GTA 5 Online: TORNADO WALL RIDE (Grand Theft Auto V Video) GTA 5 Funny Moments (GTA )

GTA V Video Featuring lots of GTA 5 Gameplay and GT 5 funny Moments midday note about always thought I how whole week with YouTube become all my guy I was literally I was literally
about to see this we should start our own pornographic
film company no holiday yes do I wanna human in last 90 I was legally in Benelux we should greet
you syrup or grafton company it be called Jake in Ryan want pornographic film I was by not out I more like Florida bring not so I I mean we can ask me big-budget Portway
play but but on here aka for the Rings storyline aka but it’s ok for now that’s what I’m
thinking guys I’m thinking my star on Kickstarter I finally arm do you have a lead Jake in
Ryan’s porn go deep go better okay like that’s a really long okay arm hello jake
takes it hard know how the public BJ in our group big
long and strong I like that I like that are it so our focus will be is we are going
to be G oh my god basically that the James
Cameron of pornography crack so three legal idolizes behind tax
question aka people you know we’re leopold watching
big smogged riding have sec no because it’s going to be
done correct in this is that the it can be done wrong welcomes them correct see if we can get
a Kickstarter go in when I’m thinking ron is something 2000 likes on this video to start our
first one right all rights of two thousand lights on the way authority know if we’re starting this now working
at actors for yes so will be the actor so we get to Texas small we’ll start small room I’m we r be
long and hard productions but your we start small we start small we go big the longer we go for exactly we last
longer with J&R productor so here we did here’s what we do 2008 on
the video we start The Hobbit but what it’s going
to be is the things that thing right The Hobbit incredibly small but has a big dick right do you think if
it is a hobbit more than netbook oh you’re always are
you trying to cater the potato the tile not the shit title a have a I The Hobbit on the chase for the long Dec okay night keep bringing in the word long Dec
the whole the whole point you got to make a play on words in here
not issues Dec okay we hiking are I The Hobbit and Gandalf the old deck you’re missing the point Pfizer you want to learn a lot worse way it a
little of this one you swing back over on this when we get a ride pursuing you or no go trying to avoid
the word caulk aka penis aka Dec aka and large crotch object I guess I got
that I gotta say it got Gandalf the Great White the China now I’m
thinking is you come on The Hobbit right now lot
electron in the vision I just left fielder all their own area out got a hobbit I in the companies like
I’ve never been to this place and you’ve got Gandalf the Great White the China in late you
remember from like the second movie when they came to that all like Hutton the words with the
shapeshifter right right that’s like dat scandal they open
the door and inter-city see relays over you see The
Hobbit in his cast the politicians right and a walk in
the city and of great white big vagina big way he’s like I need satisfaction or else the world is gonna go to ship
this are on and now you know that song their inspection unit me that third
plane I like after I like this a lot it goes
into a dirty job portal p okay okay at that time fix mystical hope that are needed cut while from the
back this is this is why we have you now what they’re
gonna do is to do them with their mystical charms
are elvish aka now from it now I’m a technical
kyron a technical guy I want everyone to see
experience to 60fps studies unquestionable I’m don’t oppose what 4k
resolution 4k resolution 3d glasses and I’m even thinking right some feeders we get like some sort
interactive thing like we get some hot wet sausages or just like for what the
hell I dot by your right guys I am liking the rain
J&R group its happenin let’s make it out like to
get this going you know what maybe what have you in
store for you to start homepage I rather as video about making a poor fourth-tier energized baby video on I don’t know we’re all
about so click that subscribe button going to keep this %uh Jake a ride and
we’ll see you guys next after another RCGA pad video the No


I'm funding the whole project if you add Oculus support.

Nothing's more immersive than a fully 360 degrees real time movie.

And for those wondering, the big porn companies are already doing this (don't ask me how I know that).

haha 36th comment….well it really isn't a good thing but i just love team epiphany like…all the way keep up the good work
and if yall are really going with jakes idea of the porno…i want in and i want to be the one fucking ryan..hard..just saying. and it'll be 50 shades of ryan. i bet that would make a ton more money than 50 shades of grey.

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The shit that sometimes comes out of your mouth is more than stupid I mean come on dude wtf is going on in your brain at times

hi guys loving the vids but i was wondering do u take requests for plyr created tracks?, if u got time maybe check out Go cart Madness 1+2, Terminal Docks Derby, Monster Trucking, Super Inversion or even try out my version of the stunters v's series with Shooters V's Everything,, if not thanks anyway but i do like the vids cheers πŸ™‚

J and r group big and strong cuming out in 2017 for all shapes and sizes 8=====================D
Im done please jesus take the wheel.

Sereously you didnt even mention anything about the race i watch your videos for 2 years now and this is the lamest ever

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