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GTA 5 PC okay call either good or bad I hey you what’s going on everybody
before the video stores as one where you know we’re doing the big is GTA 5 shark
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double your chances make sure to share on Facebook as well as Twitter you guys enjoy the video and good luck the mid right I really feel like you’re
about to go makes across the map Mande like you can’t have that you know
breaking bad character hang on Sunday or summat demonic up at the saying I like back is like but like me right pride are in nearly across the map there I guess what
on that’s what on but not dude don’t turn around look
at me I’m not the train not god damn drape I in the teacher all yeah and he are drawn all all messy although I
cannot go to: guidance guys there thank you for
creeping up in our room today while we’re having fun I think that’s apparent
early we don’t tell my daughter hi guys it wat you know how you did you
or me to just I don’t nobody this so maybe I will you step by step
tutorial okay are you just you just get right next to don’t get in
yet don’t get any okie so these are late we treaties with respect right this is like a woman Jake if you
will look behind you you’ll see a high jump I’m extending
next on look to your right home wall wholly cannoli those things are bad ass
you give lower on a bad day teach you you first have to get him so piling on mine okay are you ready to take for left harm
ready for liftoff captain well fiscal or well Orlando Island applying busy out-take I’m about to go into
overdrive mode up when they go into overdrive mode you
might die tell me when you’re ready I’ll I’m ready or dry mode activate all I about I mmm mom I do I good elementary oh i mean one 21 you’re flying one i press right on the d-pad wall know what this guy doing go is gonna
going to harm no right on the people of Mombasa I’m
not doing anything mister I’m thinkin wat wall DC all my god this
is sick micah moore United are you really had
your body’s d berries out basically we’re in harbor
Moggi you see if you wanna boost mode you like
your turn and the median and renewed you occupied for sex we can you want to hang out some other
sites combo you guys at home this is going to turn
into a little to the National Geographic type video but that’s really what we’re
about here were about teaching everyone and some hydros have sex to make new
ideas that’s why the american government has
so many up right rights is gonna come on here I’m going
into the Hydra meeting position first time with you blast my hydro back
and that’s where you can insert your
hydrofoil all all okay I go using howie’s now the mail
hydro will insert yes hikers of decor years
ago I’d be do in this part of fucked when insert your hide your stick
into my of okay low bit high overall oil Hydra I know ingly using scaring overall yet close can close we’re coming back from that were %uh pushed hardest time
were partially onto an amazing dads call my up and I made I make a little baby everyone now in five weeks will have a tiny
little Hydra I i’m gonna do you %uh all I got was
thinking about didn’t think it was like fuckin 360 or
fail I’m Pikachu ride catch him all day got the for on I’m comin I don’t think that I Y I’m comin I’m comin I’m I gonna get a paraglider hope later I i cum Allen when the helicopters captors you cue oh my god they being up the trucks over
here our own outlaws and we should have some battles
going on all that like to be it now okay came here arm so they’ve got the vietnam
helicopter slicked & p burn be an on-site you know I’ll another
battle it now we blow that up by think we lose two games troubling elsa
blowed up I get are you guys ready place your bets
in the comment section down below who will win captain Jake
wild or Ryan this shit stirrer alright harsh what has dubbed the
weapons all Asher I fuckin yes I leon’s bitch who literally harass you rock and then I cannot be jailbroken did this some more I can hear you Jake
you’re quiet I N Yap at 90 calories site I’m in Hydra they’re only in a
helicopter is clearly a on FB basically how this works is
johan jet you have to like lock on yeah on this you don’t your knowledge
about now braille hope every guy how this is going to be a
really cool stunt waco I was not a really cool stunt RJ Julia tell you want a job might maybe maybe a hope gorgeous Padres burner like
a top options hump opposite thing child the push it out shoot I’m coming I’m your helicopter
were never man not mountain I mister shock for
rhyme is your dog home much new and to trading day you or you wanna met with
the tranny all cases action me ok no you know I’ve middlebury fed explosive rounds like vietnam all over
again ass miss any thank you period yes I damn a million and a wholly high jump high jump for again at bale I so don’t don’t you mean I’m
gonna have you been on Haley ok passable the brings back bad memories do like
what the fuck used in a the good in the vietnam million shoot
yeah you just can’t be in a primary care you
take this one hope Sr page ahead you like on you so generous Beach
Airport machine gun it’s been our you’re like a gender is Jenny ups iraq
on do that I mean you know aus batboy whole lot
there were a lot of sexy ladies this a passenger seat does Indian but say and
then without a sexy ladies bananas sexy is this delivered on done done to write so we
got a lot on missile rockets ans all OG’s RI mmm that these bad boys already now I’m
stole my god on right freak KJ I’m gonna come for a borrowed
McFlurry here we come up okay all about it bro I have checked with me off guard she Howard I just op Abd Allah going to Grandma’s I like a test I’ll miss you can be up to
a bar I’m pop how about we call the truth I would go
down let me do a lander got a badass tip other like bringing topspin & bitch at communal and is hiders our family on my
clean government well as disable however no wonder they
were however and we’re gonna come down here now
filled you home all by the way out of Blackbird there okay
don’t listen to me you know that works fairly high titers don’t know I don’t
like not what what okay Ryan on the ground
getting out and explore head or chrome soon I’ll you i’d rise Julio oh my god is bad air like the pub in
inbounds alright let’s just pick one in the cars
here this is why I really wanna have Maya home when these bad boys paraded in the hike in the turret arm guy getting them
back seat try in the work that way I was
gonna work I want you mister tear it come almost
dirty air guys like get up here not yeah I mean
ater no oca you get in through the back all hold
why arm around the back seat up where units
to hey all up don’t pull the wire on the
back Carlos it yeah golfers person let’s go invade a country
Jake Ryan I like your oh yeah you know what
body hey buddy you might want to watch the
sky he’s got some become an inbounds iraq I watched Top Gear yet got nothin
on me bitch alright is there i weird support or 44 I’ll gob arming target carry goat yeah share upset the Brickyard okay the British are
coming in their IQ ok wired all I I got it all that adds all yeah I heart are you alive light Paper Press 100 day Monday at what you get are I our day will get a lot of the copter right the last helicopter were
abandoning ship I’ll buy black even work no no many I even managed to do male
activate parachute yep between spreading d-pryde I income and are getting your passenger
with a blow some shit up doesn’t work like that all week toughly try coriole girl college try you
know when I was invented right college I’m in a machine gun go I’m coming wind back evening in a machine gun
budget get a good are you on your machine gun truck on me just like your here scam Jeep mild be playing the machine can these deeply
on on your end here allowing I IQ mirrored yeah map play now know what go to stealing a II I i apologize. can you come back here
I wanna do some vietnam reenactments a man every acre on after a rash oh hey
all God I’ll that’s my man right there alright so is the plan alright be a car or what the what’s happening
all his run different teams we can do it Ryan okay here you know what you’re gonna try in do some sort of air arm landing zone I’ll be the vietcong and I’ll be I’ll be
shooting you okay all right on let me come over the Hells
okay okay I’ll come over the hill all i care america wanna be like me caller ID income rules getting ready I’ll be coming over from the left ish
side the airfield luck dish but at the end up its toga I are your
honor yep this is the Viet Cong we don’t have been a lot more on on a
chronic problem rollback go back alright three 21 action mel gibson
you’re on make sure you’re all in all we see the
dirty Americans they don’t like rights in spring we’re almost okay like a rightward why hike got all we gotta our guys are you know I try
to hide your results technology Aaron the hardest honor 42 are not figure out alright all other column in a Broken
Arrow they’re calling it a broken now a grout by yapping got pic up are %ah boy you wanna parking job I guess alright repaired
Americans yeah I got stale that while we save our
eyes you go right now you you know go to
AAMCO either good or bad I Big Dawg pack gone yeah yeah but nope it is go back to your McDonalds he
got nor your honor’s more all got or yellow bus special of
all I Cup thank you or the well with you I think this guy to robs up are checking
out up the awesome the new highs DLC
vehicles I hope you guys enjoy this video hope you guys like checking out some the
new highs DLC being killers they are very awesome very cool and I think we’re
gonna have some really cool on in the future with these definitely
some really awesome app so I think some people are gonna make and pile up points I do a rewrite on
tonya gotta face the map jury rather area I’m I love this idea are bearing I think so much right is
video that has been taken right from TPB as we did enjoy these major hit that
like button as well as subscribe for more awesome GTA 5 concept to get away on the Delta entering the giveaway pro
was saying something about at the start the video major enter into that hole because when
we get back to you guys lobby I love armies and your all you guys per
so awesome and I’m actually where they miss pole
winner very good I love you so much you’re amazing they did come out to the
video and weak with you guys next time theme


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