GTA 5 Online Police Car Glitch 1.16 “GTA5 Police Car 1.16”

GTA 5 Online Police Car Glitch 1.16 “GTA5 Police Car 1.16” what’s up guys chris Christie and today
could you not quite low glitch in the statute and assigns of other place cut
now we wanted to signs on when I click you left analog stick in
three times really fast when she do that you magic
internecine of perhaps the light still flashing so she now actually looks like so a see
me my friend are in the car and ash Davis a you flash them and then the contact all an on-again so either
now on no no signs plan to let you listen to
and I’m back in a bit such a hit is no signs told the car just
drive in well and I’m the car no signs to land
the Leicester fashion so to really cool ok list trying to have
guys did like it and if his last 11 and suscribe more the gt5 all languages
and afp/getty comment XD like it will find a other glitches and other stuff in teaching and get you
got channel 8 percent slashing defectors 1 that’s what 360 and I see guys later


Glitch? Nope. The police AI has been doing the exact same just before they get out of their car and search for you since release. They just fixed the button combo's timing in 1.15, but nobody really noticed it.

Rockstar messed that up on their part. It's not a glitch. Rockstar messed up the sirens audio and it does that for some weird reason. So… Sorry it's not a glitch. It's been happening to me and everyone else that clicks the analog stick 2 times or more.

Ah damn it, I knew someone would eventually find this glitch, I found it months ago while driving the firetruck in single player. I just hope it doesn't get hotfixed.

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