GTA 5 Online: Secret Cars “HVY CUTTER” (GTA V)

everybody years ago my name is James and
today we’re talking about how to get the Huby or heavy cutter in GTA online this
vehicle is definitely a challenge to drive it’s very unique enough to see it
anywhere else online and if he didn’t know the video please
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ghosts in GTA 5 videos tips news and more now the age by: carter also known as the
heavy cutter is very unique one-of-a-kind aka only be seen in one
campaign mission and that’s actually a heist mission or
get online user to duplicate the car from somebody else who already has to
first African wanna find somebody who already has the a two-by-four heavy
cutter and they’re gonna get the car you gonna get
in the front seat request a job from simi on or if you already have a job
with two to four players anything like that you’re going to want to accept the job
once you’ve accepted the job you go through all the many stats and
stuff and once you’ve gone through all the menus dead he’ll be spawned in the
job in the car already you can then head
over the garage in all I need to do to get into the garage is back to car up in the garage came
back into the garage cuz the main thing in the front will actually
cuz you have to be able to get into the garage because the overhang that’s that’s simple and once again you
can walk outside your garage it is the mission or choose to pension
whatever you do then is up to you and then you now have the h3y cutter you
can bring it down to los Santos customs in order to get in you’re also going to have to back in
here to make should have a friend have a ride or peace door will open then
you can back and it’s pretty easy to go any place or building you’re going to
want to go at the same that actually allows you to get inside you going to want to back in because a
the car on the front is really big and overall it is a pretty funny because
the drive-in all the upgrades for are 100 percent free to
besides the or chrome coloring in the crew calling all the other pain spray colors or 12
percent free along with are tracking info covers a 100 percent
free if you want to ensure it too now that we’ve added a quick and easy
tutorial how to get the age by: or heavy cutter it’s very simple to get and also if you already have it I want
help other people out I’ll be up in the description with gamertag the people on
ps3 an x-box 360 X Box Live we’re hosting
and for other people so I guess they leave a name down
description what cars you have you can meet and swap with other people and also have my name along with the
other people’s names on the descriptions you can mention and tweed at to know mister X Box Live
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