GTA 5 Online: Secret & Rare Car “Bulldozer” Location! (GTA V Next Gen PS4 Gameplay)

Hey everybody how’s it going my name is Usman
& today I’m bringing you guys something new and fresh, I’m starting back the secret & rare
cars series and this time it’s for the next gen version of GTA 5 and GTA Online and that
is PS4 and Xbox One. So definitely show your
support on this video if you want to see more videos like this as well if you want to see
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down below also happy new year everybody, it’s 2015,
all I can say do your best and grind real hard if you want to achieve something really
bad. So now with that out of the way today I’m gonna be showing you guys a secret and
rare vehicle in GTA 5 and GTA Online that you don’t
find and see rolling on the streets and that is the “Bulldozer”, & what cool about this is that this spawns
even in the previous version of GTA 5 which is ps3 and 360. So to get this vehicle come
around near the amunition, it spawns near the arm
wrestling mark, I’ll have the location up on the screen right now, it doesn’t usually
spawn that often, it only spawns early in the morning, I’ll have my phone up, so you
can see the time when I managed to get hold of this vehicle, sometimes
there’s a guard, guarding this vehicle simply kill him before hoping in the vehilce with
a silence weapon if you don’t want to get a wanted level, unfortunately I did not kill him and you can see the consequence of it as you guys can see it’s a pretty slow vehicle
but definitley is fun to drive around, you can lift up your
friends, and cars with that thing, it’s pretty awesome and unique. So definitely let me know
what secret or rare car you want to see next in the comments section down below, So if you did enjoyed today’s video though,
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