GTA 5 Online: MARIO KART RAINBOW ROAD (Grand Theft Auto 5 Video) With GTA 5 Funny Moments in (GTA 5)

(GTA 5) (GTA Online) (GTA 5 Video) (GTA) RAR fatima must expect goes for Fiskars pro its her you home it’s ok just are you which you know swimming but cannot spawn okay know what’s going on
everybody its Jake a ride if simply you episodes yet but I’ve got no
issues real quick I don’t think that’s how
anyone fame water 3 me up many ni ride your really hard day right did not
come to work I’ll why I got steak fry work blood GTA 5 let you
download this map has always bring you the funny pictures
Skyview Mario Kart rabbi satellite fire its mammoth RAR field been binned lie year hack into my I condemn laying in the Sun scans are I I missed that one day but a god I’m by its okay page because I am yet always done that the good already ready row blacked out oca ha just exploded a poor person tell their one whom I thought I was like he
was walkin minding his own business in Graham I
came down on the hem like the thors hammer if whom the who for she’s ira calming down contact earth its you poll first Dutch pitched huh I P H I E adapt by like guys before we get too
far into this video I did want to mention that we had a question for you
guys and that was a very special on why did
you blow ’em up big must ask Obama this pitch in like sum I
must expect goes hope this goes up for that my po not for me to come world only you get the most finally do with my sloppy seconds always keep mother always hot like a demand fun dad every as we have a question for you
and now was it you wanted he cheats he fide PC giveaway now we did GTA 5 shark
card giveaway and at the house really awesome all the
guys love shark cars because law who doesn’t love shark right it’s free money by now we’ve don’t really know if you
guys would rather as do another shark card giveaway or another GTA by piece another our first GT by PC
giveaway when the game comes out so if you want
to GTA 5 PC giveaway like the video and we will
definitely going to do one we want to know cuz maybe some you guys
are going to getting it for PC or maybe some you don’t have computer to
run in on PCs up you do what one like the video with Jimmy likes we get and I’ll decide if we do a big GTA 5 PC
giveaway gets me get soaked up some awesome
habits so you can be like a me a Mario and mustard brother yeah copies weight
gain well yeah what they said sure no I said we either give was shot cards
or the game but I wasn’t sure one on nights in it low-wage cya now’s quake dollars rainbow trout and
now it’s line three minute mark I V be a mom but then
we got had checked my property gutknecht up
another oughtn’t bad BL hi guys


Just a question guys ?
Which car is the best in driving,drifting and killin pussies ?
1. Turismo R.
2. Zentorno.
3 . Adder.
4 . Chettah.
I like the turismo R.
What is your !!!!!

GTA 5 Online: MARIO KART RAINBOW ROAD (Grand Theft Auto V Video) With GTA 5 Funny Moments in (GTA)

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Hey +Team Epiphany I want a GTA 5 giveaway for pc because I may or may not win and be able to play with you

Please I really really want to have that gta v for of I want to be like you when I get the equipment and I am a big fan please it will help a lot thank you

I really enjoy your vids and id really like to be able to play gta with u but I don't know where to get gta for pc version pleas do the give away cause id really liketo atleast have a chance to play the game at all 🙂 love u guys peace out

Yes guys plz do the PC give away because I want GTA 5 but my parents won't buy me and my bro a Xbox or ps3 and I want a chance to have it

I would like a GTA 5 PC give away since my PC can run it but I live in Prague, Czech Republic so… I don't know if you can send it here.

Hi ive been a subscriber for 1 and a half years and i would love to win the giveaway because my parents dont let me have any consoles or pcs or anything like that i just would love it. Keep up the great work guys 🙂

hello Team Epiphany my name is wesley or you can call me obama i love your guises gta 5 videos im woundring if a can tag along with you guys on your videos my gamer tag for xbox 360 is obamatookabike add me up ill help you guys any way i can so my question still stands may i play the thing you guys do if thats alright

You guys yell so fucking much. The WOOOOOOHOOOOOO moments are the absolute worse especially because you guys yell it into your mic. Other than that, I like these :>

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