ll I’m trying to get to 14,000 if
that can happen or you as a brain teamwork in
subscribing to us is perhaps a brain and how to support videos now see guys later good


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