GTA 5 Online How to make the Kuruma car spawn in the Pacific Standard Heist

Yo guys this is mr gaming717 and welcome to another video Today is my first grand theft auto online video So today I am going to show you how to make the armored car or the chroma car spawn In the pacific standard final heist so if you enjoyed this video please drop a fat likened lets get started The first way how to get the chroma car spawned or the armoured car is to go to this appartment and you will have to buy it So as you can see here on the map it is marked here So go to it and just purchase it So why the hell you will buy this apartment Because if you jumped over here As you can see here there There is the place which will be the gateway bikes So you just have to destroy the bikes and climb over the fence And there yo go you are in the apartment So this was the first way how to get the churoma car spawned So the second way is very simple all you have to do is to bring your churoma Park it in this apartment’s garage And thats it So now into the third way Once your objective to go to the gateway bikes Just as we planned Go over the fence and climb And in a hurry enter the apartment before the police see you And the police see you can not enter your apartment So as you can see here,click enter with nearby players So what does this do The other players will be automatically invited to your apartment But as you can see on my screen two of my friends weren’t near me So they didn’t enter my apartment So all we have to do So you have to keep up together Because when you enter the apartment They will automatically enter with you So all you have to do now Is to go to your garage And you will find the chroma where you have parked it All you have to do is enter the churoma And get out and collect your friends


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